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Religion, the arts, and the artist : a postmodern return to an absolutist aesthetic
201 1975- Wiley, W. Brett THESIS
How to form a regional greenspace plan case study of the Upper Etowah Watershed /
202 1976- Goergen, Raysun Mary THESIS
The social and political context for obstruction in Roman love elegy
203 Leonard, Amy Kirk THESIS
On the electron affinities of perfluoroalkanes a systematic density functional study /
204 1976- Paul, Ankan THESIS
Freedom of speech, cinema and censorship : a comparative analysis of issues of freedom of speech violations as a result of the rating regulation authorities in the motion picture industry in France and the United States
205 (Stephanie Christine), 1977- Grenier THESIS
Constructing the concept of contextual competence in an undergraduate engineering curriculum
206 1961- Carmichael, Carol THESIS
Binding and signaling studies of synthetic oligodeoxynucleotides in cytotoxic cells
207 1974- Kaur, Harjeet THESIS
Responses to varied light environments and propagation techniques of the federally endangered shrub, Lindera melissifolia (Lauraceae)
208 1976- Aleric, Katherine Marie THESIS
Gene modification and biotechnological applications of mesenchymal stem cells
209 1965- Bosch, Pablo THESIS
Evaluating the cardiac camp experience development of the Hubbard Camp Outcome Scale /
210 1978- Hubbard, Amanda Dawn THESIS
The importance of geologic setting in developing groundwater from fractured, metamorphic rock aquifers in the vicinity of the Gwinnett County Airport and Collins Hill Road, Gwinnett County, Georgia
211 Lawson, Joshua Lee THESIS
Assignment of protein backbone resonances using connectivity, torsion angles and ¹³C[alpha] chemical shifts
212 (Laura Christine), 1964- Morris THESIS
The NED-2 forest ecosystem management DSS the integration of a wildlife model for the Southeast, the goal analysis agent and the report generation agent /
213 Witzig, Sarah THESIS
Painting monstrosities the grotesque, Mannerism, and Rosso Fiorentino /
214 1967- Townsend, Tiffanie Paige THESIS
"Messing with the mouse copyright, parody and the countercultural wars in Walt Disney v. the Air Pirates /
215 1970- Chua, Terence THESIS
A soundness proof of C.S. Peirce's Alpha Existential Graphs using truth trees, with an appendix on the "Alpha" Entitative Graphs
216 1966- Shedenhelm, Richard Scott THESIS
Inner-city minority youth and a community garden as an approach to environmental education
217 1973- Telligman, Amy Lee THESIS
Preparaton and evauation of tableted microspheres of ibuprofen encapsulated in beeswax
218 (Swati Pravin), 1980- Shah THESIS
Elkmont a national park service community in limbo : conservation versus preservation /
219 1978- Garlington, Ethiel Benjamin THESIS
The National Organizations Study a review and an extension emphasizing public-sector sites /
220 Facer, Rex L. THESIS
The challenges of tax collection in developing economies (with special reference to India)
221 Rai, Pramod Kumar THESIS
Der Parzival-Prolog als literarische Ausnahme
222 Dyer, Melissa THESIS
A historical review of intellectual property rights in the Palestinian Territories
223 1967- Samaan, Ihab George THESIS
Hoecakes and matzah balls [electronic resource] : a marriage of cultures in the works of Alfred Uhry /
224 Terry, Miriam Melissa THESIS
School funding litigation a study of the Alabama cases /
225 1954- Wilson, Carlton THESIS
The principal's perspectives on the first year of the recovery of a low-performing elementary school : a case study
226 Sumowski, Robert Francis THESIS
Prediction of residential mortgage contract rates
227 1964- Ye, Fengling THESIS
Spatial navigation on the radial maze with trial-unique intramaze cues and restricted extramaze cues
228 (Stephanie Jean), 1979- Babb THESIS
A testing environment for the evaluation of program visualization quality
229 1979- Ross, Matthew THESIS
Group process in the context of a problem-based learning curriculum
230 (Thomas Lynn), 1952- Stec THESIS
Comparison of DNA marker order and floral trait evolution among diploid and tetraploid genomes of Gossypium [electronic resource] /
231 Desai, Aparna THESIS
Investigation of multiple imputation procedures in the presence of missing quantitative and categorical variables
232 1969- Wang, Qun THESIS
Hebrew Matthew and Matthean communities
233 1979- Scoggins, Debra Fay THESIS
A comparative analysis of cultural presentations in elementary German textbooks
234 1978- Klymenko, Lina THESIS
Language of gods and men
235 1975- Wester, James Brandon THESIS
Design standards for a high school museum resource center [electronic resource] /
236 Wallace, Rex Milford THESIS
Parallel algorithms for matching and independence problems in graphs and hypergraphs
237 1977- Windsor, Aaron Andrew THESIS
The politics of evaluation for human resource development a stakeholder perspective /
238 Kim, Hanbyul THESIS
Preserving the experience a low impact approach to landscape management at LeConte Lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park /
239 1976- Shealy, William THESIS
Raphael's Lo spasimo di Sicilia
240 1959- Jordan, Mo?nica Culqui THESIS
The effects of trichloroethylene contamination on bacterial community composition along Four Mile Creek on the Savannah River Site
241 Richardson, Elizabeth Ann THESIS
A multiwire veto detector for the Hall A [electronic resource] : third arm at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility /
242 Hines, Jesse Bernard THESIS
An analysis of A good man is hard to find, an original chamber opera in one-act based on the short story by Flannery O'Connor
243 1968- Volk, David Paul THESIS
You're on stage at Disney World : an analysis of Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom
244 (Marisa Newkirk), 1976- Scalera THESIS
The garage : its history and preservation
245 Sager, Jonathan E. THESIS
How context changes the retrieval dynamics of a source
246 1972- Hancock, Thomas Wayne THESIS
Effects of a high fat diet on POMC, AgRPand MC4R gene expression in the arcuate nucleus and paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus
247 1980- Bolt, Kari Elizabeth THESIS
The convergence of trade and environment and the relative role of WTO
248 Meng, Xiaoxi THESIS
Cloning, expression, purification and crystallization of Pf-1806301
249 1978- Huang, Lei THESIS
The intra-enterprise conspiracy doctrine as applied to affiliated corporations under section 1 of the Sherman Act
250 Menz, Michael B. THESIS

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