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Factors associated with community versus institutional long term care [electronic resource] : differences by race and ethnicity /
1551 Opoku, Adeline THESIS
Compliance and persistence with stimulants among adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in the Georgia Medicaid population
1552 1968- Dong, Yan Diane THESIS
Statistical analysis of 16S rDNA gene-based intestinal bacterial communities of the chicken fed with different diets
1553 1962- Lu, Jingrang THESIS
Life history, demography, and individual variation in western bluebirds
1554 1970- Keyser, Amber Jessen THESIS
Hierarchical models of avian distributions for the state of Georgia
1555 1975- Howell, Jay Earl THESIS
Dime store deco : the architecture and adaptive reuse of Depression era S.H. Kress 5 & 10 cent stores
1556 1974- Chastine, Robert Kevin THESIS
Improving the textural properties and storage stability of cowpeas process development and evaluation /
1557 1973- Affrifah, Nicole Sharon THESIS
Reproductive ecology of the American oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus) in Georgia
1558 1975- George, Russell Clay THESIS
Aeneid III Aeneas' voyage per imperium /
1559 (Benjamin Todd), 1974- Thomason THESIS
Evaluating the perceived effectiveness of three Web based courses
1560 1969- McLaughlin, Valerie Nicole THESIS
A smarter policy for "smart" sanctions
1561 1980- Shagabutdinova, Ella THESIS
Regression models in standardized test prediction
1562 1975- Harrell, Leigh THESIS
Sourcing factor's effect on the pattern of China's apparel exports to the United States
1563 1977- Zhang, Qimin THESIS
The educational perspectives of high school students who have gifted and learning disabilities profiles
1564 Kidd, Katharine Cooke THESIS
Deciding to delegate legislative professionalism and statutory delegation to bureaucratic agencies in state governments /
1565 1907- Bitzer, Jason Michael THESIS
Comparative analysis of federal income tax imposed on U.S. C corporations and Russian joint stock companies
1566 1975- Mitskevich, Alina Yurievna THESIS
Examining sexual revictimization testing the risk recognition theory /
1567 1977- Van Wynsberghe, Amy THESIS
Analysis of specific attentional functions in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) implications for ADHD subtyping theory /
1568 (Richard Harry), 1973- Page THESIS
Vegetation-soil relationships within the maritime shell forest community, Pinckney Island, South Carolina
1569 (Amy Marlene), 1975- Johnson THESIS
Mafic and felsic derived soils in the Georgia Piedmont parent material uniformity, reconstruction, and trace metal contents /
1570 (Dixie Anne), 1974- Hamilton THESIS
Interactive computational steering conservative vs optimistic steering approaches /
1571 1979- Selvaraj, Arumugaraja THESIS
Temperamental and parenting influences on behavior problems in rural, African American children [electronic resource] /
1572 Park, Celina Blalock THESIS
Middle school students' sense-making of algebraic symbols and construction of mathematical concepts using symbols [electronic resource] /
1573 Chae, Jeong-Lim THESIS
The economic effect of governmental incentives on the ethanol fuel market
1574 Kelley, Quinn K. THESIS
A review of literature and court decisions concerning school funding equity, 1971-2001 : lessons for Georgia
1575 1949- Ziegler, Larry L. THESIS
The importance of learning for changing sexual practices in response to HIV/AIDS crisis in Ghana
1576 Amenyah, Augustine M. THESIS
The role of athlete as contributor to social status in school age and adolescent females
1577 Lindstrom, William A. THESIS
Alcohol use among African-American college students contextual and social factors /
1578 (Garnette Jolene), 1976- Cotton THESIS
Understanding south Louisiana through literature : folktales and poetry as representations of cultural identity
1579 1975- Burns, Anna THESIS
Considering race, gender, and behavior in the classroom teacher perceptions and student achievement /
1580 1975- Howard, Natasha M. THESIS
Unilateral refusals to deal in intellectual property as monopolistic conduct
1581 1977- Meshida, Bolanle THESIS
Instructional supervision and the role of high school department chairs [electronic resource] /
1582 Kruskamp, William H. THESIS
Kinesin motor protein inhibitors: toward the synthesis of adociasulfate analogs
1583 1973- Darne, Chetan Padmakar THESIS
Site-specific iron-sulfur cluster chemistry in ferredoxin:thioredoxin reductase
1584 1977- Walters, Elizabeth Mengelt THESIS
An evaluation of three cool-season perennial forages for white-tailed deer and efficacy of Milorganite to protect agronomic and ornamental plants from deer damage
1585 1977- Stephens, Odin Lee THESIS
Temperature, nitrogen and sulfur fertility influence the flavor pathway in onion (Allium Cepa L.)
1586 1977- Coolong, Timothy Wayne THESIS
Pathogenesis and treatment of Flavobacterium columnare-induced dermatitis in koi
1587 1971- Tripathi, Niraj Kumar THESIS
Studies on the mechanisms and significance of ciliary biogenesis in Tetrahymena thermophila
1588 1972- Brown, Jason Mitchell THESIS
Forecasting crop water demand structural and time series analysis /
1589 1965- Adhikari, Murali THESIS
Quality of service and semantic composition of workflows
1590 1970- Silva Cardoso, Antonio Jorge THESIS
Maternal age effects on offspring longevity in Drosophila melanogaster : I. resolving the "Lansing effect" controversy : II. indirect costs and benefits of mating
1591 1973- Priest, Nicholas Kiefer THESIS
Differences in self-referral to employee assistance programs does social vulnerability in the workplace matter? /
1592 1978- Popp, Jacqueline R. THESIS
Can riparian forests mediate impacts of urbanization on stream fish assemblages?
1593 1976- Roy, Allison Hunt THESIS
Gender, psychiatry and the rhetoric of science
1594 1978- Johnson, Davi THESIS
Species-dependence of the toxicokinetics of trichloroacetic acid derived from trichloroethylene and its implications for liver cancer risk assessment
1595 1967- Lumpkin, Michael Harrison THESIS
An analysis of spatial and genetic population structure in white-tailed deer with implications for management
1596 1969- Comer, Christopher Eden THESIS
Development of a portable, handheld device utilizing computer vision and microplitis croceipes for the detection of volatile chemicals
1597 1979- Utley, Samuel L. THESIS
Molecular genetic analysis of the Arabidopsis reproductive actins
1598 1974- Pawloski, Lucia Cardenas THESIS
A new approach to the study of chemically-induced germ-line mutations using transgenic fish
1599 1975- Majeske, Audrey Jean THESIS
Investigation of centrifugal and rheological techniques to predict stability of peanut butter
1600 1974- Totlani, Vandana Manohar THESIS

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