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1751 1974- Chinwala, Maria Gulamhusen THESIS
Cloning, expression, and structural characterization of the N-terminal "zinc ribbon" domain of transcription factor B from various archaea
1752 1972- Colangelo, Christopher Michael THESIS
Applications of island biogeography plant diversity and soil characteristics of back-barrier islands near Sapelo Island, Georgia /
1753 1971- Albers, Gayle L. THESIS
Respiratory pathways and mechanisms of energy conservation in the hyperthermophilic archaeon, Pyrococcus furiosus
1754 1972- Sapra, Rajat THESIS
Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of structured lipids and their food applications
1755 1971- Fomuso, Lydia Bobimwo THESIS
Estimating movement and production rates in American black ducks
1756 1976- Zimpfer, Nathan Lawrence THESIS
Reactions to telecomuting during recruitment a look at gender, need for affiliation, & need for autonomy /
1757 1978- Hudgies, Kalisha Denise THESIS
Effects of resource manipulation on selected primary and secondary consumers in two detritus-based southern Appalachian streams
1758 1971- Johnson, Brent Robert THESIS
Sensory and instrumental analysis of reduced-in-fat cookies prepared with high intensity sweeteners and high intensity sweetener blends
1759 1978- Cardello, Erin Elizabeth THESIS
Fluid ingestion attenuates the decline in VO?[subscript max] associated with cardiovascular drift
1760 1980- Ganio, Matthew Stueck THESIS
Characterization of the PIF/Pong superfamily of DNA transposons and their relationship with tourist-like miniature inverted-repeat transposable elements (MITEs)
1761 1974- Zhang, Xiaoyu THESIS
Multi-objective optimization using steady state genetic algorithms
1762 1978- Chafekar, Deepti Ramesh THESIS
Effects of wetting and drying on carbon and nitrogen mineralization in selected Coastal Plain soils
1763 1964- Kruse, John Sayler THESIS
Sperm competition and the role of females in Drosophila melanogaster
1764 1953- Mack, Paul Douglas THESIS
Structure and solvation in nickel cation complexes determined by infrared photodissociation spectroscopy
1765 1973- Walters, Richard Sheridan THESIS
Antioxidant activities of grape skin and grape seed polyphenolics and potential use of antioxidants in foods as a functional food ingredient
1766 1970- Yilmaz, Yusuf THESIS
Enzymatic modification of palm olein and palm kernel oil blend to produce structured lipids a study of reaction parameters /
1767 1977- Lumor, Stephen Enyam THESIS
Resource use by detritivorous macroinvertebrates in southern Appalachian headwater streams
1768 1963- Eggert, Susan Lynn THESIS
Effect of supplemental Lactobacillus acidophilus on the growth and performance of dairy calves
1769 1979- Kraft, Michelle Jeanette THESIS
Effect of cardiovascular drift on maximal oxygen uptake during walking and cycling in women
1770 1980- Hines, Laura Jane THESIS
Bioanalytical applications of liquid chromatography mass spectrometry protein identification, enzyme function, carbohydrate analysis, post-translational modifications, and targeted proteomics /
1771 1972- Johnson, Jeremi David THESIS
The response of beetles to group selection harvesting in a southeastern bottomland hardwood forest
1772 Ulyshen, Michael Darragh THESIS
Effects of processing on the microbiology of commercial shell eggs
1773 1962- Musgrove, Michael Thomas THESIS
Metabolic engineering for 5-aminolevulinic acid production by Escherichia coli carrying Rhodobacter sphaeroides hemA
1774 1963- Xie, Lianqi THESIS
How to stay healthy in a Mexican immigrant community the role of women's knowledge /
1775 1973- Waldstein, Anna THESIS
Effects of neurotoxicant exposure on fitness-related traits of the western fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)
1776 1978- Holem, Ryan Richard THESIS
Effects of testosterone replacement therapy on skeletal muscle after spinal cord injury
1777 1973- Gregory, Christopher Michael THESIS
Theoretical and empirical comparison of water chemistry and karst denudation in conduit and diffuse aquifers, and implications for global karst denudation models
1778 1967- Sheen, Shaw Wen THESIS
Identification of the wildland-urban interface at regional and landscape scales
1779 1976- Zhang, Yangjian THESIS
Identidad, ge?nero y espacio carcelario en La noche es virgen (1997) y Las dos caras del deseo (1994) desde la subversio?n del sistema binario tradicional a la alteridad sexual /
1780 1978- Catala? Carasco, Jorge Luis THESIS
The effects of Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor on adipose tissue apoptosis
1781 Duff, Emily THESIS
The effects of hybridization on the physiology and ecology of two louisiana iris species, I. brevicaulis and I. fulva
1782 Johnston, Jill Arin THESIS
Digital stereoscopic and hyperspectral data for environmental mapping applications
1783 1965- Hirano, Akira THESIS
Evolution in closely adjacent salt marsh environments
1784 (Christina Lee), 1972- Richards THESIS
Climate and land use records for China from cave stalagmites andsatellite [sic] images
1785 1966- Xiao, Honglin THESIS
Enhancement of succinic acid production in Escherichia coli by metabolic engineering
1786 1976- Vemuri, Goutham THESIS
Species-specific patterns of fine root demography and hydraulic lift among trees of the fall-line sandhills
1787 (Javier Francisco), 1968- Espelete THESIS
Body composition, neuromuscular function, and physical activity among adolescent African-American females
1788 1972- Williams, Richard Hadley THESIS
Running the gamut of ab initio methods application to questions of practical chemical interest /
1789 1976- Brinkmann, Nicole Rene?e THESIS
Educating Latino children in Georgia accountability, accommodation, and school organization /
1790 1980- Macpherson, Heather Lynne THESIS
Biographical, work, family, and social support variables related to burnout in County Extension agents in Georgia
1791 1976- Thomas, Leanna Marie THESIS
Dynamic assessment of academic ability of bilingual immigrant Latino children [electronic resource] /
1792 Matthews, Michael Stuart THESIS
Using collaborative apprenticeship to examine factors and reciprocal interactions that affect a community of teachers' integration of technology
1793 1971- Glazer, Evan Michael THESIS
Effect of silage additives on in vitro forage digestion and performance of cattle fed four different silages
1794 1977- O'Connor, Megan Heather THESIS
Aluminum neurotoxicity involves oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis : implications for neurodegeneration
1795 1973- Johnson, Victor Johnnie THESIS
Evolutionary morphology of the euglenid pellicle
1796 1970- Leander, Brian Scott THESIS
Study of structure and dynamics of monolayers containing proteins and lipids at the air-water interface using two dimensional infrared spectroscopy methods
1797 1978- Shanmukh, Saratchandra THESIS
The ecological and evolutionary implications of hybridization an example from desert sunflowers /
1798 Rosenthal, David M. THESIS
Synthesis of Rhizobium sin-1 lipid-A derivatives as potential therapeutic agents against gram-negative septicemia
1799 1974- Santhanam, Balaji THESIS
The effect of leptin administration and recovery on energy metabolism, uncoupling proteins, and adipose tissue apoptosis
1800 Gullicksen, P. Scott THESIS

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