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Computational subset model selection algorithms and applications
651 Bao, Xinli. THESIS
The role of logistics service quality in creating customer loyalty
652 Davis, Elizabeth R. THESIS
Martian xenon components in the basaltic shergottite meteorites
653 1972- Stone, Katherine Delene THESIS
F/A-18E/F catapult minimum end airspeed testing
654 1964- Wallace, Michael M. THESIS
Space-time codes concatenated with turbo codes over fading channels
655 1969- Suh, Junghoon THESIS
Comparison analysis of grade level implementation of published keyboarding skills based on International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards and states in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) [electronic resource] /
656 Knox, Nancy Sue THESIS
Vertical export of biogenic matter in the Chukchi and Barents Seas [electronic resource] /
657 Lalande, Catherine THESIS
Thermal modeling and imaging of as-built automotive parts
658 1980- Muthusamy Govindasamy, Vijaya Priya THESIS
A method to calculate the femoropolylene contact pressures in total knee arthroplasty in-vivo
659 1977- Sharma, Adrija THESIS
The effects of ground gypsum wallboard application on soil physical and chemical properties and crop yield
660 Davis, Christa LeAnne THESIS
Integrated visualization of diffusion tensor and functional MRI
661 Fout, Nathaniel Richard. THESIS
Comparison between Tapered Element Microbalance (TEOM) and Federal Reference Method (FRM) for PM?[subscript decimal point]? measurement in East Tennessee
662 1967- Greene, David Scott THESIS
Imagining dissent Muhammad Ali, daily newspapers, and the state, 1966-1971 /
663 Coy, Daniel Bennett. THESIS
Implementation of wavelet transform and area, power and delay design space exploration
664 Rajagopalan, Sowmyan. THESIS
Support vector regression for non-stationary time series
665 Ojemakinde, Bukola Titilayo. THESIS
Measuring cell surface elasticity on enteroaggregative Escherichia coli 042 wild type and dispersin mutant by atomic force microscopy
666 Beckmann, Melissa A. THESIS
Monte Carlo simulations and analysis of single-molecule detection and imaging
667 1969- Williams, Peter Edward THESIS
Burnable poison design for the international reactor, innovative and secure (IRIS)
668 1979- Wollaber, Allan Benton THESIS
The role of surface states in electron-phonon coupling on the open surfaces of simple metals
669 Tang, Shu-Jung THESIS
Interdisciplinary approaches to new chemical analysis
670 1977- Rodman, David Lynn THESIS
Proposed IFR air ambulance coverage for Middle and East Tennessee
671 1969- Mills, James Christopher THESIS
A simulation model for the four phase switched-reluctance motor
672 1952- Cox, James Thomas THESIS
Developing math automaticity using a classwide fluency building procedure for students of varying processing speeds
673 Axtell, Philip K. THESIS
Automatic service discovery for grid computing a decentralized approach to the grid /
674 Larkin, Jeffrey Michael. THESIS
ASIC technology migrations [electronic resource] : a design guide for first pass success /
675 Royer, Marc Edward THESIS
A class of functions that are quasiconvex but not polyconvex
676 1952- Remus, Catherine S. THESIS
From second creek to new pangea a multi-scale analysis of patterns and trends in aquatic biodiversity /
677 1964- Duncan, Jeffrey Robert THESIS
Structural and spectroscopic studies of transition metal organometallic and coordination complexes with reference to catalysis
678 Bragg, Megan Taliaferro. THESIS
Strategies for enhancing the performance of chemical sensors based on microcantilever sensors
679 1973- Tipple, Christopher Alan THESIS
System enhancement of Title V permit reviews and point source inventories
680 1979- Lam, Yun Fat THESIS
Correlation of wear and mechanics for subjects having a metal-on-polyethylene total hip arthroplasty measured in vivo
681 1980- Alford, Katherine Suzanne THESIS
Microbial community changes in methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE)-contaminated soils
682 1973- Yang, Bo THESIS
Prediction interval estimation techniques for empirical modeling strategies and their applications to signal validation tasks
683 1973- Rasmussen, Brandon THESIS
Development of SystemC modules from HDL for System-on-Chip applications
684 1978- Devalapalli, Siddhartha THESIS
The effects of depressive symptomology on women's childbearing considerations
685 1975- Marable, Andrea Darlene THESIS
A performance analysis of the CMAQ model and its sensitivity to ozone precursors in East Tennessee
686 1979- Ramaswamy, Karthikeyan THESIS
Individual-based modeling comparing model outputs to telemetry data with application to the Florida panther /
687 (Dinesh Raj), 1965- Sharma THESIS
Integrated Corridor Management operational strategies under Interstate diversion scenarios /
688 1978- Quayle, Shaun Michael THESIS
Characterization of root stimulating bacterium and its root stimulating abilities
689 1973- Sharma, Anjana R. THESIS
Protocol and training of educators for the use of technology to enhance learning in Tennessee certified schools
690 1939- Wilson, Joe Miller THESIS
Computational models for diffusion of second messengers in visual transduction
691 1963- Khanal, Harihar THESIS
Methylsilane derived SiC particle coatings produced by fluid-bed chemical vapor deposition
692 1969- Miller, James Henry THESIS
Acupuncture use for pain as compared to other complementary and alternative medicine and conventional medicine
693 McGrady, Elizabeth Susan. THESIS
Evaluation of a two-way datalink for airborne surveillance of and communication with a remotely operated aircraft operating in the National Airspace System
694 1965- Clark, Timothy Robert THESIS
The development of a capacitance-based biotelemetry system for implantable applications
695 Johnson, Calum John THESIS
Use of a dynamic sediment delivery model for watershed planning in Beaver Creek, Knox County, Tennessee
696 1981- Bennett, Shannon Elizabeth THESIS
Butterflies, boundaries, and breadfruit the shared story of a service learning experience in Jamaica /
697 1970- Renner, Adam THESIS
Interactivity and the 'CYBER-FAN' : an exploration of audience involvement within the electronic fan culture of the internet /
698 1960- Costello, Victor Joseph THESIS
Laser-dressing of alumina for grinding wheels
699 1980- Khangar, Abhijeet Ashok THESIS
A reliability case study on estimating extremely small percentiles of strength data for the continuous improvement of medium density fiberboard product quality
700 1979- Chen, Weiwei THESIS

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