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Comparison of video priming techniques for children with autism
1601 1976- Ayres, Kevin Michael THESIS
Diet and physical activity behaviors in school children and adolescents from Georgia
1602 1980- Kayser, Elise Elizabeth THESIS
Personal PM[subscript 2.5] exposures for firefighters doing prescribed forest burns in the Southeastern United States
1603 (Cameron Strauther), 1979- Carlton THESIS
Serum 25(OH)D concentrations in girls aged 4-8 years in the southeast United States
1604 1979- Stein, Elizabeth Michelle THESIS
Serum carotenoid concentrations and fruit, vegetable and carotenoid intake among participants in Northeast Georgia's Elderly Nutrition Program
1605 1978- Aspinwall, Erica Ann THESIS
Kinetics of leaching and binding of fumonisin B? in soil microcosms
1606 1975- Williams, Lonnie Dwayne THESIS
The relationship between blood velocity and conduit artery vasoreactivity : role of nitric oxide?
1607 Stoner, Lee THESIS
The effects of body fat and fitness on vascular health
1608 Sabatier, Manning J. THESIS
The effect of body composition on macronutrient selection in finishing pigs
1609 Meers, Suzanne A. THESIS
Changes in bone mass and strength properties in female gymnasts 4 to 10 years of age
1610 1973- Laing, Emma Elizabeth THESIS
Characterization of selected phenolic compounds in Georgia-grown muscadine grapes
1611 1960- Pastrana-Bonilla, Eduardo THESIS
The effects of repeated nicotine exposure on brain plasticity in the rat
1612 Hernandez, Caterina Maria THESIS
A taxonomic revision of the genus Akalyptoischion Andrews (Coleoptera: Latridiidae)
1613 1980- Hartley, Christopher Scott THESIS
Antipsychotic polypharmacy vs. monotherapy in the treatment of schizophrenia
1614 1969- Ganguly, Rahul THESIS
Evaluation of canola meal as an alternative plant protein source in nursery pig diets
1615 1976- Ele, Julius Jerome THESIS
The effects of Paylean on live animal performance, carcass cutability and quality, belly firmness and fatty acid composition of pigs sorted into prefinishing backfat classes using real-time ultrasound
1616 Mimbs, Kelly J. THESIS
The effects of the flavonoids quercetin and genistein on the antioxidant enzymes Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione reductase in male Sprague-Dawley rats
1617 Governo, Annette Cairns THESIS
Ecology of bobcats in a longleaf pine forest in southwestern Georgia
1618 1976- Cochrane, Jessica Chotard THESIS
The automation of electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (EC-ALE) for the production of thin film semiconductors
1619 Flowers, Billy Hugh THESIS
Les voyelles nasales en Franc?ais histoire, variation re?gionale, et pe?dagogie /
1620 Dowd, Emily A. THESIS
Oxygen uptake in active skeletal muscle
1621 1978- Elder, Christopher Paul THESIS
The effect of the flavonoid quercetin on phase 1 and phase 2 enzyme activities in the SW-480 human colon carcinoma cell line
1622 Buck, Elizabeth Ann THESIS
Low temperature catalytic ozonation of propanal using wood fly ash
1623 1980- Gangavaram, Rangan THESIS
Fritz Lang : a "dark mirror" to Germany and America
1624 1979- Luton, Ellen Kathleen THESIS
Linear and threshold models to estimate heritability and trends for stayability in beef cattle
1625 (Robert Eugene), 1959- Williams THESIS
Use of poultry byproduct meal as an alternate protein source in swine starter rations
1626 1977- Zier, Catherine Ellen THESIS
Characterization of Abelia taxa for interspecific hybridization
1627 1971- Scheiber, Sloane Michele THESIS
Development of chocolate-flavored, peanut-soy beverage
1628 1977- Deshpande, Rashmi Prakash THESIS
Self-report concussion related symptoms
1629 1973- Piland, Scott Gene THESIS
Heat inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes in biofilms
1630 1960- Chmielewski, Revis A. THESIS
Placentation in the bovine with specific emphasis on the role of the trophoblast cells and placental abnormalities associated with the nuclear transfer process
1631 1969- Esposito, Tina Marie THESIS
The effects of supplemental ruminally undegradable protein on early lactation dairy cows fed fat in the form of whole cottonseed
1632 Gautreaux, Abby Ann THESIS
Effect of supplemental energy source on the performance of lactating dairy cows fed diets based on sorghum and ryegrass silage
1633 (Jamie Alice), 1978- Boyd THESIS
Vitamin B[subscript 12] deficiency and cognitive deficit among older adults
1634 1976- Lewis, Monica Susanne THESIS
Retired collegiate artistic gymnasts retain high bone mass
1635 1973- Pollock, Norman Kenneth THESIS
Measuring blueberry firmness and modelling quality changes for delays in cooling using the FirmTech II
1636 1971- Tetteh, Mark Kofi THESIS
Development of a genetic approach to study insulin-degrading enzyme in yeast
1637 1977- Kim, Seonil THESIS
Pharmaceutical preformulation- osteoarthritis therapy via two drug delivery applications the mutual prodrug and the transdermal delivery of a well-known nutraceutical, glucosamine /
1638 1977- Jr., Garner THESIS
The effect of anabolic implant and dietary lipid source on intramusuclar lipid deposition in finished beef cattle
1639 Smith, Kerry Ruth THESIS
Evaluation of environmental benefits and impacts of compost and industry standard erosion and sediment control measures used in construction activities
1640 1973- Faucette, Britt THESIS
Synthesis and evaluation of mechanism based inhibitors of kynureninase ; asymmetric reductions of ethynylketones by secondary alcohol dehydrogenase from thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus
1641 1966- Heiss, Christian THESIS
A comparison of conventional and alternative cropping systems using alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) an agroecosystem analysis /
1642 1977- Skelton, Laura Elizabeth THESIS
A prospective study of body image and eating behaviors in female prepubertal artistic gymnasts and BMI-matched nongymnasts controls
1643 1976- Cordray, Kelly Dawn THESIS
Coparenting conflict in single parent African American families the role of maternal psychological functioning and social support /
1644 1974- Dorsey, Shannon THESIS
New lower bounds for the snake-in-the-box and the coil-in-the-box problems using evolutionary techniques to hunt for snakes and coils /
1645 (Darren Arthur), 1966- Casella THESIS
Aberrant self-promotion, vocational interests, and college
1646 1972- Baxter, Dirk Ronald THESIS
Biogeochemical changes of chemical signals in the Georgia "land-to-ocean continuum"
1647 1971- Wang, Zhaohui THESIS
High resolution mass spectrometry of metalloproteins : studies by electrospray ionization fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
1648 1971- Johnson, Keith Anthony THESIS
Trace level determination of trichloroethylene from liver, lung, and kidney tissues by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry ; high performance liquid chromatographic analysis and comparative pharmacokinetics of acyclovir and acyclovir/zidovudine therapies in the pregnant rat
1649 1976- Stacy Denice Brown, null THESIS
Teachers' perceptions and use of classroom space
1650 1949- Snow, Sue Ellen THESIS

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