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The role of emotional stability in hierarchical decision-making teams [electronic resource] : implications for composition, intragroup processes, and performance /
1501 Butts, Marcus Melvin THESIS
From field to table visual images of food in the western Roman Empire /
1502 1963- Tucker, Joan Romanosky THESIS
The life history of Polistes metricus say a study of behavior and parasitic natural enemies /
1503 Hodges, Amanda Coleen THESIS
Enhanced transdermal drug delivery of nsaids using eutectic formation and a two-phase liquid system
1504 1972- Yuan, Xudong THESIS
Stability of selected pharmaceuticals in polypropylene syringes at ambient temperature and 4 degrees celsius ; development of high-performance liquid chromatography assays for selected pharmaceuticals in dosage form and human plasma
1505 1975- Storms, Meredith Wilcox THESIS
Irradiated model atmospheres for extrasolar giant planets and secondary stars of pre-cataclysmic variables
1506 (Travis Stuart), 1972- Barman THESIS
Relative prices and aggregate shocks [electronic resource] /
1507 Lee, Joo Young THESIS
The abundance and distribution patterns of great argus pheasant (Argusianus argus) in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia
1508 Winarni, Nurul Laksmi THESIS
Segmentation of tomato consumers by preferences in flavor acceptability [electronic resource] /
1509 West, Jennifer Rachel THESIS
Development, physical, and sensory characterization of extruded, indirectly puffed peanut-based snack products
1510 1961- Choi, In-duck THESIS
Ecology of bobcats on land managed for northern bobwhite in southwestern Georgia
1511 1974- Godbois, Ivy Ayn THESIS
Thermally induced aggregation of whey proteins characterization of protein isolates and beta-lactoglobulin/ pectin interactions /
1512 1978- Kazmierski, Michelle THESIS
Temporal, spatial and species patterns of avian influenza viruses among wild birds
1513 1973- Hanson, Britta Ann THESIS
Development, optimization, sensory profiling, modeling, and storage behavior on chocolate peanut spread
1514 1979- Chu, Christine April THESIS
The pursuit of subchemical accuracy in quantum chemistry via basis set extrapolation techniques
1515 Schuurman, Michael S. THESIS
Burning the landscape fire as a cultural resource management tool /
1516 1975- Olson, Christina THESIS
From reporters to revolutionaries John Reed and George F. Weeks during the Mexican Revolution /
1517 (Amanda Elyse), 1982- Swennes THESIS
Spectrosopic [sic] characterization of superoxide reductases
1518 1973- Clay, Michael Dean THESIS
Consumer-based optimization of electron-beam irradiated ready-to-eat poultry products and consumer attitudes toward irradiation
1519 1978- Johnson, Adrianne Monique THESIS
Age-specific physical characteristics, activity, and behavior patterns of male white-tailed deer in southern Texas
1520 1965- Hellickson, Mickey Wayne THESIS
Kicking Chekhov [electronic resource] /
1521 Griffiths, Sia?n Bethany THESIS
Accountability of transnational corporations under international standards [electronic resource] /
1522 Hanakova, Lea THESIS
Factors controlling fruit set of rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei Reade)
1523 1977- Brevis, Patricio Alejandro THESIS
Developmental and spatial characterization of flowering in Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunb.) Ser.
1524 1964- Orozco-Obando, Warner THESIS
The effects of dominant bunchgrass species on sandhill longleaf pine savanna ecosystem function a comparison of wiregrass to the bluestems /
1525 West, Jason THESIS
Bat community structure, foraging activity, and evening bat roost site selection in loblolly pine and longleaf pine forests of Georgia
1526 (Adam Carl), 1975- Miles THESIS
Biological, behavioral, and toxicological studies on the black soldier fly (Diptera: stratiomyidae)
1527 1971- Tomberlin, Jeffrey Keith THESIS
Influence of dietary protein on fatty acid synthesis in chicks
1528 1976- Hidalgo, Marcelo Anibal THESIS
Effect of wildfire and shelterwood timber-harvesting on the vegetated landscape of Sapelo Island, Georgia, 1994-1999
1529 1969- Marr, David Allan THESIS
Microbial ecology and kinetic study of a biofilter treating hydrogen sulfide and methanol
1530 1974- Ding, Yan THESIS
Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) as a source of antihypertensive and antimicrobial peptides
1531 1978- Quist, Ekuwa Enyonam THESIS
The mechanism of apoptosis and the role of inflammatory mediators in hemorrhagic disease in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
1532 Sharma, Prachi THESIS
Characterization of poultry processing operations, wastewater generation, and wastewater treatment using mail survey and nutrient discharge monitoring methods
1533 1962- Kiepper, Brian Harry THESIS
Effects of light intensity and nitrogen nutrition on growth and photoinhibition of container-grown illicium L. taxa
1534 (Richard Thomas), 1975- Olsen THESIS
In vitro propagation of Tillandsia eizii
1535 1972- Pickens, Kimberly Ann THESIS
Diabetes self-care activities in older adults and the ability of a nutrition and diabetes edcucation program to effect change
1536 1963- Redmond, Elizabeth H. THESIS
Optimizing growth for aquaculture of juvenile black sea bass Centropristis striata L. : effects of temperature, salinity, commercial diet and feeding ration
1537 (Charles Fincher), 1971- Cotton THESIS
Equine ocular squamous cell carcinoma retrospective and diagnostic studies /
1538 1971- Mosunic, Cory Baird THESIS
Indicators of stream health the use of benthic macroinvertebrates and amphibians in an agriculturally impacted area, southwest Georgia /
1539 1976- Muenz, Tara Kristin THESIS
Biological iron sulfur cluster assembly
1540 1972- Agar, Jeffrey Neal THESIS
Rethinking cognitive tool its concept, design, application, and research /
1541 1975- Kim, Beaumie THESIS
Vegetation change in herbaceous Carolina bays of the Upper Coastal Plain dynamics during drought /
1542 (John Michael), 1973- Mulhouse THESIS
Headwater stream management issues in Georgia streamside management zone effectiveness and small trout stream hydrologic characterization /
1543 1979- Rivenbark, Byron Lane THESIS
Paving the way to better stormwater management: water quality, porous pavement, and public policy
1544 (Erin Anne), 1972- Dreelin THESIS
Modeling avian responses to changes in land-use practices at the landscape level
1545 1970- White, Craig George THESIS
Systematics of Dermestidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) based on the larval stage
1546 1970- Kiselyova, Tatiana THESIS
Frederick Douglass creates tension in life and times [electronic resource] /
1547 McAuley, Sean Joseph THESIS
The oral histories of three retired African American superintendents from Georgia
1548 Askew, Garrick Arion THESIS
Takataka perceptions of solid waste pollution in urban, northern Tanzania /
1549 1978- Elfer, Charles Joseph THESIS
Whole language teachers conflict between philosophical beliefs about language arts instruction and district mandates /
1550 1960- Truett, Cynthia Kelley THESIS

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