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The impact of postmodernism on fashion since 1980
301 Pena, Melody Anne THESIS
Taxometric analysis of borderline personality disorder
302 1975- Seals, Kari Lynn THESIS
"The girl is born to be a mother. The boy is born to be a gentleman" gender and national identity in a Cuban exile cultural organization, 1962-1974 /
303 (Javier Angel), 1973- Ferna?ndez THESIS
The spatial and social impacts of Sierra Leone's Civil War (1991-2001) internal displacement and household destabilization /
304 Wilson, Sigismond Ayodele THESIS
An examination of gender differences in scientific problem solving strategies as students progress through an implementation of an astronomy multimedia program [electronic resource] /
305 Taasoobshirazi, Gita THESIS
Alanine production by escherichia coli through metabolic engineering
306 1976- Lee, Mingtau THESIS
Issues regarding the most effective tool of U.S. bankruptcy law "the automatic stay" /
307 1979- Kera, Zeenat THESIS
A study of interpersonal skills training groups with juvenile correctional officers
308 1975- Bates, Jeffrey Michael THESIS
An analysis of the role optimism and pessimism play in the coaching techniques of Division I intercollegiate golfers a mixed-model design /
309 (Matthew James), 1971- Wilson THESIS
Defining mission with meaning : a case study of Georgia college & state university [electronic resource] /
310 Snyder, Eugenia Marie THESIS
Extreme value methods in body-burden analysis with application to inference from long-term data sets /
311 (Matthew Joseph), 1975- Atkinson THESIS
A case study of teachers' perspectives on the impact of transient students in a highly mobile elementary school
312 1952- Dover, Terry Franklin THESIS
A mixed methods approach exploring the effects of a mindfulness based stress reduction program
313 1973- Barker, Krista L. THESIS
Hailing the Serbian "people" a critical analysis of the central role of the Kosovo myth in the constitution of Serbian ethno-national identity and the normalization of violence in the former Yugoslavia /
314 (Christina Marie), 1973- Morus THESIS
An ant colony approach to the Snake-in-the-Box problem
315 1979- Hardas, Shilpa Prakash THESIS
Stormwater planning and design Hangzhou, China /
316 1976- Wang, Chaozhong THESIS
Party animal : the front-runner in the presidential invisible primary
317 (Joseph Christopher), 1977- Jackson THESIS
Do "good" intentions justify "bad" tactics? a textual analysis of the representation of the Iraqi Media Network in the Western press /
318 1980- Weiss, Allison Ardis THESIS
Externalizing Islam manipulation of Islam's inner and outer dimensions and the fragmentation of justice and piety /
319 1975- Cole, Jeremy THESIS
Holier than thou? piety and paradox in Plato's Euthyphro and the binding of Isaac /
320 1977- Lawson, Joshua Kime THESIS
Dia?logo e intertextualidad en El signo del pez de Germa?n Espinosa [electronic resource] /
321 Marti?nez Osorio, Filadelfo THESIS
The development of the board of trustees of Anglo-American College a case study in leadership and governance /
322 Thomas, Robert Nelson THESIS
The relationship between private prayer and resiliency among Alzheimer's caregivers
323 Wilks, Scott E. THESIS
From hero to scapegoat the myth of the scapegoat in newspaper coverage of Richard Jewell as bombing suspect : a textual analysis /
324 1976- Myers, Thomas J. THESIS
An analysis of social interaction in the context of a radical constructivist teaching experiment
325 1962- Moura, Maria Eduarda THESIS
The South's greatest enemy? the cotton boll weevil and its lost revolution, 1892-1930 /
326 Giesen, James Conrad THESIS
From spirit to structure [electronic resource] : a study of Georgia's historic camp meeting grounds /
327 Deviney, Claudia Head THESIS
Gridlock, stock and two smoking barrels : presidential veto dynamics under divided legislative institutions
328 (Jason Matthew), 1976- Seitz THESIS
Technological advances leading to the diminishing of privacy rights
329 1978- D'Souza, Anabelle Maria THESIS
"Not God but a swastika" power, history and transcendence in Plath's poems /
330 1979- Myers, James Morgan THESIS
Statistical model for the diffusion of innovation and its applications [electronic resource] /
331 Liu, Cejun THESIS
The subjective appraisal of well-being of aging African American men
332 Robinson-Dooley, Vanessa THESIS
Big pharma & celebrities the influence of pharmaceutical industry credibility and endorser credibility on consumer responses to direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising /
333 1977- Menon, Ajit M. THESIS
Rapid survey of anthropogenic contaminants in surficial sediments of the Ashley River, Charleston, South Carolina
334 1960- Noakes, Scott Edward THESIS
Un-packing the theory of representative bureaucracy [electronic resource] : exploring the potential for active representation in a local government /
335 Bradbury, Mark Daniel THESIS
Long-term effects of looping on the transition to middle school [electronic resource] /
336 Mayo, Ruth Anne THESIS
Non sibi sed aliis the dawn of the University of Georgia Graduate School /
337 1956- Knox, David K. THESIS
A comparative study of computer aided instructional interventions in the acquisition of content area material for high school students with mild disabilities
338 1977- Blankenship, Tracy Lynn THESIS
An end to the political question doctrine in Korea? a comparative analysis /
339 1970- Kim, Myeongsik THESIS
Factors influencing the problem solving of college students solving a mathematics problem in a small group two case studies /
340 1953- Crawford, Linda Bailey THESIS
A systems-perspective study of the performance of different supply chain inventory models
341 1969- Knight, Craig Stephen THESIS
The reform of education in Romania and its implications for the teaching of geography in secondary schools [electronic resource] /
342 Connor, Georgeta Stoian THESIS
Commodity futures price prediction an artificial intelligence approach /
343 (Ernest Allen), 1976- Foster THESIS
Analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from sorghum bicolor germinating embryos
344 1977- Reid, St Patrick THESIS
State legislatures as the motivating force behind frontloading
345 (Joshua Tyler), 1977- Putnam THESIS
The effect of a self-correction procedure with student identification of errors on the independent math seatwork behaviors of students with mild disabilities
346 Yanosky, Daniel J. THESIS
Comparison of the Malmquist Multifactor productivity index and the Malmquist productivity index and their decomposition
347 1969- Hwang, Donghyun Leo THESIS
A novel lysophosphatidylethanolamine dehydrogenase from myxococcus xanthus
348 1974- Avadhani, Madhavi Sitarama THESIS
Inquiry into and seccession to traditional Japanese Zen gardens
349 1971- Lee, Yoon Jung THESIS
Athens Area Habitat for Humanity : homeowners and their homes
350 1978- Brock, Stacy THESIS

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