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Developmental changes in coping and adjustment in children
1351 1976- Cheng, Patricia Sinpei THESIS
Family Guy textual devices and masculine vices /
1352 1977- Martin, Carson Justine THESIS
The role of rejection sensitivity, attachment, and attributions in forgiveness of romantic partners
1353 Jackson, Melanie Hope THESIS
On-line moms : exploring current uses of Internet-based pediatric health information [electronic resource] /
1354 Madison, Elizabeth Michael THESIS
Communicating race in an interracial romantic relationship self-disclosure between dating partners /
1355 (Alison Beth), 1970- Trego THESIS
Population genetics of the tropical epiphytic orchid, Laelia rubescens [electronic resource] /
1356 Trapnell, Dorset Waters THESIS
Reading it accurately the role of receptive nonverbal communication in student leadership assessment /
1357 1977- Gentry, William Allen THESIS
Rightsizing and the new public management planning, arranging, and spending for service delivery in Charlotte, North Carolina /
1358 1966- McCrary, Joseph Lorn THESIS
In vivo characterization of PGR5 homologs from arabidopsis and pine [electronic resource] : the role of cyclic electron transport in stress tolerance /
1359 Long, Terri Anita THESIS
Using controlled internal drug release (CIDR) inserts for estrus synchronization in dairy heifers
1360 (Amy Katherine), 1979- McLean THESIS
An evaluation of the use of theater in nutrition education for low-income African-American children
1361 (Caree Joli), 1976- Jackson THESIS
Spam filtering using social networks
1362 1981- Morris, Aura THESIS
Modeling within-tree changes in wood specific gravity and moisture content for loblolly pine in Georgia
1363 1977- Phillips, Kristen Michelle THESIS
The pedagogical content knowledge of two middl-school mathematics teachers
1364 Kim, Gooyeon THESIS
Effects of landscape elements on population densities, habitat utilization, home ranges, and movements of three small mammal species
1365 1977- Mabry, Karen Elizabeth THESIS
A study of creative Taiwanese university students in industrial design
1366 1972- Lin, Chin-Hsiang THESIS
Piano pedagogy for four- and five-year-olds an analysis of selected piano methods for teaching preschool children /
1367 (Paula Marie), 1974- Thomas-Lee THESIS
Perfectionism in gifted college students family influences and implications for achievement /
1368 1976- Neumeister, Kristie Lynn THESIS
Portrait of preservice and experienced teachers' practical knowledge about diversity through case-based pedagogy
1369 1970- Lee, Seungyoun THESIS
Using Cognitive Dissonance Theory to investigate the thoughts and behaviors of individuals who commit romantic infidelity
1370 1973- Foster, Josh David THESIS
Compositional changes in mature cows using real-time ultrasonic measurements
1371 1980- Hicks, Carole Lynn THESIS
Cognitive inhibition in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
1372 1973- Goldman, Meredith Middleton THESIS
Critical narrative analysis of Brazilian women's schooling discourses negotiating agency and identity through participation in Freirean culture circles /
1373 1977- Manning, Mariana Valois THESIS
The landscape of childhood perceptions of nature and implications for the design of child-friendly communities /
1374 Murray, Susan Starnes THESIS
Form and formlessness polishness in the works of Witold Gombrowicz /
1375 1973- Galucki, Jon Tobias THESIS
The influence of culture on the communication of romantic roles
1376 East, Tonia N. THESIS
A fruit and vegetable nutrition education intervention in northeast Georgia Older Americans Act Nutrition Programs improves intake, knowledge, and barriers related to consumption
1377 (Jacy Clarissa), 1978- Wade THESIS
What kinds of visual information are used to make ultra-rapid category decisions?
1378 1976- Solberg, Jennifer Leigh THESIS
The relationship between early visual processing and reading ability : investigation of temporal processing in adults and children
1379 Skalicky, Aaron E. THESIS
New hire socialization the dynamic relationships among individual differences, cognition, affect, and behavior /
1380 1975- Brink, Kyle Edward THESIS
Effect of pine pollen on settling behavior and oviposition of Frankliniella occidentalis and Frankliniella fusca (thysanoptera: thripidae) on tomato and peanut
1381 1976- Chitturi, Anitha THESIS
Diel summer habitat use by bull trout, Salvelinus confluentus, in Eastern Cascades streams
1382 1977- Banish, Nolan Paul THESIS
Examining a model of ratee accountability within a multi-source feedback system [electronic resource] /
1383 Bewley, Marsha Lynn THESIS
Into the viscera : a multi-media, autoethnographic journey into Cronenberg's construction of a postmodern flesh
1384 1977- Vaught, Brian Geoffrey THESIS
Perceived effects, mediating influences, and behavioral outcomes of direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising applying the third-person effect framework /
1385 1971- Huh, Jisu THESIS
Industrialization, infant industry protection, and economic openness the role of industrialization in political-economy decision making /
1386 1976- Schaefer, David Timothy THESIS
An exploration of family of origin and contextual influences on African American women's perception of men and their experience of romantic relationships
1387 1980- Larkins, Danielle Canise THESIS
Developing a theory of power in the clinical supervisory relationship
1388 1972- Murphy, Megan Jayne THESIS
Perceptions of learning in the co-curriculum a study of involvement and expectations /
1389 1965- Beeny, Claudia K. THESIS
Finding Hamilton cycles in cubic digraphs and restricted Cayley digraphs
1390 1980- Ramyaa, Ramyaa THESIS
Support groups for HIV+ women an exploratory study /
1391 1962- Dearing, Robin Lennon THESIS
Grouping at Laurel Falls Middle School and the practical wisdom of young gifted adolescents
1392 1958- Swor, Lisa R. THESIS
Relationships between attachment, family-of-origin characteristics and personality variables
1393 (Kristin Ann), 1963- Clemens THESIS
Investigation of student learning strategies and satisfaction in online distance education courses
1394 1949- Robinson, Nancy Pliska THESIS
The patterns of perfectionism in Chinese graduate students and their relationship with educational environment, personality, encouragement, and creativity
1395 Zi, Fei THESIS
Removal of Pseudomonas putida biofilm and associated extracellular polymeric substances from stainless steel using simulated clean-in-place system
1396 1977- Antoniou, Katerina THESIS
The pathobiology of A/chicken/Hong Kong/220/97 (H5N1) avian influenza virus in avian and mammalian species
1397 Perkins, Laura E. THESIS
Radiation and genetics of cattail populations from Chornobyl
1398 1973- Tsyusko, Olga Vasylivna THESIS
Economic analysis of foreign market entry strategies in the US/EU agricultural trade context
1399 1966- Calegario, Cristina Lelis THESIS
ICTs as a medium for inquiry an examination of adolescent literacy practices in a 9th grade English classroom /
1400 1974- Bottoms, Leslie Claire THESIS

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