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Stiff problems in numerical simulation of biochemical and gene regulatory networks
651 1978- Yu, Yihai THESIS
A gender role-focused self-efficacy approach to an undergraduate career decision-making course
652 1971- Bell, Angela Lyn THESIS
Preservice teachers' reasoning about cases with motivational dilemmas [electronic resource] /
653 Owens, Ashley Marie THESIS
Designing fear appeal messages to increase cervical cancer screening [electronic resource] : lessons learned about models and measurement /
654 Wilson, Katherine M. THESIS
Partial dynamic equations on time scales
655 1978- Jackson, Billy THESIS
Structural change and intraprovincial disparities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
656 (Philipp Walter), 1979- Schmidt THESIS
Midcareer training in journalism an analysis of the impact of programs on health coverage /
657 (Marcia Anne), 1978- Apperson THESIS
Motion panorama construction from streaming video for power-constrained mobile multimedia environments
658 1977- Pan, Xunyu THESIS
Strategic reversal behavior of appellate courts in the federal judicial hierarchy
659 1977- Du, Zhaoying THESIS
Learning to teach mathematics for understanding
660 1952- Johnson, Patricia THESIS
Leer a Borges en cuanto bu?squeda rizoma?tica lectura esa que es incesante reescritura /
661 1977- Shellhorse, Adam Joseph THESIS
Dual enrollment and the heavy equipment operator program at Dekalb Technical College
662 1943- Gohdes, William Edward THESIS
Towards adaptive caching for parallel and distributed simulations
663 1979- Chugh, Abhishek THESIS
Robust estimation in mixture models and small area estimation using cross-sectional time series models
664 1975- Woo, Mi-Ja THESIS
The impact of race on classroom dynamics in the adult education classroom
665 Thomas, Sonya Lenatte THESIS
Trading sales taxes for property tax relief a study in equity and fiscal illusion /
666 1969- Yeary, Paula Elizabeth THESIS
Analysis of Georgia's peanut buying point's economic viability under the 2002 Farm Security and Rural Investment Act
667 1978- Webb, Lewis Dewitt THESIS
Teachers' perspectives on a self-directed staff development program based upon principles of action research
668 1969- Husby, Vicki Robinson THESIS
Application of efficient external memory algorithms to simulated Web graphs
669 1971- Che, Dongsheng THESIS
Calibration and validation of the Body Self-Image Questionnaire using the Rasch analysis
670 1969- Chung, Hyuk THESIS
The impact of House Bill 210 on teacher retention in Georgia
671 Vedder, Virin K. THESIS
The earnings of nurses
672 Toney, Eleanor V. THESIS
L2 learning through interaction English learning in an adult IEP classroom /
673 1969- Chang, Sunmee THESIS
The Congressional Black Caucus and American policy toward southern Africa, 1970-1980
674 Rivers, Bradley William THESIS
Becoming an animal rights activist [electronic resource] : an exploration of culture, socialization, and identity transformation /
675 Pallotta, Nicole Renee THESIS
Security and human rights in conflict a geo-security interactive model of the anti-personnel mine convention /
676 1966- Bae, SoonWook THESIS
Applications of electronic structure computations to the solution of chemical problems
677 1972- Moran, Damian THESIS
A new look at ethical decision making establishing the nomological network of desired moral approbation /
678 (Brian Scott), 1974- Passell THESIS
From megamachine to living machine : an evolution of machines as design models
679 1971- DeRosa, Daniel John THESIS
Virtual veterinary emergency room a software system that presents dynamic, interactive medical scenarios for teaching veterinary medicine /
680 1978- Schlachter, Jason George THESIS
Double standards a content analysis of appeals in men's and women's magazines /
681 1981- Gabriel, Janice Korrin THESIS
Bias and precision of eight multivariate measures of association for a fixed-effects analysis of variance model
682 1972- Kim, Soyoung THESIS
METEOR-S process design and development tool [electronic resource] /
683 Mulye, Ranjit THESIS
The effectiveness of StART training on building level personnel
684 Durrence, Deborah Anne THESIS
Are some democracies more dangerous than others? domestic institutions and the initiation of conflict /
685 1972- Minnich, Daniel Joel THESIS
Application of mass spectrometry in endopolygalacturonases glycosylation site mapping and carbohydrate structure elucidation [electronic resource] /
686 Xie, Min THESIS
Dividend taxation and equity value the tax changes of 2003 /
687 (Jacob Stuart), 1977- Piersol THESIS
Estimating the economic impact of the Georgia equine industry's trail riding and boarding stable sectors
688 1978- Groskreutz, Christopher Glenn THESIS
A qualitative approach to study factors impacting micromarketing merchandising in the apparel retail industry
689 1974- Halepete, Jaya THESIS
Unknown martyr the murder of Willie Edwards, Jr., and civil rights violence in Montgomery, Alabama /
690 1979- Young, Paige Eugenia THESIS
Site of exclusion? practicing social citizenship and transforming urban space through the creation of a charter school /
691 1975- Hankins, Katherine Brinton THESIS
Edwin James Houston's minority report to the Committee of Ten context and implications /
692 1973- Long, Bryan Keith THESIS
Common Calvinism Robert Lowell, Thomas Pynchon, and Puritan anxiety /
693 1981- Schneiderman, Joshua THESIS
Serologic and genotypic studies of the spike glycoprotein of turkey coronavirus
694 1979- Boynton, Tye O'hara THESIS
Religiosity, attributions for child sexual abuse, and adult mental health
695 1976- Zinzow, Heidi THESIS
Intergroup anxiety and willingness to partner heterosexual response to sexual minority co-workers /
696 (Corey Steven), 1978- Mun?oz THESIS
The vascular flora of Grassy Mountain, Murray County, Georgia
697 Moore, Jennifer Allison THESIS
An efficient algorithm for aligning sequences to RNA secondary structure
698 1974- Liu, Kan THESIS
Contracts and electronic agents when commercial pragmatism and legal theories diverge /
699 1980- Kis, Sabrina THESIS
Understanding the impact a qualitative examination of high school students' experiences with their school counseling program /
700 1970- McMahon, Henry George THESIS

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