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Relationship of service coordinators' family-centered service delivery and maternal empowerment in Tennessee's Early Intervention System [electronic resource] /
901 Coulter, Fred W. THESIS
An investigation of institutional research in Tennessee community colleges functions, technology use, and impact on decision-making by college presidents /
902 (Randolph, Charles) THESIS
The effects of marital conflict on sibling relationships
903 Caban, Allison Mercedes THESIS
An empirical examination of frontal sinus outline variability using Elliptic Fourier Analysis [electronic resource] : implications for identification, standardization, and legal admissibility /
904 Christensen, Angi M. THESIS
Transitioning from teammate to coach effects on the coach-athlete relationship /
905 (Ashwin John ), 1975 - THESIS
An Integrated approach to performance monitoring and fault diagnosis of nuclear power systems
906 1969- Zhao, Ke THESIS
CO? separation and fuel desulfurization involving room-temperature ionic liquids
907 1978- Culbertson, Benjamin THESIS
Computer and networking technology usage for world language education in post-secondary education in Tennessee
908 Hashimoto, Satoshi. THESIS
Pavement deflection data as a tool for the prediction of freeze/thaw response
909 1978- Truss, Daner Patrise THESIS
Boundary layer flow acceleration by paraelectric and peristaltic EHD effects of aerodynamic plasma actuators
910 Raja Chandra Mohan, Madhan. THESIS
Rheology of lignin and lignin/PET blends
911 1977- Bush, Jesse Daniel THESIS
An exploratory study of the impact of an inquiry-based professional development course on the beliefs and instructional practices of urban inservice teachers
912 1971- Suters, Leslie Ann THESIS
Political practice a hermeneutic-phenomenological inquiry /
913 1976- Arfken, Michael E. THESIS
Effects of self-efficacy on transfer of cross-cultural training and expatriate performance
914 1965- Drewry, Anne Wang THESIS
Petrogenesis of Apollo 15 olivine-normative and quartz-normative mare basalts [electronic resource] /
915 Schnare, Darren W. THESIS
An investigation of sense of identity among college students
916 1972- Wu, Christine Susie THESIS
Effects of environment and frequency on the fatigue behavior of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) target container material - 316 LN stainless steel
917 Tian, Hongbo. THESIS
Marriage myths and dysfunctional relationship beliefs among undergraduates
918 1980- Edmundson, Mary Lynn THESIS
"Berlin" movies in Post-Wende Berlin and Germany
919 1978- Nesbitt, Alissa Hope THESIS
A season-long mental skills training program for collegiate volleyball players
920 1979- Morgan, Taryn Kelly THESIS
A lock-in amplifier for fluorescent light detection
921 1970- Oguz, Osman THESIS
A season-long mental skills training program for collegiate volleyball players
922 Morgan, Taryn K, MA 2006-05-31 DISSERTATION
Competition and contestability in Central and Eastern European banking markets
923 1971- Yildirim, H. Semih THESIS
Automated grid generator for MHD flow simulations made with the GEMS code
924 Kolokolnikov, Konstantin. THESIS
An examination of change in selected vowel structures of three generations of native Appalachian speakers
925 1952- Richards, Melinda Lou THESIS
Fatigue characteristics of field HMA surface mixtures containing recycled asphalt pavement (RAP)
926 1979 - Vukosavljevic, Dragon THESIS
The effect of specific versus generalized supervisory feedback on counseling self-efficacy of counselors-in-training
927 Clark, Sheri Lyn THESIS
Process property studies of melt blown thermoplastic polyurethane polymers
928 Lee, Youn. THESIS
A distributed control system for priority-based site-specific irrigation
929 1967- Miranda, Fabio Rodrigues THESIS
Intention to leave and organizational commitment among child welfare workers
930 Kennedy, Shakira A. THESIS
Renaissance woman the works and critical reception of Dorothy West /
931 1981- Williamson, Tamara Jenelle THESIS
Approaches to uniform-morphology polymer-based SERS substrates /
932 1964- Giesfeldt, Kathleen Sue THESIS
Genetic analysis of feline calicivirus (FCV) isolates associated with a hemorrhagic-like disease
933 1968- Abd-Eldaim, Mohamed Mostafa THESIS
Agouti mice models to study the diabetogenicity of FK506 (Tacrolimus)
934 Joshi, Rashika. THESIS
Synthesis, microstructure, and mechanical behavior of FE-Cu composites
935 1977- Jeon, Jin-woo THESIS
Intergration of tactical imagery in the F/A-18 Super Hornet
936 1974- Hilliker, Jesse William THESIS
Low-voltage analog circuit design using the adaptively biased body-driven circuit technique
937 1978- Terry, Stephen Christopher THESIS
Factors that enhance consumer trust in human-computer interaction an examination of interface factors and the moderating influences /
938 1971- Lee, Eun-Ju THESIS
Community college students' perceptions of their rural high school mathematics experience
939 1950- Best, Caroline Munn THESIS
Role of ionic interactions in the catalyitc mechanisim of R67 dihydrofolate reductase
940 1975- Hicks, Stephanie Nicole THESIS
A theory for modified conservation principles optimization of CFD algorithm fidelity
941 1976- Sahu, Sunil K. THESIS
The effects of consumer perceived value and subjective norm on the adoption of mobile data services a cross-cultural comparison of American and Korean consumers /
942 Yang, Kiseol. THESIS
How they flew modern flight test of pioneering Wright aircraft /
943 Ohman, Klas Walace. THESIS
Distributed self-deployment in visual sensor networks [electronic resource] /
944 Beall, Christopher Allan THESIS
Interpolation of spatial surfaces and inferring subsurface transitions using electrical conductivity [electronic resource] /
945 Wilson, Robert Claborne THESIS
Characterization of hypertriglyceridemia in obese diabetic TALLYHO/Jng [electronic resource] /
946 Fortuna, Jennifer Melanie THESIS
Online newspapers why they remain online /
947 (Myra Hendee) Ireland, Myra H. THESIS
Rheology of 1-buytl-3-methylimidazolium [i.e. 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolum] chloride cellulose solutions
948 Watson, Joy Louise. THESIS
Analysis of events governing the meiotic division in mouse spermatocytes
949 1975- Eaker, Shannon Stewart THESIS
Automated fault detection in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor comparisons of biogas productions and physicochemical quantities /
950 1967- Pinto, Alexandra Maria THESIS

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