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Understanding dropout of adult learners in E-learning
51 1970- Jun, Jusung THESIS
FT-IR spectrometric studies of carbohydrates and proteins
52 1975- Thomas, Andrew Gardner THESIS
The drafting process for a Hague Convention on jurisdiction and judgments with special consideration of intellectual property and e-commerce
53 Woestehoff, Knut THESIS
A fast algorithm to determine minimality of strongly connected digraphs
54 1965- Zhu, Jianping THESIS
Effects of excessive sediment on stress, growth and reproduction of two southern Appalachian minnows, Erimonax monachus and Cyprinella galactura
55 1971- Sutherland, Andrew B. THESIS
Electrodeposition of nanostructures by electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (EC-ALE)
56 1965- Mathe, Mahlanyane Kenneth THESIS
Alterations of ecosystem processes as a result of anthropogenic modifications to streams and their catchments
57 1973- Gibson, Catherine Ann THESIS
A whole grain intervention in older Americans nutrition program participants
58 (Jeanna Markese), 1980- Ellis THESIS
Identification of neuropeptide F in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti
59 1973- Stanek, Dawn M. THESIS
A-MPI : supporting MPI on a nondedicated cluster of workstations
60 (Daniel Brent), 1970- Weatherly THESIS
Synthesis of C-2 and C-6 functionalized ribofuranosylpurine analogues as potential antiviral agents targeting inhibition of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase [electronic resource] /
61 Bonsu, Eric Osei-Tutu THESIS
Application and comparison of time series models to AIDS data
62 1967- Haileyesus, Tadesse THESIS
Los tratados en defensa de las mujeres virtuosas en la castilla medieval [electronic resource] : textos y contextos /
63 Maier, Erica N. THESIS
A three-tier design for allowing thin clients using XML lathered in soap to access legacy applications
64 1973- Procopio, Joseph Daniel THESIS
Enhancing workflow fault tolerance using replication technique
65 1974- Zhu, Xiaoliang THESIS
Wealth inequality and class location
66 1974- Rubinson, Claude THESIS
Effects of water chemistry and leaf species on leaf breakdown in neotropical headwater streams
67 (Lindsay Ann), 1977- Stallcup THESIS
Sir Kay from Celtic lore to Arthurian romance [electronic resource] /
68 Cavin, Paul THESIS
Comparison of methods for developing and using dynamic reduced models for design optimization
69 1978- Ni, Xiao THESIS
Rosario Ferre? la redefinicio?n de la literatura infantil a trave?s de "Amalia", "El regalo" y "La mun?eca menor" /
70 1979- Peris Peris, Celia THESIS
Cinderella in the belly of Brazil Monteiro Lobato and his pre-Modernist voice /
71 1975- Enslen, Joshua Alma THESIS
Three essays analyzing the behavior of institutions of higher learning
72 1967- Calhoun, Joseph Patrick THESIS
The homeric augment a deictic particle /
73 Pagniello, Frederick James THESIS
Characterization and implementation of a UV/O? pilot-scale prototype for disinfecting and recycling poultry chiller wastewater
74 (Sean Steven), 1977- Ireland THESIS
Sustaining our spirit : ecotourism on privately-owned rural lands and protected areas [electronic resource] /
75 Lash, Gail Yvonne THESIS
Biological and physical processes controlling the spring phytoplankton bloom dynamics on Georges Bank
76 1969- Ji, Rubao THESIS
In search of a technical college student typology predicting student persistence and attrition /
77 1950- Peters, Randall L. THESIS
La alegori?a castellana del siglo XV
78 1973- Palmer, Rebecca J. THESIS
Lactantius' De ira Dei an explication of the arguments and study of lactantius' treatment of Greco-Roman philosophy /
79 (Caroly Marie), 1974- Harvey THESIS
Segregating Uruguayan beef carcasses by tenderness under commercial conditions using postmortem carcass traits, pH, temperature and color [electronic resource] /
80 Brito, Gustavo Walter THESIS
Poeticizing Epicurus in Lucretius' De rerum natura
81 1980- Ryan, Kelly Erin THESIS
As?S?:ErĀ³? : spectroscopy and spectral hole burning
82 (Richard Eric), 1975- Brown THESIS
Online learning in art education implications for post-secondary art appreciation pedagogy /
83 1975- Quinn, Robert Daniel THESIS
Semantic Web service discovery in a multi-ontology environment [electronic resource] /
84 Oundhakar, Swapna THESIS
Por una Iglesia Pueblo de Dios en la narrativa de Vicente Len?ero
85 1960- Roma?n-Porcayo, David THESIS
Las armas mi?sticas la obra de Francisco de Aldana y la paradoja en la vida de un soldado mi?stico /
86 Harold, Amy Elizabeth THESIS
Re-reading Cecilia Valde?s and Tereza Batista, cansade de guerra searching for the "Mulatta Bildungsroman" /
87 1981- Bishop, Heather THESIS
Decisions to go an intelligent mobile decision support system /
88 1980- Fischer, Hendrik THESIS
De la belleza hiperbo?lica a la mujer grotesca : estudio de los ca?nones de este?tica femenina en El Quijote, de Miguel de Cervantes y en Los locos y los cuerdos, de Marco Denevi
89 1970- Mizzi-Terol, Mari?a THESIS
Effects of acetyl CoA synthetase and citrate synthase on pyruvate producing strains of Escherichia coli
90 (Geoffrey Myron), 1978- Smith THESIS
Large dams and migratory biota affect tropical stream ecosystems at different scales in Puerto Rico
91 1976- Greathouse, Effie Armenta THESIS
Black and white attorneys' perspectives on race, the legal system, and continuing legal education a critical race theory analysis /
92 1960- Bowman, Lorenzo THESIS
A qui la palme? deux lectures d'un texte de Lautre?amont /
93 1976- Widgren, Kenneth D. THESIS
The music of Alberto Ginastera transcribed for guitar a performance edition of Danzas argentinas for guitar quartet /
94 Snyder, Philip Jason THESIS
Online student services for distance learners
95 1969- Marsh, Stephanie Rebecca THESIS
El problema de colo?n en la Historia de las Indias [electronic resource] : la manipulacion editorial de Bartolome? de Las Casas hacia el significado de "he tomado posesio?n" /
96 Wise, Carl Austin THESIS
Literacy for what? : a critical analysis of planning for the Botswana National Literacy Program [electronic resource] /
97 Maruatona, Tonic Lefetogile THESIS
Tight wavelet frame construction and its application for image processing
98 1971- Nam, Kyunglim THESIS
"In the fullness of time" the vault mosaic in the Cappella Sant'Elena, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome /
99 1948- Payne, Cynthia Anne THESIS
Organic produce price forecasting at a farm level criteria, methods, and forecast evaluation /
100 1977- Gubanova, Tatiana THESIS

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