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Feasibility analysis of an automated mushroom harvesting system
1651 1978- Azoyan, Areg THESIS
"Georgia Bush" velvetbean (Mucuna pruriens) and sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) biomass accumulation and nutrient content /
1652 1970- Martini, Nicole Lucille THESIS
Analyzing individual patterns of change in two treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder
1653 1974- Selvig, Amy Lynne THESIS
Predictors of college women's sexual risk-taking behavior an interpersonal empowerment perspective /
1654 1977- Harris, Laschandra Monique THESIS
Concordant change and core-periphery dynamics : a synthesis of highland Mesoamerican archaeological survey data
1655 1956- Smith, Charlotte Ann THESIS
Do second and third grade children make causal inferences when reading expository texts?
1656 1977- Quirk, Matthew THESIS
Heat penetration studies of stewed tomatoes in 6, 8, and 17 quart household pressure retorts
1657 1972- Pakola, Rebecca J. THESIS
The effect of individual differences on a multidimensional structure of attitude toward the advertisement utilitarian, hedonic and interestingness dimensions /
1658 Lee, Eunsun THESIS
Evaluation of a diverse panel of biocontrol agents against infection of blueberry flowers by Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi
1659 1980- Thornton, Holly Ann THESIS
The effect of female education on childhood malnutrition in Africa a study of the educational systems in Mali and Congo /
1660 Packman, Pamela J. THESIS
Children's associations between instrumental music and paintings across four stylistic periods
1661 1959- Eubank, Mary Elizabeth THESIS
Evolution of cyclin dependent kinases and the regulation of meiosis and polarity in C. elegans
1662 1974- Liu, Ji THESIS
Effects of leptin on adipose tissue metabolism in male C57Bl/6 mice and Sprague Dawley rats
1663 1980- Rooks, Cherie Renee? THESIS
Study of children's blood lead level after phase-out of leaded fuel use in Bombay, India
1664 1974- Nichani, Vikram N THESIS
Studies on the role of tubulin glycylation in microtubular organelle biogenesis in the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila
1665 1976- Thazhath, Rupal Mohandas THESIS
Evaluation of phytase, vitamin D? derivatives, and broiler breed differences on nutrient utilization, broiler performance, leg disorders, and the expression of intestinal calbindin-28 kd mRNA and protein
1666 1974- Shirley, Robert Bryant THESIS
Spatial interpolation of weather variables using artificial neural networks
1667 1963- Li, Bin THESIS
Biosynthesis of iron-sulfur clusters in Azotobacter vinelandii
1668 1975- IV, Smith THESIS
Impact of anti-allergic medications on asthma incidence, cost and an exploratory analysis for risk factors for asthma
1669 1975- Pannicker, Sandhya J. THESIS
Molecular tools for the study, diagnosis, and control of infectious bronchitis virus
1670 1973- Callison, Scott Andrew THESIS
Effects of spring prescribed fire on chipmunk home ranges, and a woodland salamander community in a central Appalachian hardwood forest
1671 1973- Rowan, Ella THESIS
Stream response to human impact in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains
1672 1977- Price, Katie THESIS
Demonstration of a molecular interaction between thioredoxin and the pro-fs gene product of HIV-1, a mimic of NF kappa B
1673 1972- Su, Guoping THESIS
Improving GA performance by using Maximal Hyper-Rectangle analysis and relative fitness
1674 1967- Zhang, Chongshan THESIS
The effect of strength and power training on physical function in older adults
1675 Miszko, Tanya A. THESIS
Application of density functional theory for organic, inorganic, and biochemical molecules
1676 (Nancy Arline), 1967- Richardson THESIS
Influence of molecular environment on lipid oxidation of structured lipid-based model emulsions
1677 1978- Osborn, Hannah Terry THESIS
Studies on pollen function and pistil development : effects of pesticides and pollen diluents
1678 1969- Yi, Weiguang THESIS
Bone biomarkers in prepubertal females, 4-8 years of age
1679 1977- Hardy, Kathryn Harris THESIS
A fruit and vegetable education intervention in Georgia's Older Americans Act Nutrition Program improves intake, knowledge, and barriers related to consumption
1680 1981- Garcia, Joni M. THESIS
Vitamin B12 deficiency and supplementation in older Americans nutrition programs in northeast Georgia
1681 1976- Dolce, Teresa Butler THESIS
Lawyers' value in mergers and acquisitions under the new world of multidisciplinary practices
1682 1972- Wu, Yunling THESIS
Nutritional and developmental studies in pecan : studies on zinc, nitrogen, and seasonal fluctuation of carbohydrate and nutrients
1683 1970- Kim, Tehryung THESIS
Assessment of in vitro chondrogenesis after treatment with all-trans retinoic acid
1684 1976- Agyekum, Augustine Kwaku THESIS
Biogeochemistry in the coastal zone changing land use, salinity intrusion, porewater stoichiometry and the mineralization of organic matter in estuarine sediments /
1685 1974- Weston, Nathaniel B. THESIS
Physicochemical and sensory properties of a chip-type snack food based on defatted peanut and soy flour
1686 1946- Zenere, Antonio THESIS
Effect of pectinmethylesterase and calcium infusion on texture and structure of fruits and vegetables
1687 1963- Banjongsinsiri, Panida THESIS
Development and validation of risk assessment models to predict pharmacy expenditures for both commercial and medicaid populations
1688 1973- Cantrell, Christopher Ron THESIS
Factors associated with pre-clinical disability and recovery of muscle and physical function following total knee arthroplasty
1689 1971- Petrella, John Kenneth THESIS
Segregated Sabbaths the architectural differences between white and black churches in Georgia between 1850-1950 /
1690 1979- Hutchings, Joan Eileen THESIS
Development of an HPLC method for resveratrol and optimization of post-harvest stress to induce production in peanuts
1691 1978- Rudolf, Jaime Leann THESIS
The impact of coral disease on the survival of the Florida Keys coral reefs
1692 Torres, Cecilia THESIS
Effects of high-fat feeding on leptin sensitivity in weanling and adult mice
1693 1978- Bowen, Heather Marie THESIS
Genetic engineering of plants with the bacterial genes mera and merb for the phytoremediation of methylmercury contaminated sediments
1694 1972- Bizily, Scott Patrick THESIS
Dynamic evaluation of three GPS receivers on the control performance of an autonomous vehicle developed with pure pursuit system architecture
1695 1979- Faircloth, Adam Gerald THESIS
Sociospatial characteristics and genetic structure of white-tailed deer in the central Appalachians of West Virginia
1696 1972- Laseter, Benjamin Robert THESIS
Host location by Melittobia digitata Dahms (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), a larval parasitoid of mud daubers, Trypoxylon politum Say (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)
1697 1976- Torres, Christian Sherley THESIS
Influence of microsite and salvage logging on post-windthrow recovery in three Southeastern U.S. forests
1698 (Andrea Diann), 1975- Leach THESIS
Study of biologically active forms of metalloproteins by electrospray ionization fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
1699 1972- Taylor, Peggy Kristina THESIS
Reproductive ecology of two Coastal Plain legumes Baptisia arachnifera and Baptisia lanceolata /
1700 1979- Squire, Amy Ruth THESIS

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