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Soil-site productivity indices and tree growth in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations
1451 1971- Sartori, Fabio THESIS
Development and application of in situ PCR techniques to investigate microbial community functional and phylogenetic diversity at the individual cell level
1452 1968- Dustman, Wendy A. THESIS
Studies on Ehrlichia chaffeensis and Borrelia lonestari, tick-borne agents transmitted by Amblyomma americanum
1453 1975- Varela, Andrea Soares THESIS
Antitrust in the U.S. and E.U. the Microsoft case /
1454 1975- Ackermann, Andreas THESIS
Michelangelo's Last judgment the influence of the Laocoo?n and his sons /
1455 (Michael Paul), 1976- Kemling THESIS
The gates of the Ezekielian temple
1456 Meziere, Violaine THESIS
An atlas of Armageddon interpreting cultural history in a nuclear missile silo /
1457 1976- Baugher, Eric THESIS
Some students are tougher to teach differential teacher efficacy and expectations for student behavioral clusters /
1458 1957- Winsor, Anne Pierce THESIS
Multinational corporations facing the varying concepts of jurisdiction "forum non-conveniens", contrasts between the Anglo-American and the European law systems /
1459 1978- Buttin, Sandrine THESIS
Understanding the role of sutures in cranial mechano-morphogenesis
1460 1976- Odame, Prince THESIS
Prometheus in the watershed
1461 1952- Frangiamore, Christa S. THESIS
Intrapersonal consequences of another's jealousy expression toward a reaction model of jealousy in close relationships /
1462 1975- Bevan, Jennifer Leigh THESIS
Developing higher order thinking skills Chinese graduate students in programs of social science, humanities, and education in the United States /
1463 1967- Lin, Lin THESIS
Commercial speech protection in the United States and Europe
1464 (Oxana Valeryevna), 1982- Gassy-Wright THESIS
Post-war reconstruction, resettlement and revitalization in the Republic of Croatia
1465 1975- Elden, David Edward THESIS
Development of cloud stable whey-fortified banana beverages
1466 1961- Koffi, Ernest Kouadio THESIS
Predicting air temperature for frost warning using Artificial Neural Networks
1467 1978- Jain, Abhishek THESIS
A comparison of nature inspired intelligent optimization methods in aerial spray deposition management
1468 1977- Wu, Lei THESIS
The legality of humanitarian intervention
1469 Adjei, Eric THESIS
The matrona in Plautus [electronic resource] /
1470 Chifici, Amy E. THESIS
The hacker mentality exploring the relationship between psychological variables and hacking activities /
1471 Woo, Hyung-Jin THESIS
Inquiry-based learning and a digital library in undergraduate science opportunities realized and challenges remaining /
1472 1978- Apedoe, Xornam Sellina THESIS
The impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on historic buildings
1473 Ladenheim, Jennifer Lynn THESIS
Geospatial techniques for stream research in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains
1474 1968- Gardiner, Edward P. THESIS
Augustus as paterfamilias
1475 1968- O'Keeffe, Anne Kathryn THESIS
Filling the void : reconnecting the urban fabric of Atlanta
1476 1972- Chang, Hui-Fang THESIS
Frogs around the pond some images of the Mediterranean Sea in Greek and Roman culture /
1477 1976- Traut, Sarah Jean THESIS
Preservation and the projects an analysis of the revitalization of public housing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin /
1478 1979- Christoph, Erica THESIS
Linguistic borrowing and language purism in German a historical sketch /
1479 1977- Neikirk, Joseph Preston THESIS
Society and social critique in Grimmelshausen's Simplicissimus Teutsch
1480 1981- Stevens, Polly THESIS
Measuring the stages of change in organic food consumption
1481 1972- Bae, Beom Jun THESIS
Microbial community response to 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene and lead mixtures in soil
1482 1979- Shuler, Sarah Ruth THESIS
A piece of mind the fate of the state-funded asylum of the nineteenth century /
1483 1976- Hardman, Bryan Lee THESIS
Family is an "F" word too comparing family values in press coverage of The Osbournes and An American family /
1484 1975- Muse, Heather Louise THESIS
LIDS a Learning Intrusion Detection System /
1485 1977- Dass, Mayukh THESIS
The emergence of narrative in "The silly spider monkey fiasco"
1486 Williams, Trevor THESIS
Romans and barbarians in Tacitus' battle narratives
1487 1976- Seeger, Ryan Michael THESIS
An inventory and analysis of extant county training school buildings in Georgia originally established with philanthropic funds devoted to African American education (1911-1937)
1488 1965- Adair, David James THESIS
Influences on the early post-war house
1489 (Thomas Lloyd), 1957- Kerr THESIS
The rape of a language and a culture a brief examination of the history of African American English as a means of validating culturally relevant pedagogy /
1490 Jordan, Jamie E. THESIS
Feasibility of weather index based insurance for protecting against corn yield losses in Georgia
1491 1978- Cao, Jinghua THESIS
Preparation and characterization of cerium doped YAG nanoparticles [electronic resource] /
1492 Cai, Jing THESIS
Remarkable texts the techne of memory and delivery and the twenty-first century classroom /
1493 1970- Miss, Angela Mitchell THESIS
Career decision making difficulties of the transition from military to civilian sector
1494 1951- Jr., Jenrette THESIS
New challenges to international security regimes the case of nonproliferation export controls /
1495 1968- Nikonov, Dmitriy THESIS
Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the United Nations in transition
1496 1978- Lee, David Johnson THESIS
Die kontrastive Linguistik im Spiegel der Zeit : ein Forschungsbericht
1497 Finkenzeller, Doris THESIS
Greenland equilibrium line from ERS-1/2 scatterometers and surface mass balance model data [electronic resource] /
1498 Powell, Emily Joy THESIS
Les formes des pronoms personnels de l'hai?tien et leur place en comparaison avec celles du franc?ais
1499 Saint Martin, Weston THESIS
The change of corporate governance structure in the United States and Taiwan the impact on the foreign private issuers listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq /
1500 Tseng, Yi-Fan THESIS

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