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A histological examination of Odocoileus virginianus for forensic application
551 1981- Trammell, Lindsay Hines THESIS
A Zooarchaeological analysis of change in animal utilization at Bethsaida from Iron Age II through the Early Roman Period
552 Fisher, Toni Gayle. THESIS
The history of wrought and cast iron
553 Van Dyke, Shawn THESIS
International news coverage, borrowed news and geopolitical focus in the New York times during 1991, 1996 and 2001
554 Rogers, Heather E. THESIS
Mutualism in architecture an architecture of the in-between /
555 Workman, Vivian Ann. THESIS
Putting the pieces together engaging the part to create the whole /
556 1980- Johnson, Matthew Paul THESIS
Time-resolved measurements of plasma electron number density and electron-neutral collision frequency using a microwave diagnostic method
557 1978- Yang, Yunqiang THESIS
Accommodating the needs of field dependent learners in simulation gaming environments
558 Satici, Ahmet Feyzi. THESIS
Hitlerian jurisprudence American periodical media responses to the Nuremberg War crimes trial, 1945-1948 /
559 1982- Johnson, McMillan Houston THESIS
Stormwater management in Tennessee : guidelines to preventative maintenance practices and improvements /
560 1976- Chandler, Jacob Shea THESIS
Exploring the relationship between time-series data collection and duration of treatment in a university clinic a survival analysis /
561 1974- Winkel, Justin D. THESIS
Size, speed, and power analysis for application-specific integrated circuits using synthesis [electronic resource] /
562 Ku, Chung THESIS
Structural and dynamical studies of superacids and superacidic solutions using neutron and hight energy X-ray scatter [electronic resource] /
563 Molaison, Jamie John THESIS
Ligand binding studies in R67 dihydrofolate reductase and the evaluation of the anion-quadrupole interaction at a quantum mechanical level
564 (Michael Robert), 1971- Jackson THESIS
Fractured branched circle packings on the plane
565 1975- Ashe, James Russell THESIS
Time dependent density functional theory of dynamical response in 3d and 4d metals /
566 1972- Sullivan, James Moye THESIS
Cross-cultural competencies in international management curricula a Delphi study of faculty perspectives /
567 1971- Senyshyn, Roxanna M. THESIS
Technology proficiency among K-12 award-nominated teachers in Tennessee a survey of teachers /
568 1978- Greer, Christopher John THESIS
Thermoelectrics for cooling power electronics
569 Starke, Michael Ralf. THESIS
The effects of known versus unknown criteria on journal writing performance of elementary students using an independent group contingency /
570 1978- Winn, Janet Beth THESIS
Ametropic eye modeling
571 1979- Tan, Bo THESIS
Design of a novel reluctance motor for industrial applications [electronic resource] /
572 Johnson, Weston Clute THESIS
A framework for downloading wide-area files
573 Collins, Rebecca Lynn. THESIS
A survey of visitors to Mt. LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
574 1975- Mathis, Amy Lynn THESIS
Optimization of the Mod-VIII One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma ReactorĀ® for surface energy treatment
575 1976- Bonds, Truman THESIS
Chinese political regime and the rising income inequality in the reform era
576 1976- Hou, Xiaoyang THESIS
Bench scale evaluation of dense ceramic membranes for production of high purity hydrogen from gasification
577 1978- Singh, Binay Kumar THESIS
Moving toward social justice through sport an exploration into the ability of intercollegiate coaches of women's teams to effect social change /
578 (Elizabeth Ann), 1976- Slator THESIS
Technology-based self-service from customer productivity toward customer value /
579 1964- An?tsal, I?smet THESIS
Studies on the role of specific residues of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae [alpha]-factor pheromone receptor (Ste2p) in the inactive and active state
580 1966- Lee, Yong-Hun THESIS
Reversible melting and crystallization of short and long flexible chain molecules by temperature-modulated calorimetry
581 1971- Pak, Jeongihm THESIS
Studying the fatigue behavior of Zr-based bulk-metallic glasses and composites
582 1971- Wang, Gongyao THESIS
Assessments of vibratory handheld tools and handle interactions
583 1978- Logsdon, Douglas Alan THESIS
ASyMTRe: building coalitions for heterogeneous multi-robot teams /
584 1978- Tang, Fang THESIS
Development of a model to assess the effect of ozone on public health using models 3/CMAQ
585 Sanhueza H., Pedro Alex. THESIS
Determining the data needs for decision making in public libraries
586 Jones, Thena Slape. THESIS
Formulation and assessment of a customizable procedure for pavement distress index /
587 1967- Wang, Zhongren THESIS
Dangerous habits examining the philosophical baggage of biological research /
588 1964- Pigliucci, Massimo THESIS
Molecular characterization of the T(4;9)12Gso mutation and analysis of the associated fitness, skeletal, and lymphoproliferative phenotypes
589 1972- Chittenden, Laura R. THESIS
A generalized instantaneous nonactive power theory for parallel nonactive power compensation
590 Xu, Yan. THESIS
Design and analysis of a low production cost hybrid electric high mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle for military use
591 1970- Rutherford, Craig Blake THESIS
Stochastic optimization models for contingency allocation in project management
592 Thibadeau, Barbara Maria. THESIS
Reassessment of cranial plasticity in man a modern critique of changes in bodily form of descedants of immigrants /
593 1976- Sparks, Corey Shepard THESIS
Molecular modeling at interfaces phase equilibria of complex fluids, and mechanical properties of nanostructures /
594 1970- Rivera-Rojas, Jose? Luis THESIS
System-on-chip design and test with embedded debug capabilities
595 1981- Marwah, Tushti THESIS
The effect of personality on the spiral of silence process
596 Nam, Kyoungtae THESIS
An experimental evaluation of the constant [beta] relating the contact stiffness to the contact area in nanoindentation
597 1977- Strader, Jeremy Harper THESIS
State-space modeling of the rigid-body dynamics of a Navion airplane from flight data, using frequency-domain identification techniques
598 1974- Catterall, Robert Charles THESIS
Direct integration of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy as a detection mode for microfluidic separations and fluid handling [microfluidic]-SERS /
599 Connatser, Raynella Magdalene. THESIS
Current practices in blended instruction [electronic resource] /
600 Oh, Eunjoo. THESIS

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