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The presence of universal design features in consumers' current residences and planned use in future homes
251 Nunn, Teresa L. THESIS
An investigation of a Web-based self-regulated learning support tool a case study in graduate education /
252 1969- Park, Hyungkook THESIS
Triptych of the self : encountering Elysium, Lisbon, and the unheimlich
253 1972- Athey, Amanda M. THESIS
Managing the chronically disruptive regular education student in Georgia a legal perspective /
254 1970- Duncan, Samuel Michael THESIS
State of independence? a political economic analysis questioning the conceptualization of independent labels in the popular music industry, 1980-2000 /
255 1977- Terry, Joseph Leigh THESIS
Los cambios en el genero de los nombres de profesiones en el Espano?l de los Estados Unidos
256 Epperson, Bele?n Flo?rez THESIS
Riding the wave of a changing tide : the establishment of the welfare state in Argentina and Brazil
257 1978- Taylor, Justin Michael THESIS
The effect of home-based work on the earnings of men and women
258 Schroeder, Christine THESIS
Prolegomena to my study of Abhinavagupta and Advaya Kashmir S?aivism book 1 identity and participation (Abhima?na and Sa?dhana?) /
259 1977- Miller, Bryan Temples THESIS
Reinterpreting the post-industrial landscape : Athens' former manufactured gas plant [electronic resource] /
260 Tymoff, Michael Ryan THESIS
"That peace and brotherly love may abound" : kinship and the changing character of church discipline in a southern Primitive Baptist church, 1814-1860 /
261 1973- Jones, William Brent THESIS
Characterizing the phytochrome gene family in Oryza sativa
262 1977- Eastman, Aynsley Peel THESIS
The Student Support Team a legal analysis of the prereferral intervention process in Georgia /
263 Maresh, Edward Binh THESIS
Comparison of New Zealand and United States securities markets through the looking glass of the Efficienct Market Hypothesis aspects of their systems of disclosure according to the Efficient Market Hypothesis /
264 1974- Gargiulo, Carla Natalia THESIS
Palavras em revoluc?a?o o uso poli?tico das figuras de linguagem em tre?s contos de No?s mata?mos o Ca?o-Tinhoso /
265 1970- Franco, Andre? Milhomem THESIS
Exploring the digital divide [electronic resource] : poverty and progress in a rural county /
266 Page, G. Andrew THESIS
Representations of the family in southern drama : before and after the civil rights and women's movements
267 1965- Filippo, Anna Maria THESIS
The function of the aesthetic in East Central Europe and the United States after the Second World War
268 Guran, Letitia Ileana THESIS
The effects of cooperative learning strategies on mathematics achievement among middle-grades students a meta-analysis /
269 Stoner, Dawn Alexandria THESIS
Development of the adult learners' management philosophy through critical management studies courses
270 1953- Monaghan, Catherine Heatherman THESIS
Libus?e's dream : historic preservation in Prague, the Czech Republic
271 1975- Bartos, Ramona Murphy THESIS
Comparative versus noncomparative advertising [electronic resource] : print advertising intensity and effectiveness /
272 Meganck, Shana THESIS
Uncertainty about the probability of a tax audit raising compliance or confusion? /
273 1980- Markl, Christopher THESIS
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation specific tension, muscle fatigue and its clinical implications /
274 1972- Gorgey, Ashraf Sherif THESIS
Conflict of laws in the enforcement of foreign awards and foreign judgments the public policy defense and practice in U.S. courts /
275 1973- Parameshwaran, Anupama THESIS
A comparison of work ethic descriptors among technical college advisory committee members, instructors, and students
276 1955- Tydings, Flora Wilhite THESIS
The ethnophysiology of the Tzeltal Maya of Highland Chiapas [electronic resource] /
277 Adams, Cameron Littleton THESIS
Dynamical process of rare earth ions doped in nanocrystals embedded in amorphous matrices [electronic resource] /
278 Zheng, Hairong THESIS
Direct titration for measurement of soil lime requirement and indirect lime requirement estimation by soil properties
279 1978- Liu, Min THESIS
La reparacio?n conversacional en espanol : un ana?lisis de los talk shows
280 1971- Cebria, Maria I. THESIS
Consumer durables and money supply shocks
281 (Todd Brandon), 1975- Potts THESIS
Charities in court the advocacy efforts of charitable nonprofit organizations in the judicial venue - when? how? and how much? /
282 1969- Basinger, Nancy Winemiller THESIS
Marching in step the Citadel and post World War II America /
283 1972- Jr., Macaulay THESIS
Honest to "God" and grammar in medieval India [electronic resource] : recovering the import of a neglected Buddhist lecture /
284 Kachru, Sonam THESIS
An analysis of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court in Owasso v. Falvo
285 1951- Wilson, Rhonda Leigh THESIS
The Etowah environmental survey as a guide for the Etowah public involvement and education program
286 Ormes, Elizabeth Marie THESIS
Corporate governance : theory and empirical evidence about the structures of the United States and Germany [electronic resource] /
287 Schroeder, Ariane THESIS
A study of the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an advocacy and planning tool for local historic preservation organizations and preservation planning departments [electronic resource] /
288 Feild, Lori A. THESIS
Eat. Sleep. Watch Dawson's creek : teenagers' perceptions of teenage life on Dawson's creek
289 1976- Hall, Amanda Stewart THESIS
Protecting white privilege a legal historical analysis of desegregation in Kansas, 1881-1951 /
290 (Jamie Beth), 1964- Lewis THESIS
The current status of the law concerning an appropriate education for students with disabilities
291 Doe, Tracie Dye THESIS
Subthreshold PTSD a comparison of depression and alcohol problems in Canadian peacekeepers with different levels of traumatic stress /
292 1965- Yarvis, Jeffrey Scott THESIS
Constituting a people southern difference and the populist chameleon in American politics /
293 1979- Lee, Michael James THESIS
The knockdown of Dnmt1 using small inhibitory RNA a method to assist in the reprogramming of a donor genome during nuclear transfer /
294 Adams, Allison M. THESIS
Geography in the living wage debate a qualitative analysis of living wage discourse in Athens, Georgia /
295 1972- Tucker, Maria Alexandra. THESIS
Georgia journalists and the new environmental paradigm : a study examining the state's newspaper reporters' attitudes toward environmental issues [electronic resource] /
296 Jones, Janet Elaine THESIS
Plant medicinal use and lexical variation within the folk classification system of the Highland Maya of Chiapas, Mexico
297 1971- Berg, Ilyssa Faith THESIS
"A bold and warlike people" [electronic resource] : the origin, career, and decline of the Westo Indians in the early Colonial South /
298 Bowne, Eric Everett THESIS
Term orders on the polynomial ring and the Gro?bner fan of an ideal
299 1974- Tarrant, Dennis Wayne THESIS
An analysis of the current status of establishment clause jurisprudence concerning public funding of school vouchers
300 1968- Jr., Whitmire THESIS

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