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Predicting success of developmental and core mathematics students at East Tennessee State University
851 1961- Stephens, Daryl Lynn THESIS
A reevaluation of the paleoenvironmental reconstructions associated with Homo erectus form Java, Indonesia, based on the functional morphology of fossil bovid astragali /
852 1969- Weinand, Daniel Charles THESIS
Breastfeeding policies and practices in Tennessee hospitals
853 1976- Barker, Carrie Jenette THESIS
The Internet Backplane Protocol shared storage for enhanced network infrastructure /
854 Elwasif, Wael Rashad. THESIS
Studies on cytochrome P450 genes in Drosophila melanogaster relationship between over expression and DDT resistance, and xenobiotic induction /
855 1977- Kuruganti, Srilalitha THESIS
Scripted vs. real an analysis of parent-child interactions in African American sitcom families and real life families /
856 Robinson, Syrenthia Johnson. THESIS
EEG patterns of TBI patients with attention deficits during cognitive tasks and second resting baseline
857 1972- Stathopoulou, Stamatina THESIS
A study of political activity among social work students
858 Shelton, Elizabeth Ann. THESIS
A study of the temperature correction methods for reciprocating engine flight testing under non standard conditions
859 1968- Valer, Juan Carlos THESIS
Calculated combustion an investigation of electronic equipment tenability in data center fires /
860 Krumm, Jeffrey Neal. THESIS
The effects of Fe on plankton in HNLC regions of the world's oceans
861 Eldridge, Melanie Lynn THESIS
Technology and tradition Jewish bioethics in the age of genetics /
862 Fey, Toby Lee. THESIS
Spatial processes and ecotoxicological risk assessment modeling
863 1966- Purucker, Steven Thomas THESIS
Health risk assessment posed by the mobile source air toxics on an urban to regional area
864 Di?az Robles, Luis Alonso. THESIS
A case study of successful small school reform the Construction Academy as a fundamentally different enterprise /
865 Buehler, Alison E. THESIS
Multiculturalism and the state globalization, national protection, and the role of social policy in Que?bec and Canada /
866 1975- Blad, Cory Allen THESIS
Integrated field emission electron guns with single vertically aligned carbon nanofiber cathodes
867 1976- Guillorn, Michael A. THESIS
Investigation of biochemical mechanisms associated with insulin resistance in the non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
868 1969- Huang, To-Yu THESIS
Design and analysis of new concept interior permanent magnet synchronous motor by 3D finite element analysis
869 Lee, SeongTaek. THESIS
870 1978- Laun, Alyson THESIS
A proposal for an open source system of development and research for music CAI
871 1976- Clouse, Daniel Emerson THESIS
Design and optimization of a wind deflector for round-nose MD-500 series helicopters
872 1962- Wright, James Joseph THESIS
To disturb the people as little as possible the desegregation of Memphis city schools /
873 1981- Duke, Kira Virginia THESIS
Facilitators and impediments in moving firms toward supply chain management a qualitative field study /
874 Searcy, DeWayne Lee. THESIS
Habitat use, distribution and conservation status of the Mikado pheasant (Syrmaticus Mikado) in Taiwan
875 1966- Bridgman, Cara Lin THESIS
Prediction of organic droplet behavior on a solid surface as influenced by aqueous surfactant solutions
876 1974- Morton, Samuel Albert THESIS
Surface composition and interaction of thermally treated white oak with white spirits
877 Wilcox, Roy Douglas. THESIS
How mothers make decisions for feeding young children a gounded theory approach /
878 Cox, Dana Rae. THESIS
3D sound synthesis using the head related transfer function
879 Yang, Dayu. THESIS
Creating change in organizational culture the role of three types of teaching and learning /
880 1955- Gordon, Sheila THESIS
Essays on IPO-firm earnings management
881 Bronson, Scott N. THESIS
Molecular weight and degree of acetylation of ultrasonicated chitosan
882 1980- Baxter, Shari Rene THESIS
Studies of electroosmotic flow dynamics during electrophoretic separations
883 1975- Pittman, Jason Lasseter THESIS
Manufacturing system and supply chain analyses related to product complexity and sequenced parts delivery
884 Sun, Hui. THESIS
Student reports of physical and psychological maltreatment in schools an under explored aspect of student victimization in schools /
885 Whitted, Kathryn Suzanne. THESIS
Sol-gel encapsulation of a bioluminescent bioreporter
886 1978- Mitchell, Elizabeth F. THESIS
An analysis of consumers' willingness to pay for environmental certified hardwood products
887 1973- Li, Meng THESIS
Active submission the subversion of gendered binary oppositions in three post-war novels authored by international women /
888 1973- Napier, Rebecca Annette THESIS
Roosting ecology of the grey-headed flying fox, Pteropus poliocephalus spatial distribution in a summer camp /
889 (Jennifer Lee), 1971- Holmes THESIS
Estimating the postmortem interval in freshwater environments
890 Seet, Billie Lee. THESIS
BMP adoption in two East Tennessee watersheds
891 1982- Barrowclough, Michael John THESIS
Climate change and international justice
892 1979- Kenehan, Sarah Brigid THESIS
Collegiate coaches' experiences with stress- "problem-solvers" have problems, too /
893 1976- Frey, Melinda Ann THESIS
Monte Carlo simulation of neutron detectors
894 1975- Stephan, Andrew Curtis THESIS
Cooling of QPS modular coils using embedded copper tubes
895 1981- Narasimhaswami, Shankar THESIS
Screening of mutant Arabidopsis thaliana and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for their potential use as phytosensors in 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) contaminated environments
896 1978- Patel, Nrupali THESIS
"I cannot read this story without rewriting it" Haraway, cyborg writing, and Burkean form /
897 1974- Ratliff, Clancy THESIS
Seasonal forage availability and diet of reintroduced Elk in the Cumberland Mountains, Tennessee
898 1975- Lupardus, Jason Lee THESIS
Temporal relationships between plasma cortisol, corticosteroid-binding globulin (CBG), and the Free Cortisol Index (FCI) in pigs
899 1980- Adcock, Rebecca Jackson THESIS
Religion and political attitudes in South Korea
900 Kim, Junghyoun. THESIS

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