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The impact of intercultural factors on the planning of theological education in the Dominican Republic
401 Penland, Jonathan S. THESIS
The effectiveness of two mathematical instructional programs on the mathematics growth of eighth grade students
402 Baldree, Carolyn Louise THESIS
A comparison of instructional delivery models for teaching mathematics at the college level
403 1944- McCallum, Michael Edwin THESIS
Pilot testing of a diabetes information and management kiosk in a rural community pharmacy
404 1978- Barnett, Mary THESIS
The educational experiences of a sample of African American males in Georgia public schools
405 Muno?z, Danielle THESIS
A custom fluorescence microscope for the observation of surface morphology at the air-water interface and an investigation of surface association and structure of deacylated surfactant protein C
406 1977- Leapard, James Brian THESIS
A pattern language in Ghana
407 1962- Moore, Amy Elizabeth THESIS
Perspectives of three experienced teachers in new positions : a portraiture study
408 1970- Gant, Angela Leigh THESIS
Paleoclimate reconstruction using isotopic analysis of tropical bivalves from the Pigeon Creek archaeological site, San Salvador Island, Bahamas
409 (Rebecca Jane), 1974- Cerajewski THESIS
Reservations, human rights treaties in the 21st century from universality to integrity. /
410 1979- Devidal, Pierrick THESIS
Buffer sizing for constrained networks
411 1945- Wray, Edwin Anthony THESIS
Unidos alcanzaremos un Vieques libre discourse as a reflection of social and geographic location /
412 1976- Sanders, Rebeccah Anne THESIS
Using a camera as an angle gauge in angle-count sampling
413 1978- Stewart, Brock THESIS
Kawi dalang : creativity in wayang theatre
414 1962- Sedana, I. Nyoman THESIS
"Have you heard the tramping of the New Crusade?" organizational survival and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union /
415 1971- Rollins, Cristin Eleanor THESIS
Marital rape laws, 1976-2002 from exemptions to prohibitions /
416 1978- McMahon, Jennifer J. THESIS
Predicting recidivism and crime severity in a male juvenile delinquent population using the MMPI-A
417 (Paul Jason), 1975- Cohen THESIS
The effects of fiscal decentralization on local public finance in Korea : public spending, functional responsibility, and fiscal independence
418 Kwon, Osung THESIS
A model of academic choice for mathematically talented college women
419 1968- Gieger, Judith Lynn THESIS
One trade, two worlds : politics, conflict, and the illicit liquor trade in White County, Georgia and Pickens County, South Carolina, 1894-1895
420 1979- Buseman, Michael Joseph THESIS
Low cost array bounds checking for 64-bit architectures
421 (Christopher Wade), 1980- Bentley THESIS
Determination of hydraulic and treatment characteristics of three waste stabilization ponds in Jamaica
422 1976- Gray, Monica Annmarie THESIS
The Virginia Creeper Trail an analysis of net economic benefits and economic impacts of trips /
423 Gill, Joshua K. THESIS
Teacher efficacy and direct instruction in reading
424 (Jennifer Latham), 1955- Davenport THESIS
A study of data warehousing end user training methods, their effectiveness, and challenges
425 1951- Avery, Katherine Liddell THESIS
To see is to know [electronic resource] : postcards from French West Africa and the presentation of colonial progress, 1900-1918 /
426 Boretsky, JuliAnne THESIS
An analysis of NAFTA and other factors impacting the U.S.-Mexico fresh winter tomato market
427 1975- Tresna, Mawar Andromeda THESIS
African American theaters in Georgia preserving an entertainment legacy /
428 (Jason Lamar), 1978- Ellerbee THESIS
The quality of life of single mothers on welfare in Georgia and the 1996 Welfare Reform
429 Alzate, Mo?nica Mari?a THESIS
Using the Parent/Guardian Questionnaire (PGQ) as a risk and needs assessment a prospective study /
430 1967- Puder, Rhett Julian THESIS
Hedging long-run commodity flow commitments under stochastic convenience yield
431 1969- Godbey, Jonathan Manley THESIS
Biology of the mealybug parasitoid, Anagyrus loecki, and its potential as a biological control agent of the Madeira mealybug, Phenacoccus madeirensis
432 1976- Chong, Juang-Horng THESIS
New lower bounds for the Snake-in-the-Box Problem a Prolog Genetic Algorithm and heuristic search approach /
433 (Derrick Scott), 1973- Bitterman THESIS
Bridget Jones as cultural icon media portrayals of single women /
434 1980- Willis, Katherine Leigh THESIS
Rehabilitation a tool in Habitat for Humanity's workbelt /
435 1975- Temples, Meredith Wolf THESIS
Parody for the public sphere The Daily Show's narrative on democracy inaction /
436 1981- Heflin, Kristen Marie THESIS
Perceptions of physics teachers who have participated in a constructivist in-service experience
437 1947- Snow, Walter Ross THESIS
Employability skills rated important by employers and exhibited by high school students with mild mental retardation
438 1949- Pritchett, Linda Perry THESIS
Dark wanderers [electronic resource] : gypsies in nineteenth-century British poetry /
439 Wilder, Lance Jason THESIS
Writing Taiwan : a study of Taiwan's nativist literature
440 1967- Lee, Yu-lin THESIS
Understanding mathematical concepts : the case of the logarithmic function
441 (Signe Elizabeth), 1963- Kastberg THESIS
A CPNets-based design and analysis framework for service oriented distributed systems
442 1973- Yi, Xiaochuan THESIS
An examination of the dynamics of power in Ayi Kwei Armah's The beautyful ones are not yet born and The healers
443 (Nafeesa Tarajee), 1977- Nichols THESIS
Sallust and the monograph
444 1974- Royston, Tina Teresa THESIS
Preparing for new roles in health information management
445 1963- Sayles, Nanette Burchfield THESIS
Characterizing soil acidity in Coastal Plain soils
446 1961- Weaver, Autumn R. THESIS
Design preferences of media specialists for elementary school media centers in the state of Georgia
447 1957- Hlavaty, Kathleen Smith THESIS
Geochemical and geochronological study of the Danburg and Sandy Hill granitoids and associated mafic enclaves, northeast Georgia
448 (Douglas Kent), 1957- Dvoracek THESIS
"Mortality and mercy" measure for measure and the law /
449 (Virginia Reed), 1975- Stephens THESIS
Criticality for the radius of gyration of curves [electronic resource] /
450 Little, Kenneth L. THESIS

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