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The functional application of the propeller load curve for fixed pitch propellers
451 Speas, Rebecca Barnett. THESIS
Cure behavior study and elastic modulus characterization of resin system of a quasi poloidal stellerator modular coil
452 1981- Kavuri, Hariharanath THESIS
Bayesian analysis of threshold autoregressive models
453 1966- Kwon, Yongjae THESIS
A study of the relationship between indentation creep and uniaxial creep
454 1978- LaManna, James Anthony THESIS
Development of demosaicking techniques for multi-spectral imaging using mosaic focal plane arrays [electronic resource] /
455 Baone, Gaurav Ashok THESIS
Biological affinities of archaic period populations from west-central Kentucky and Tennessee
456 Herrmann, Nicholas Paul. THESIS
The portable particular an integral theory of place /
457 Butts, Arthur Paul THESIS
Real-time monitoring and quantification of drug induced changes in endothelial cytoskeleton filaments using a cellular impedance biosensor
458 1982- Nandakumar, Vijay THESIS
Growth and superconductivity of Pb and Pb-Bi alloys in the quantum regime
459 1971- O?zer, Mustafa Murat THESIS
A low noise CMOS charge-sensitive preamplifier with pole/zero compensation for a neutron detection system
460 1980- Bunch, Steven Curtis THESIS
Optimization of DSSS receivers using hardware-in-the-loop simulations [electronic resource] /
461 Dhillon, Balbir Kaur. THESIS
Cultivation of phylogenetically diverse and metabolically novel atrazine degrading soil bacteria using Bio-SepĀ® beads
462 Martin, Emily Catherine. THESIS
Using physical compilation to implement a system on chip platform
463 1981- Chimakurthy, Pradeep M THESIS
Synthesis of a C-linked methyl [beta]-disaccharide as a building block of hyaluronic acid oligosaccharide mimetics
464 Akue, Kpakpo Ambroise. THESIS
Linking channel stability and bed sediment characteristics to biological integrity in Tennessee Ridge and Valley streams
465 Williams, Kelley H. THESIS
Analysis and control of nonnegative systems
466 1978- Ramakrishnan, Jayanthy THESIS
The effects of decision aid recommendations on user's cognitive processes, memories, and judgments
467 Roberts, Forrest Douglas. THESIS
A distributed solution for visual sensor networks to detect targets in crowds [electronic resource] /
468 Qian, Cheng THESIS
A discussion of the requirements and methods for validating range surveillance and clearance aircraft
469 1969- Disarufino, Shawn Michael THESIS
A factor analysis methodology for analyzing the factors that contribute to Economic Development in the State of Tennessee
470 1978- Niranjan, Archana THESIS
Identifying the signature of the natural attenuation of MTBE in groundwater using molecular methods and "bug traps"
471 1979- Biernacki, Anita Eva THESIS
F/A-18A-D Flight Control computer OFP versions 10.6.1 and 10.7 developmental flight testing out-of-controlled flight test program yields reduced Falling Leaf departure susceptibility and enhanced aircraft maneuverability /
472 Mitchell, Eric John. THESIS
Evaluation of a simple DC-balanced encoding method for LVDS data transmission over CAT-5 cable
473 Liu, Shaoyu. THESIS
Computerized music theory placement exams and correlations between placement levels and demographics
474 1981- Bailey, Sarah Catherine THESIS
Structural and stratigraphic investigations of the Bays Mountain synclinorium, Parrottsville and a portion of Cedar Creek 7.5-minute quadrangles, East Tennessee
475 1980- Whitmer, Neil Eric THESIS
The integration of oxidative surface mapping and molecular dynamics simulation techniques as a strategy for studying protein conformational change
476 1977 - Vyas, Kanan R. THESIS
CFD modeling of dynamic inlet flow distortion generation [electronic resource] /
477 Savage, Keith Patrick THESIS
Developmental flight test lessons learned from open architecture software in the mission computer of the U.S. Navy E-2C Group II Aircraft
478 1974- Cruz, Randy Cristobal THESIS
Macroeconomic monetary policy and sub-macroeconomic impacts evaluation across eras /
479 1975- Kauffman, Christopher Douglas THESIS
Phosphorus dynamics in Tennessee soils receiving various forms of long-term manure application /
480 1976- Franks, Laura Ruth THESIS
Effects of an artificially lengthened vocal tract on the glottal closed quotient in untrained male voices
481 1969- Gaskill, Christopher Somers THESIS
An investigation of the rotor tip path height of the MH-60S helicopter in view of forklift clearance in support of the United States Navy medium lift shipboard logistics mission
482 1972- Kline, Jonathan Patrick THESIS
Investigation of a phase transition in pure and magnesia- and titania-substituted hexacelsian
483 Kirkham, Melanie Jean. THESIS
An investigation into the nature of the relationship of corporate culture to logistics outsourcing decisions
484 Mello, John Edmund. THESIS
Effect of bonding variables in thermal bonding of polypropylene nonwovens
485 1975- Jangala, Praveen Kumar THESIS
An investigation on phase behavior and orientation factor of electrospun nanofibers
486 1980- Feng, Kai THESIS
The role of simulation in the test and evaluation of a man in the loop weapon system
487 1969- Henry, Keith Matthew THESIS
Determination of mechanical properties of treated wood using near infrared spectroscopy
488 1978- Hedrick, Stephen Edward THESIS
Parameter study on topology optimization of constrained layer damping treatments
489 1979- Pai, Rohan Vinay THESIS
The effects of pathogen infection on nitrogen remobilization in Arabidopsis thaliana
490 1979- Boercker, Michelle Ann THESIS
Modification of a one-dimensional dynamic compression system model to calculate stage characteristics internally
491 1975- Tibboel, Grady Alan THESIS
Intelligent fault tolerant control for telerobotic system in operational space
492 1965- Kim, Sewoong THESIS
Modeling and source apportionment of primary and secondary PM??? in the atmosphere
493 1976- Doraiswamy, Prakash THESIS
Cognitive ability, big five, and narrow personality traits in the prediction of academic performance
494 Loveland, James M. THESIS
Have we resolved the issues related to international capital structure? empirical evidence from the OECD countries /
495 1964- Song, Joon-Young THESIS
Compressed air-driven tests of a prototype TurbXT?M [electronic resource] /
496 Mottley, Frederick John THESIS
Transportation shortest path search area model
497 Wang, Hui. THESIS
Virtual and augmented reality simulation of Chattanooga Creek
498 Vadlamudi, Sirisha. THESIS
Environmental effects on driver acceleration exposure
499 1975- Khanal, Shekhar THESIS
The effects of urbanization on the streambed sediment characteristics in a ridge and valley watershed /
500 1979- Thames, Brantley Allison THESIS

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