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Parity theorems for combinatorial statistics
501 (Mark A.) Shattuck, Mark THESIS
Magnetism and transport properties of transition metal oxides and nanoparticles
502 1975- Gillaspie, Dane Thomas THESIS
Integration of design scales and its application to multi-component adsorption systems
503 Adhangale, Parag S. THESIS
Two essays on momentum
504 1967- Park, Seung-Chan THESIS
Pluralism and practical reason the problem of decisiveness /
505 1970- Okapal, James Michael THESIS
Supplier contracts with profit sharing, open-book costing and associated audit rights
506 Chen, Hui. THESIS
Retrieval of nano-size particles from a solid substrate
507 1980- Podila, Krishna Prasad THESIS
Thermal aging effects on the microstructure, oxidation behavior, and mechanical properties of as-cast Ni?Al alloys
508 1969- Lee, Dongyun THESIS
The Middle Ordovician Tellico-Sevier syncline a stratigraphic, structural, and paleoseismic investigation /
509 Whisner, Stephen Christopher. THESIS
Modeling of circulation zone and shear layers in coaxial injectors
510 White, Clayton Andrew. THESIS
Thermo-oxidative behavior of PTMG and PPG based polyurethane-ureas with varying degree of fluorination
511 1975- Tocchetto, Roge?rio Silva THESIS
Better Site Design a correlation between quality of water and quality of life /
512 1977- Blackburn, Winford Lee THESIS
Post invariant 3D face authentication based on Gaussian fields approach
513 1981- Ayyagari, Venkat Rao THESIS
A characteristic study of the atmospheric pressure nonthermal resistive barrier plasma discharge for biological decontamination
514 Thiyagarajan, Magesh. THESIS
A management plan for the imported fire ant (IFA) migration into gateway communities in East Tennessee
515 1958- Long, Elizabeth Ann THESIS
Installing a night vision imaging system in the CF-188 Hornet compatibility of warning and caution lights /
516 1965 - Soundy, Andrew John THESIS
A mobile virtual reality system
517 Nambiar, Neena. THESIS
Vitronectin and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 form higher-order complexes that localize to the extracellular matrix and adopt adhesive properties
518 Minor, Kenneth H. THESIS
A simulation based approach for determining maintenance strategies
519 1979- Murthi, Vasanth THESIS
Effect of loading frequency on intervertebral disc cells
520 1980- Loveless, Kristen Nicole THESIS
Simulations and experiments of pump trip transients in a mercury loop at the ORNL Target Test Facility
521 1977- DeLauder, Nathan Paul THESIS
Measuring the safety climate of steel mini-mill workers using an instrument validated by structural equation modeling [electronic resource] /
522 Hall, Michael E. THESIS
A radiographic study of third molar agenesis in a sample from the American Midsouth
523 1977- Hentisz, Alexandra THESIS
Differential-algebraic approach to speed and parameter estimation of the induction motor /
524 Li, Mengwei. THESIS
On the measurement of yield strength by spherical indentation
525 (Erik Gregory), 1969 - THESIS
Multivariate nonnormal regression models, information complexity, and genetic algorithms [electronic resource] : a three way hybrid for intelligent data mining /
526 Liu, Minhui. THESIS
A study of the perceptions and attitudes regarding library services available to students enrolled in online degree programs
527 Blackman, Robin Felecia. THESIS
A qualitative investigation of Polish consumers' retail experiences during the transitional period: 1989-2001
528 1970- Seo, Heesun THESIS
Lessons learned from the developmental flight testing of the improved tactical air launched decoy
529 1961- Hutson, Bradley S. THESIS
Residual stress effects on fatigue life via the stress intensity parameter, K
530 1967- Roberts, Jeffrey L. THESIS
Characterization of A [Beta] aggregates using hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry [electronic resource] /
531 Chen, Maolian. THESIS
Expression and characterization of the MHC class II transactivator in K-562 cells
532 1974- Day, Noel Elyssa THESIS
Psychometric analysis of the self-test : a newly developed brief screening test for detection of mild cognitive impairments in early Alzheimer's Disease /
533 1973- Stanonik, Mateja de THESIS
Methodology for uncertainty analysis of advanced fuel cycles and preliminary results
534 1980- Sweder, Gary Alan THESIS
Frozen human bone a histological investigation /
535 1978- Tersigni, Mariateresa Anne THESIS
Design and Implementation of a Complex-conjugate Shaper and Baseline Restorer for a Silicon-based Neutron Detector Front-end
536 1982- Britton, Jonathan Lanier THESIS
Motor vehicle wealth taxes and fleet age air quality implications /
537 1977- Barbour, Karie Anne THESIS
Essays on intra-industry trade
538 1970- Zhang, Yanhong THESIS
Modeling and analysis of active front-end induction motor drive for reactive power compensation
539 1978- Pandit, Pankaj Prabhakar THESIS
A robust node selection strategy for lifetime extension in wireless sensor networks
540 (Olawoye Ayorinde), 1975- Oyeyele THESIS
De la progression de Rousseau dans les Confessions
541 1952- Monson, Reed Martin THESIS
"Still always the dad" the meaning of fatherhood for midlife fathers of adult children /
542 McAnear, Truett Paul. THESIS
Data analysis and correlations : for the particulate matter continuous emisions monitoring system test program at the TSCA incinerator /
543 Calcagno, James A. THESIS
Cellular function prediction for hypothetical proteins using high-throughput data
544 1977- Joshi, Trupti THESIS
The impact of societal values on Kuwaiti women and the role of education [electronic resource] /
545 Alsuwailan, Zaha F. THESIS
Modeling and analysis of the Dupont access bridge [electronic resource] /
546 Wang, Naiyu THESIS
Effect of micro-fabric on consolidation behavior of reconstituted kaolin clay
547 1980- Davis-Smith, Alexander Page THESIS
Propeller development process [electronic resource] : conflict and cooperation between the Department of Defense and Civil Aviation /
548 Neblett, Nathan Grant THESIS
Low-dose radiation effects on variation in gene expression, with potential application to network construction
549 Tebbe, Adam. THESIS
Innovative methods of biomedical molecular analysis capillary electrophoretic study of amyloid beta conformations and magnetically assisted transport evanescent field fluoro-assays /
550 Wellman, Amber D. THESIS

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