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Current problems of international taxation of electronic commerce
151 1974- Kerimov, Nuran THESIS
A measure of history Cherokee agricultural productivity in comparative perspective, 1835-1850 /
152 1972- Gregg, Matthew T. THESIS
The relationship between public school desegregation and funding litigation
153 Kiracofe, Christine S. THESIS
The pursuit of subchemical accuracy in quantum chemistry via basis set extrapolation techniques [electronic resource] /
154 Schuurman, Michael S. THESIS
Modulation of mammalian immune effector cell functions by saliva of the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)
155 (Heather Anong), 1973- Wasserman THESIS
Identification of >150 novel genes that affect telomere length and discovery of a link between vitamin B6 salvage and telomere metabolism
156 1976- Askree, Syed Hussain THESIS
Participants' perceptions of a one-day challenge course program
157 1973- Wolfe, Brent David THESIS
Modeling within-tree changes in loblolly pine microfibril angle in the Southeast United States
158 (Lewis Charles), 1977- Jordan THESIS
Apart but a part in adult distance study persistence in an online cohort graduate certificate program /
159 1945- Neighbors, Lois Sneade THESIS
Elementary assistant principals' perspectives of their instructional leadership role
160 1968- Sumpter, Tricia Ballew THESIS
Job satisfaction and intent to remain in teaching of Georgia business education teachers
161 1961- Johnson, Dianna Day THESIS
The effect of water and gluten on the water mobility, gelatinization and retrogradation of bread and starch gels
162 Wang, Xin THESIS
Understanding the diagnosis phenomenon of new professionals in student affairs
163 1972- Davis, Janice Kathleen THESIS
Genetic diversity and mating system estimates for Verbascum thapsus L. (scrophulariaceae)
164 1969- Carromero, William THESIS
Conservation of genetic diversity in wild American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.)
165 (Jennifer Michelle), 1970- Cruse-Sanders THESIS
Innovative methods to measure consumer acceptability of fresh and formulated foods
166 (Jared Dwight), 1978- Henderson THESIS
Quality evaluation of honeydew melon : effects of ethylene treatment
167 1977- Liang, Chia-Pei THESIS
Aspects of the ecological flexibility of the Tana mangabey (Cercocebus galeritus) in its fragmented habitat, Tana River, Kenya
168 1972- Wieczkowski, Julie Ann THESIS
Gene expression and neural differentiation studies of embryonic stem cells
169 1972- Calhoun, John Douglas THESIS
Use of [delta]13C values of soil organic matter found in speleothems as a new proxy for paleovegetation and interpreting paleoclimate
170 (Joe Travis), 1973- Elkins THESIS
Cattle and water quality responses to shade and alternative water sources in grazed pastures in Georgia, USA
171 (Harris Lowell), 1977- Byers THESIS
Gene amplification in Acinetobacter
172 (Andrew Benton), 1972- Reams THESIS
Evaluation of an elective academic assistance course
173 (Sally Nohlgren), 1945- Randall THESIS
A combined bioinformatic/molecular-based approach to understanding molecular motors in plants
174 (Carolyn Joy), 1974- Lawrence THESIS
Consumer acceptability of heirloom tomatoes
175 1978- Bland, Sarah Elizabeth THESIS
Control of oxidative odors through active packaging odor scavengers
176 (Heather Juliet), 1978- Oliver THESIS
The role of moisture and common ingredients in quality changes in stored model peanut confections
177 Abegaz, Eyassu Gatachew THESIS
Structure and function of BenM, a transcriptional activator from Acinetobacter sp. Strain ADP1
178 1972- Clark, Todd Jon THESIS
Developments in capillary electrophoretic instrumentation and FT-IR spectrometric detection, and semi-automated FT-IR spectrometric sample deposition
179 1977- Jarman, Jessica Lea THESIS
Survey of traditional and distance learning faculty members at private institutions in the Southeast : implications for policy development
180 1959- Simonetti, Elizabeth Mary THESIS
Interim measures in international commercial arbitration past, present and future /
181 1978- Adhipathi, Sandeep THESIS
Vitamin E content and stability in peanuts and peanut products during processing and storage
182 1970- Chun, Ji-Yeon THESIS
A behavior-based blackboard architecture for multi-robot control
183 (Jonathan Thomas), 1980- McClain THESIS
"Almoost fulfild game and frame in the Canterbury tales /
184 (Angela Suzanne), 1978- Weddington THESIS
A newer urbanism molding the urban surface /
185 1976- Rainer, Thomas Michael THESIS
Evolving standards of decency public opinion, the death penalty, and the Supreme Court /
186 1976- Harris, Bryan Joel THESIS
The promise of interpretation an analysis of the Va?narinda Ja?taka /
187 Kunu, Vishma THESIS
Fiduciary duties of directors in the context of going-private transactions to the minority shareholders under Delaware law
188 1976- Wang, Yuan THESIS
Bohuslav Martinu's Half-time a representation of Parisian musical eclecticism of the 1920s /
189 1978- Cvorovic, Rachel McCormick THESIS
Old verities
190 1978- Henson, Trudy Charlene THESIS
The position of the verb in Old English relative clauses an analysis of the Anglo-Saxon gospels /
191 Martin, Chris Hanes THESIS
El cine espan?ol de los noventa : convergencias y divergencias [electronic resource] /
192 Tarraso?, Rosa THESIS
"A source of pleasure, profit, and pride" [electronic resource] : tourism, industrialization, and conservation at Tallulah Falls, Georgia, 1820-1915 /
193 McCallister, Andrew Beecher THESIS
Ecdysone regulation of gene expression during Drosophila melanogaster development
194 1974- Davis, Melissa Boneta THESIS
Ana?lisis comparativo-diacro?nico de los usos de ser y estar en espan?ol y en catala?n [electronic resource] /
195 Rojas, Eunice THESIS
The scarlet underworld the American and British press, prostitution, and the creation of social evil (880-1917) /
196 Cotter, Christina THESIS
Kinematic formulas for the real subspaces of complex space forms of dimension 2 and 3 [electronic resource] /
197 Park, Heunggi THESIS
A mighty experiment the transition from slavery to freedom in Jamaica, 1834-1838 /
198 1939- Griffith-Hughes, Elisabeth THESIS
Searching for prescriptive treatment schedules with a genetic algorithm a tool for forest management /
199 1980- Dewey, John THESIS
Numerical and parallel algorithms for the CMKdV equation [electronic resource] /
200 Liu, Ruihua THESIS

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