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Integrating the stream and its valley : land use change, aquatic habitat, and fish assemblages
1701 1964- Scott, Mark Chandler THESIS
The risk-benefit profile of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as chemopreventives
1702 Koompalum, Dayin THESIS
Optimal fertilizer concentration, water use efficiency, and whole plant gas exchange of subirrigated plants under varying light intensity
1703 1970- Sainath Krishna, Murthy Nemali THESIS
Characterization of immune responses to Wolbachia in individuals with lymphatic filariasis
1704 1976- Punkosdy, George Albert THESIS
Relationships between physical activity and mood in pregnancy
1705 1977- Poudevigne, Me?lanie Ste?phanie THESIS
A study of the difference between creative potential in African-American students with and without disabilities from lower socioeconomic environments
1706 1977- Mirto, Jody Elizabeth THESIS
Seasonal movements of female white-tailed deer in a low-density population
1707 1978- D'Angelo, Gino Jude THESIS
The Aspergillus nidulans septin AspB plays important roles in septum, branch, and conidiophore development
1708 Westfall, Patrick John THESIS
Benchmark open-shell coupled cluster studies and the evolution of nonvariational solutions to the Schro?dinger equation
1709 1976- Petraco, Nicholas Dominick THESIS
The response of detrital and autotrophic resources to long-term nutrient enrichment in a detritus-based headwater stream
1710 Greenwood, Jennifer Lynn THESIS
Creation and validation of the social work student self-appraisal inventory
1711 1972- King, Michael Eugene THESIS
The relative contributions of verbal ability and inhibitory control to theory of mind in physical and affective domains
1712 Baran, Danielle Marie THESIS
Articulating feminism and politics third wave feminism in pop music /
1713 1981- Pham, Thailan THESIS
Measuring veterans' psychosocial status in the context of general self-efficacy
1714 (John Bartholomew), 1954- Doherty THESIS
Characterization of thin biological films by Raman and fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
1715 1972- Murphy, Michael Roland THESIS
Protein nutrition of dairy cows fed high fat diets
1716 (Miguel Angel), 1970- Canseco THESIS
Synergism of cholecystokinin (CCK) and leptin on nutrient mediayed intake control in cattle
1717 1973- Kumar, Devendra THESIS
Fate of Arcobacter spp. upon exposure to environmental stresses and predictive model development
1718 (Elaine Marie-Louise), 1964- D'Sa THESIS
The effects of Leptin, GIP and Clenbuterol on bone marrow gene expression
1719 Lackay, Sarah N. THESIS
Use of non-toxic endophyte technology in tall fescue forage systems : impacts on beef cattle production and grazing behavior
1720 1975- Parish, Jane Ann THESIS
In vitro maturation of the canine oocyte
1721 1975- Dew, Elizabeth Virginia THESIS
The clinical significance of social withdrawal
1722 Musgrove, Karen Talley THESIS
Effects of polyethylene glycol on the morphology of ornamental seedlings
1723 1975- Burnett, Stephanie Elaine THESIS
Distributed collaborative robotic mapping
1724 1977- Barnhard, David THESIS
Environmental justice on the wilderness fringe a GIS based analysis /
1725 1971- Raychaudhuri, Uttiyo THESIS
Gender differences in mathematics strategies used by third and fifth grade children
1726 1975- Laprocina, Simona Celeste THESIS
Evaluation of the effectiveness of decreasing the dose of GnRH used for synchronization of ovulation and timed AI at first service in dairy cows
1727 (Lauren Elizabeth), 1980- McKee THESIS
Folic acid, total folate and food folate in pizza and other fast foods [electronic resource] /
1728 Kota, Lakshmi THESIS
Initial public offerings empirical studies of allocations, performance, and shareholder litigation /
1729 1972- Boehmer, Beatrice THESIS
At the hands of the "mean girls" the effects of bullying on young women in the secondary classroom /
1730 1983- Gathers, Elizabeth THESIS
Relationships between clothing and intercultural adjustment for American and Japanese exchange students
1731 1979- Crosby, Melanie THESIS
The effect of chemical modification on the molecular mobility, texture, and retrogradation of starch-water suspensions [electronic resource] /
1732 Choi, Sung-Gil THESIS
RepoX : an XML repository for workflow designs and specifications
1733 1974- Song, Minrong THESIS
Pharmacokinetic analysis and formulation development of therapeutic proteins
1734 (Kimberley Temeca), 1975- Hill THESIS
The METEOR-S framework for semantic Web process composition
1735 Sivashanmugam, Kaarthik THESIS
"Db4XML" : design and performance of an XML database engine
1736 1975- Sipani, Sudhanshu THESIS
Metals in medicine and nature : function and form
1737 1976- Cosper, Nathaniel Joshua THESIS
Ontology query languages for the Semantic Web a performance evaluation /
1738 1974- Zhang, Zhijun THESIS
A cross-validation of a multidimensional conceptualization of preadolescent social status
1739 1970- Jr., Lindstrom THESIS
The effects of spinal cord injury and menopause on bone architecture in women
1740 Slade, Jill Michelle THESIS
Phytoremediation of explosives using Poplus Deltoides
1741 1976- Sealock, Gregory Allen THESIS
Exploring Myostatin
1742 1977- Heather Brooke Arnold, null THESIS
Production of pyruvate by Escherichia coli using metabolic engineering
1743 1977- Tomar, Atin THESIS
Applications of modern quantum mechanical theories from propargyl and hydroxyformyl radicals to adamantane /
1744 1979- Yan, Ge THESIS
Determination of partition coefficients for selected n-alkanes and other key constituents of JP-8
1745 1972- Smith, Andrew Quin THESIS
Thermal injury and recovery of Salmonella Enteritidis in ground chicken with temperature, pH and sodium chloride as controlling factors
1746 1980- Chambliss, LaShawnda Sherre THESIS
Laboratory studies of in-situ redox manipulation for remediation of PCE, TCE and Cr(VI) contaminated groundwater in Atlantic Coastal Plain sediments
1747 1961- Uddin, Md Momin THESIS
XML database engines
1748 1969- Malhotra, Rakesh THESIS
Decline and recovery of striped bass in the Savannah River Estuary synthesis and re-analysis of historical information and evaluation of restoration potential /
1749 1969- Reinert, Thomas Robert THESIS
J3DV : a Java-based 3D database visualization tool
1750 1977- Fang, Xiang THESIS

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