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Representaciones de la sociedad cubana post-revolucionaria en el documental nuevas construcciones de la colectividad /
1 1979- Prats-Rodri?guez, Ana M. THESIS
Analyse du franca?is e?crit des internautes des forums de football
2 1977- Buresi, Thomas Ge?rald THESIS
Poder y superpoderes [electronic resource] : rasgos lingu?i?sticos del habla de las mujeres en los comics de superhe?roes /
3 Manzana, Mario Alba THESIS
La Virgen Maria,?figura redentora o figura opresiva? "la abadesa prenada" de Gonzalo de Berceo /
4 1973- Timmins, Lara THESIS
Carlos Fuentes mestizaje y la identidad mexicana /
5 1976- Campbell, Majel THESIS
Las cosas de estotro mundo [electronic resource] : Cardiel y Pombal, utopistas, frente a la Guerra Guarani?tica /
6 Sauret, Belinda A. THESIS
FT-IR detection system for capillary electrophoresis & a novel deposition method for ATR [electronic resource] /
7 Todebush, Richard Andrew THESIS
La representacio?n de las relaciones hispano-musulmanas retrato del moro en el siglo XVI en El Abencerraje y A la sombra del granado /
8 1979- Mompo-Sepulveda, Patricia THESIS
A la recherche d'une histoire perdue [electronic resource] : the fictionalization of personal history in Journal d'une femme de cinquante ans by Henriette-Lucy Dillon, Marquise de La Tour du Pin de Gouvernet /
9 Van Zwoll, Lisa R. THESIS
Dona Ivone Lara voz e corpo da si?ncopa do samba /
10 1964- Santos, Katia Regina THESIS
The effect of flow regime and turbidity on periphyton in a laboratory system [electronic resource] /
11 Birkett, Clayton Lamar THESIS
An analysis of the three body problem
12 (Mark Edward), 1974- Hannah THESIS
Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in a multispecies biofilm formed in a humid environment with soluble protein
13 1974- Birt, Dawn M. THESIS
Kinetic isotope effect in the [beta]-subunit mechanism of tryptophan synthase ; excited state tautomerization of azaindole
14 (Michael Todd), 1975- Cash THESIS
Measuring the resilient characteristics of teachers
15 1959- Morris, Betty A. THESIS
Special values of Hurwitz zeta functions and Dirichlet L-functions
16 (Milton Herman), 1971- Nash THESIS
Spectroscopy and photochemistry of novel organometallic complexes
17 1978- Jaeger, Todd Dougals THESIS
AutoGF : an automated system to calculate coefficients of generating functions
18 1972- Cao, Huantian THESIS
"Ce n'estoit nyant" subversion and allegory in Rene? d'Anjou's Le livre du cuer d'amours espris /
19 1960- Laycox, Monty Ray THESIS
A constitutive approach for social inquiry elucidating Japanese state behavior on "arms" export controls /
20 1968- Takae, Toshiyuki THESIS
Occupational exposures during routine activities in coal-fueled power plants
21 1977- Bird, Mona Jill THESIS
Flavor quality models for consumer acceptability using partial least squares regression
22 1962- Margaria, Carlos Alberto THESIS
Temporal and spatial variation in seston available to oysters and the contribution of benthic diatoms to their diet in the Duplin River, Georgia [electronic resource] /
23 Thoresen, Merrilee THESIS
Quality of suspended fine particulate matter and its role as a conduit for metals in riverine food webs
24 1973- Rosi-Marshall, Emma Josephine THESIS
The impact of lawn care practices on suburban streams in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia
25 Herbert, Susan THESIS
Bobcat (Lynx rufus) ecology in a longleaf pine ecosystem in southwestern Georgia
26 1980- Doughty, Jordona THESIS
Interactions of fire ants and Xylophilous hymenoptera
27 1971- Jenkins, David Alan THESIS
A Reconfigurable multi-processor custom integrated circuit for floating point intensive algorithms
28 1979- Yardi, Shrirang Madhav THESIS
Food safety knowledge and practices followed by member agencies of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia
29 1978- Garner, Holly Haslam THESIS
Species biology and life history of the federally endangered Schwalbea americana L. (Scrophulariaceae)
30 1976- Norden, Amy Heather THESIS
Effects of bioengineered bank stabilization on urban streams
31 1976- Sudduth, Elizabeth Ballard THESIS
Role of B and T lymphocytes in immune control of Trypanosoma cruzi
32 1965- Kumar, Sudesh THESIS
Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM) studies of compound semiconductor formation by EC-ALE
33 1975- Srisook, Nattapong THESIS
Ese infierno (2001) y el testimonio latinoamericano
34 1980- Prickett, Allison Forsyth THESIS
Fromental Hale?vy's La tempesta a study in the negotiation of cultural differences /
35 1965- Hendley, Christopher Dean THESIS
Junius L. Meriam's elementary school implications for prevailing interpretations of curriculum theories and practices past and present /
36 1962- Chidester, Lori Hope THESIS
La focalisation dans La rue Cases-Ne?gres [electronic resource] : une analyse du roman de Joseph Zobel et du film d'Euzhan Palcy /
37 McCoy, Kerri Elizabeth THESIS
Dairymap a Web-based Expert System for dairy herd management /
38 (Sanjay Sharma), 1974- Chellapilla THESIS
Investigation of bulk and surface properties of Si and Si-Ge systems using Monte Carlo simulations and classical potentials
39 1968- Tavazza, Francesca M. THESIS
Human neuroblastoma (SH-SY5Y) cell culture and differentiation in 3-D collagen hydrogels for cell-based biosensing [electronic resource] /
40 Desai, Anu THESIS
Cognitive patterns of linguistic perceptions
41 (Susan Louise), 1972- Tamasi THESIS
Greenhouse treatability studies on phytoremediation of perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE) using black willow and eastern poplar
42 1971- Box, Stacey Heath THESIS
A qualitative study of the R.L. Bloomfield and Athens potteries as a model of narrative inquiry in historical research in art education
43 1953- III, Blair THESIS
Tocopherol and tocotrienol content of fast foods and pizzas [electronic resource] /
44 Chatterjee, Debolina THESIS
Stability indicating studies of zidovudine and selected pharmaceuticals [electronic resource] /
45 Musami, Patrick THESIS
Managing financial risk in forestry and the forest products industry
46 (Brooks Collat), 1970- Mendell THESIS
Derecho-producing convective systems in the United States an assessment of hazards and family formation /
47 (Walker Scott), 1975- Ashley THESIS
Atomic level studies of electrochemical reactions used in electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (EC-ALE): cadmium, lead, tellurium, cadmium telluride, mercury, mercury telluride, sulfur, sodium thiosulfate, and sodium ethane thiolate
48 1972- Lay, Marcus David THESIS
Nilpotents of representation rings of finite p-groups
49 1968- Hindman, Peter Blake THESIS
Cuestiones de identidad, ficcio?n y verosimilitud en la autobiografi?a latinoamericana Antes que anochezca y La ciudad y los perros /
50 1973- Diaz Reategui, Karen THESIS

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