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The relationships between leaf area index, photosynthetically active radiation, canopy nitrogen status, and stem growth in loblolly pine stands of different planting densities
1401 Narahari, Nikhil V. THESIS
Pushing the boundaries of housewifery Lucy gets the ball rolling /
1402 (Eunice AnnaMaria), 1979- Oglice THESIS
Emotion socialization practices among low-income African American mothers
1403 (Nelrose Chandler), 1977- Sims THESIS
Teacher participation in curriculum development : a history of the idea and practice, 1890-1940
1404 1955- Bennett, Ralph M. THESIS
Effectiveness of a multiple family group intervention in reducing stress in parents of juvenile first offenders [electronic resource] /
1405 Caldwell, Christopher Les THESIS
Tampa's historic cigar factories [electronic resource] : making a case for preservation /
1406 Koepnick, Brian THESIS
Emotion management skills in children with externalizing disorders
1407 1975- Brown, Amy Margaret THESIS
Potential role of Diploscapter, a free-living nematode, as a vector of pathogenic bacteria to pre-harvest fruits and vegetables in soil
1408 1980- Gibbs, Daunte? Simone THESIS
Examination of changes in subchondral bone mineralization in the cranial cruciate deficient dog
1409 1977- Francis, Kevin Richard THESIS
Oxygen uptake in active skeletal muscle [electronic resource] /
1410 Elder, Christopher Paul THESIS
Aerobic exercise does not modify carotid artery stiffness in sedentary healthy pre-menopausal women [electronic resource] /
1411 Schwark, Earl H. THESIS
Environmental gradients and plant distributions in Carolina bays [electronic resource] /
1412 Burbage, Laura Elizabeth THESIS
Requests versus comments [electronic resource] : a longitudinal investigation of preschoolers' responsiveness to parental utterances during book sharing /
1413 Ragan, Terry Jean THESIS
The development and pilot testing of a culturally appropriate dietary assessment tool for Latino adolescents
1414 Rodriguez, Leslie M. THESIS
School education and cultural transmission : a case study of one elementary school's indigenous education in Taiwan
1415 1969- Chang, Hsueh-chun THESIS
The socialization of emotional understanding a comparison of neglectful and nonneglectful mothers and their children /
1416 Edwards, Anna M. THESIS
Demented dimensions
1417 (Anderson Hassell), 1973- III THESIS
Coexistence of the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, and the golden mouse, Ochrotomys nuttalli, in a southeastern forested peninsula : a removal study
1418 1977- Christopher, Cory Chad THESIS
"It's not just a diet" identity, commitment, and social networks in vegans /
1419 1977- Cherry, Elizabeth Regan THESIS
Impact of fertilization on a salt marsh food web in Georgia [electronic resource] /
1420 McFarlin, Caroline Rochester THESIS
Tacit knowing and knowledge-based competition [electronic resource] : a grounded theory look at high-tech knowledge strategies /
1421 Gerard, Joseph G. THESIS
The drinking partnership [electronic resource] : factors influencing alcohol concordance in college couples /
1422 Dunn, Jamylah Kache THESIS
Relation between indices of behavioral and emotional adjustment and social dominance
1423 1976- Dix, Amanda L. THESIS
JXpert : a Java/XML-based Intelligent Information System
1424 1972- Zhang, Xin THESIS
Development of recombinant flagellar antigens for serological detection of Salmonella enterica serovars enteritidis, hadar, heidelberg, and typhimurium in poultry
1425 1977- Minicozzi, Joseph THESIS
Semanta an ontology driven semantic link analysis framework /
1426 1975- Shanmuhan, Mullai T. THESIS
Defensive versus growth orientation self-esteem and self-regulation effects on obtaining regular physical activity and subjective well-being /
1427 (Alison Kay), 1974- Herrmann THESIS
Dyadic and longitudinal approaches to parent-child relationships in later life a contingent exchange perspective /
1428 1974- Belliston, Lisa Marie THESIS
Children's ethnoecological knowledge : situated learning and the cultural transmission of subsistence knowledge and skills among Q'eqchi' Maya
1429 1973- Zarger, Rebecca Kristyn THESIS
Preserving ether the birthplace of the Internet and the interpretation of information age technology /
1430 1974- Ivey, Melissa Leigh THESIS
Building and sustaining community in online courses for adults
1431 1970- Clouser, Sherry Ann THESIS
The historical evolution of the U.S. video game industry applying the industrial organization model /
1432 Seo, Sangho THESIS
Parent child interactions in physically abusive families an examination of family problem-solving and interactive processes /
1433 1975- Edwards, Anna THESIS
A portrait of public servants : empirical evidence from comparisons with other citizens [electronic resource] /
1434 Brewer, Gene Arnold THESIS
Fra Angelico's Tempio Lamentation a consideration of its function and meaning /
1435 1977- DiCindio, Carissa THESIS
Non-heme iron proteins from anaerobic bacteria involved in nitrosative stress protection
1436 1974- Silaghi-Dumitrescu, Radu THESIS
The Guatemalan refugees twenty years later : mental health in Mayan communities in Chiapas, Mexico
1437 Sabin, Miriam Elizabeth THESIS
Teachers' knowledge of student thinking and their instructional practices in algebra
1438 1975- Erbas, Ayhan Kursat THESIS
Digital divide and science divide computer activity differentiation and teacher beliefs about tracked secondary science students /
1439 1974- Tsoi, Mai Yin THESIS
Highway investment and economic development the GA-316 corridor /
1440 1980- Sweet, Matthias Nathaniel THESIS
Is thin really in? how weight and body size influence college women's media use /
1441 1977- Linn, Kelly Kristine THESIS
Microbial dynamics in the Arctic Chukchi Sea : differences in microbial abundance and bacterial community composition in high and low production regimes
1442 1971- Hodges, Lisa Renee THESIS
Economic impacts associated with biomass use in Georgia
1443 1979- Waters, Daniel Davis THESIS
Teachers' perspectives of emergent teacher leadership in an elementary school
1444 1969- Sabatini, Ellen Marie THESIS
The effects of iron and quercetin on apoptosis in a human hepatoma cell line
1445 Mayer, William Boyd THESIS
Mergers and acquisitions in Europe : analysis of EC competition regulations
1446 1971- Lee, YoungJun THESIS
International media assistance to Ukraine and its impact on the democratization process in the country
1447 1978- Mussuri, Evgenia THESIS
Affective and cognitive processes involved in impulse buying
1448 1976- Coley, Amanda Leigh THESIS
Representing time in base geographic data
1449 1971- Le, Yanfen THESIS
Geochemical analysis of glass and glaze from Hasanlu, northwestern Iran constraints on manufacturing technology /
1450 1964- Stapleton, Colleen Patricia THESIS

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