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Family perceptions of fathers' roles in the talent development of gifted girls
101 1972- Lee Seon-Young, null THESIS
Bully busting a teacher-led psychoeducational program to reduce bullying and victimization among elementary school students /
102 1971- Brooks, Jenny Van THESIS
Soil-site productivity indices and tree growth in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantations [electronic resource] /
103 Sartori, Fabio THESIS
Experimental reintroduction of the endangered Echinacea laevigata : comparison of planting methods and effects of light intensity on biomass and photosynthesis
104 1974- Alley, Heather THESIS
Beginning teachers' perspectives on memtoring programs in rural elementary schools
105 1951- Longshore, Deborah Dempsey THESIS
La philosophie et le libertinage du marquis de Sade et la place de la femme dans ses Ĺ“uvres
106 (Warren Westbrook), 1968- III THESIS
Applying a dynamic approach to reveal systematic variance in fMRI studies
107 1976- Kessel, Yfat THESIS
Sperm mobility in broiler breeders
108 1979- Bowling, Emily Rodgers THESIS
Reductive transformation of nitrobenzenes and their reaction intermediates by aqueous and mineral-associated iron species
109 1964- Colo?n, Dalizza THESIS
Effects of low temperature on populations of Xylella fastidiosa in sycamore
110 1972- Henneberger, Tiffany S. THESIS
Factors affecting salmonellae recovery from broiler carcasses treated with trisodium phosphate
111 1980- Bourassa, Dianna Viola THESIS
Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the magnocellular visual pathway in nonpsychotic relatives of persons with schizophrenia
112 (Jeffrey Scott), 1973- Bedwell THESIS
Modeling and allocating forestry survival a loblolly pine case study /
113 (Charles Edward), 1957- Rose THESIS
Segmentation of tomato consumers by preferences in flavor acceptability
114 1976- West, Jennifer Rachel THESIS
Induced differentiation of human embryonic stem cells toward motor neurons
115 1975- Shin, Soojung THESIS
Animal welfare and poultry slaughter determining if chickens can develop an aversion to electrical stunning /
116 1981- Manous, Jennifer Chamier THESIS
A cross-cultural comparison of body image satisfaction among female college students
117 1971- Nelson, Judi-Lee THESIS
Targeting of exogenous proteins into the MHC class I antigen presentation pathway
118 1975- Liu, Hui THESIS
Influence of methodology on the recovery of salmonella from retail chicken
119 1978- Simmons, Mustafa THESIS
The Internet's influence on literacy instruction and literacy development in a middle-school language arts classroom
120 Culpepper, Jacquelyn McClain THESIS
Teachers' intention to use the Internet : an application of the theory of planned behavior using structural equation modeling
121 1962- Kim, Heeja THESIS
The analysis of complex carbohydrates by fourier transform-infrared microspectrometry and single-bounce attenuated total reflection spectrometry
122 Melkowits, Richard Brian THESIS
The concept of nature and stewardship in the life and writings of William Gilmore Simms
123 Ensley, Eric William THESIS
District revenue and teachers' salaries in selected Georgia counties
124 1972- Waymack, Matthew Parvin THESIS
A descriptive analysis of the codes of ethics for educators
125 1957- Banter, Ken Allen THESIS
Computing generators and relations for matrix algebras
126 (Graham Yakov), 1967- Matthews THESIS
Financial risk management and value-at-risk : the impact of asset return-generating model specifications
127 1972- Blas?ko, Matej THESIS
The perspectives of a principal and emergent teacher leaders of instructional leadership in a shared governance elementary school
128 Phillips, Dana Yon THESIS
Nondominated sets and surfaces in multiple criteria optimization and portfolio selection theory in finance
129 1970- Qi, Yue THESIS
Elementary principals' and female teachers' perspectives regarding principals who provide positive support during episodes of teacher stress
130 1945- Mathews, Deborah Jaudon THESIS
Same-sex couples adoptions the relationship between beliefs, attitudes, external influences, and placement decisions /
131 1977- Spivey, Christina Alease THESIS
The effects of tillage intensity on soil physical properties and their relationship to loblolly pine seedling growth
132 Lincoln, Marion Chad THESIS
Characterization of the embryo lethality assay, pathogenic avian Escherichia coli isolate V1, and the discovery of arsH in Escherichia coli
133 1959- Gibbs, Penelope Sue THESIS
Watershed modeling and uncertainty analysis for the North Fork Broad River, Georgia, USA
134 (Patricia Jean), 1979- Hayes THESIS
Regulation of heat-shock-protein 47(Hsp47) and procollagen by TGF-? in avian tendon cells
135 1965- Pan, Hongjie THESIS
Gyburc and Herzeloyde Wolfram's remarkable women /
136 1969- Rowe, Julie L. THESIS
The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as a model of organophosphate induced mammalian neurotoxicity
137 Cole, Russell David THESIS
Improving the environment of broiler breeder confinement facilities by means of an electrostatic space charge system
138 1977- Richardson, Larry Jason THESIS
Wiregrass (Aristida beyrichiana Trin. and Rupr.) recruitment, establishment and growth
139 1968- Mulligan, Maureen Kay THESIS
Enhancing DNA vaccine-induced avian influenza hemagglutinin subtype-specific reference antisera production
140 1979- Pfeiffer, Jennifer THESIS
Surface manipulation and characterization of compound semiconductors using electrochemical ultra-high vacuum techniques
141 (Lindell Carl), 1974- Ward THESIS
The acute toxicity of selected metal mixtures to the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
142 Everett, Roger Wilson THESIS
The effect of chemical modification on the molecular mobility, texture, and retrogradation of starch-water suspensions
143 Choi, Sung-Gil THESIS
Volatile flavor profile of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) as affected by tissue disruption
144 1978- Rowley, Amy Michele THESIS
Identification and assessment of genetic vaccine candidates from Trypanosoma cruzi
145 1971- Fralish, Bolyn Hubby THESIS
Functional analysis of an auxin-responsive gene and its effects on plant development and global transcriptional profiles
146 1967- Lee, Choon-Myung THESIS
Influence of high frequency electrical stunning and decapitation on broiler activity during slaughter and carcass and meat quality
147 1973- McNeal, Walter David THESIS
The underpotential deposition and surface characterization of metal and chalcogenide atomic layers used in electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (EC-ALE): cadmium, tellurium, and sulfur
148 Varazo, Kristofoland THESIS
Linking communities across ecosystem boundaries : the influence of aquatic subsidies on terrestrial predators
149 1968- Sanzone, Diane Mary THESIS
FT-IR detection system for capillary electrophoresis & a novel deposition method for ATR
150 1974- Todebush, Richard Andrew THESIS

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