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Neutron scattering studies on magnetism and phonon in the electron-doped Nd??[subscript x]Ce[subscript x]CuO? and Pr??[subscript x]LaCe[subscript x]CuO?
601 1970- Kang, Hye Jung THESIS
Biological anthropological aspects of the African diaspora geographic origins, secular trends, and plastic versus genetic influences utilizing craniometric data /
602 1973- Spradley, Martha Katherine THESIS
Applications of genetic algorithms to a variety of problems in physics and astronomy
603 1976- Williams, Kevin Richard THESIS
Neutron diffraction study of heavy water intercalation in superconducting deuterated sodium cobaltate Na?.??C?O?1.4D?O
604 Metallo, Cinzia. THESIS
A whole genome phylogeny using truncated pivoted QR decomposition
605 1982- Pulatova, Shakhina Abdimajidovna THESIS
An individual-based model for the toxic algae species pseudo-nitzschia multiseries /
606 1972- Siopsis, Maria THESIS
The Environmental Reward Observation Scale (EROS) development, validity, and reliability /
607 Armento, Maria Elizabeth THESIS
The prehistoric use of Hubbards Cave, Warren County, Tennessee
608 Pritchard, Erin Elizabeth THESIS
Colonizing cyberspace the formation of virtual communities /
609 1977- Jones, Matthew THESIS
Theory to practice, a study of science teachers' pedagogical practices as measured by the Science Teacher Analysis Matrix (STAM) and Teacher Pedagogical Philosopy Interview (TPPI)
610 1969- Brown, Sherri Lynne THESIS
Quantitative endothelial cell monolayer impedance sensing and analysis
611 1979- Cowan, Benjamin David THESIS
Optimistic personality, work performance, and interpersonal relationships at work a field study /
612 1976- Chan, Fung Ming THESIS
Making the margins legitimate travel, family, and national identity in Eighteenth-century British fiction /
613 1982 - Moore, Teresa R. THESIS
Investigation of the impact of cutting parameters on surface finish for a discontinuous machining process
614 1975- Korlu, Baris THESIS
A characteristics finite element algorithm for computational open channel flow analysis /
615 1972- Chambers, Zachariah THESIS
Bordetella bronchiseptica a candidate mucosal vaccine vector /
616 1963- Rajeev, Sreekumari THESIS
Per mile emissions taxes and lump sum emission taxes a comparative study using a mathematical approach to demand estimation /
617 1967- Culp, Robert Paul THESIS
On-line structural integrity monitoring and defect diagnosis of steam generators using analysis of guided acoustic waves
618 1971- Lu, Baofu THESIS
Use of case studies in ABET accredited engineering technology associate programs in the United States
619 1959- Barrott, James L. THESIS
Medical autonomy in crisis the destruction of the right to privacy /
620 1955- Lufkin, David Andrew THESIS
Synergistic effects of BubR1 and p53 deficiency in tumor formation
621 1980- Wiles, Walter Guy THESIS
Coupling ground penetrating radar applications with continually changing decomposing human targets an effort to enhance search strategies of buried human remains /
622 1972- Miller, Michelle Lee THESIS
Craniometric variation among medieval Croatian populations
623 1976- Kopp, Derinna Vivian THESIS
Validation and comparison of two ankle-mounted and two waist-mounted electronic pedometers
624 1971- Karabulut, Murat THESIS
Readiness factors contributing to participant satisfaction in online higher education courses
625 Fogerson, Dewey. THESIS
"Pick it up, it's good' utilizing solution-focused guided imagery with golfers experiencing the yips a single-subject research design" /
626 Bell, Rob. THESIS
Statmond a peer-to-peer status and performance monitor for dynamic resource allocation on parallel computers /
627 Inavolu, Krishna Kanth. THESIS
A comparison between the compressive strength and the dynamic properties of concrete as a function of time
628 1980- Boone, Shane Darrel THESIS
Universal geometric camera calibration with statistical model selection
629 1980- Broaddus, Christopher Paul THESIS
The development of an assault directed infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) program
630 1964- Barkhimer, Tracy Anne THESIS
F/A-18 external configuration effects on high angle of attack departure resistance
631 1974- Wilt, Jessica Aileen THESIS
A design study of a proposed four-seat, amateur-built airplane [electronic resource] /
632 Moore, D. Andrew THESIS
Sexual contacts and advances between psychology educators and students a national survey of APA Student Affiliates /
633 1969- Zakrzewski, Robert Francis THESIS
Evaluation of seal integrity of flexible food polytrays by destructive and non-destructive techniques
634 1981- Patankar, Kshitish A. THESIS
Potential subsurface structures and hydrocarbon reservoirs in the southern Appalachian basin beneath the Cumberland Plateau and eastern Highland Rim, Tennessee, Kentucky, and southwestern Virginia
635 Evenick, Jonathan Charles. THESIS
Scalable techniques for fault tolerant high performance computing
636 Chen, Zizhong. THESIS
Cloning and characterization of three alleles of the mouse Furloss (Frl) gene
637 1977- Dech, Heather Marie THESIS
Dynamic left-turn phase optimization using fuzzy logic control
638 Li, Zhenyang. THESIS
Early literacy and children with special needs : an examination of resources in the home environment
639 Dolezal, Juli Meagan. THESIS
Artomyces pyxidatus (Auriscalpiaceae, fungi) Jul?ich in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park individuals and populations /
640 1977- Tieken, Shannon M. THESIS
Design assessment of two-wheeled luggage based on mechanical models and a usability test
641 1969- Lee, Jun-Seok THESIS
An examination of the logistics leverage process implications for marketing strategy and competitive advantage /
642 Bobbitt, Lisa Michelle. THESIS
Unique aspects of unmanned aerial vehicle testing
643 1960- Lower, Mark David THESIS
Triple threat my journey as a Black lesbian athlete in search of additional Black lesbian student-athletes /
644 1982- Ross, Jillian Robin THESIS
Facing down death and moving beyond strategies utilized by female survivors of childhood maltreatment /
645 Broyles, Tonya Barri. THESIS
Cloning and expres[s]ion of cytochrome P450cam
646 1981- Chada, Sirisha THESIS
Electron beam cured resins for wood composites
647 1976- Song, Ting THESIS
A computational model to predict in vivo lower limb kinetics and assess total knee arthroplasty design parameters
648 1980- Outten, Joel Thomas THESIS
An historical analysis of the presentation of controversial issues in journals published by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), 1973-2003
649 1966- Sharp, Kimberlee Anne THESIS
The homicidal narcissist
650 (Tedra Elise), 1974- Jamison THESIS

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