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The role of the physical education instructional supervisor in Georgia perceptions of practicing physical education supervisors/coordinators /
601 Jackson, Josephine Arnold THESIS
L'ecriture masculine
602 1975- Shaw, Dan L. THESIS
Statistical analysis of mass spectrometry-assisted protein identification methods
603 1976- Wang, Haofei Tiffany THESIS
Landscapes of revelation an inquiry into surrealism in the landscape /
604 (Micah Shane), 1975- Lipscomb THESIS
Holding up walls of faith preservation perspectives within historic church congregations /
605 1977- Mark, Jeanne-Marie THESIS
Statistical model for estimating the probability of using electronic cards a statistical analysis of SCF data /
606 1971- Oh, Kyoungrae THESIS
Undergraduate student perspectives on introductory online courses [electronic resource] /
607 Boop, David Gordon THESIS
Political economy of industrial transformation a case study of the development of an automobile industry in Korea /
608 1961- Lee, Moon-Soo THESIS
Electrodeposition of quantum confined thin films and nanostructures by electrochemical atomic layer epitaxy (EC-ALE)
609 1976- Vaidyanathan, Raman THESIS
Changes in sensory and physicochemical properties of roasted peanuts in intermediate moisture foods
610 1969- Lee, Chow Ming THESIS
Data warehouse architectures selection factors and success evaluation /
611 1976- Ariyachandra, Thilini THESIS
A linear programming analysis of profitability and resource allocation among cotton and peanuts considering transgenic seed technologies and harvest timeliness
612 (Timothy Al), 1976- Meeks THESIS
Psychosocial development patterns in athletically gifted and academically gifted post-secondary students [electronic resource] /
613 Smit, Julian Chater THESIS
Stakeholders' perspectives on the importance of S.C.A.N.S. for adult literacy curriculum
614 1945- Kilgos, Ellen McGuire THESIS
The NED-2 forest ecosystem management dss the integration of the stand visualization system, the Loftis REGEN model, and other other extensions /
615 Cheng, Zhiyuan THESIS
An experimental study of TCP over IEEE 802.11b power-saving mode
616 1981- Krishnan, Rupa THESIS
"A strange conclusion to a triumphant war" memory, identity and the creation of a Confederate Kentucky /
617 1975- Marshall, Anne Elizabeth THESIS
An empirical investigation into currency crashes, capital flight, and the inflation tax
618 (Andrew Robert), 1973- Fisher THESIS
High school block scheduling and its affects on student achievement [electronic resource] /
619 Reese, Angela Kathleen THESIS
The acquisition of pedagogical content knowledge by provisionally certified science teachers
620 Baldwin, Paul F. THESIS
Understanding differences in conversational memory a comparison of close friends and strangers /
621 1978- Humphreys, Laura Rose THESIS
An analysis of U.S. law concerning the first amendment, schools, and tuition vouchers
622 1968- Brock, Russell Hill THESIS
Teachers' reflective perspectives as they implement a new program
623 1954- Murphey, Ann Altmayer THESIS
Pay for performance in select Georgia middle schools
624 1966- Morris, Nancy Jolene THESIS
2003 Georgia norms on the Teacher Motivation Diagnostic Questionnaire
625 (Terry Adams), 1952- Parker THESIS
Modeling the temperature dependance of pKa and integration of chemical process models using SPARC
626 1976- Ayyampalayam, Saravanaraj Nallagounden THESIS
Thermoluminescent excitation measurements of photoionization in doped insulators
627 (Julian David), 1963- Fleniken THESIS
Experience of caregiving daughters-in-law in South Korea
628 1968- Lee, Hyunji THESIS
The role of formal and informal adult learning in the adaptation processes of Mexican immigrants
629 Ashcraft, Nikki Leigh THESIS
Web radio : its influence on the radio listening experience and its impact on the advertiser-supported model of radio consumption [electronic resource] /
630 Van Canfort, Dale THESIS
A history of streetcar service in Athens, Georgia, and some possibilities for its reintroduction
631 1972- Ray, David Winter THESIS
Self regulation of the legal profession in Georgia [electronic resource] /
632 DeGennaro, Mark L. THESIS
Exploring the perceptions of the "internationality" of Chechen violence
633 1979- Ringhausen, Jeffrey THESIS
An examination of the history of affordable housing with an emphasis on preservation through the community land trust model
634 1977- Benham, Heather THESIS
U.S. Supreme Court decisions and desegregation in the South
635 1940- Peavy, Martha Ann THESIS
Individual- and organizational-level predictors of volunteering for CPE/AED [sic] training [electronic resource] : organizational citizenship behavior in a federal worksite /
636 Holman, Priscilla Ann THESIS
Officers as mentors within the National Guard context
637 1961- Tait, Catherine Mae THESIS
Characterization of benzoyl-substituted group 8 metallocenes as photochemical initiators for the anionic polymerization of vinylic monomers
638 (Cynthia Therese), 1976- Sanderson THESIS
Voluntary associations and the African American college student experience [electronic resource] /
639 McClure, Stephanie M. THESIS
Locational characteristics of tenant-based versus project-based rental housing assistance in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region, Georgia
640 1966- Martin, June Cynthia THESIS
Strategies for a sustainable renovation : the Lamar Dodd Building
641 1978- Colunga, Lauren Dean THESIS
We become like that which we constantly admire justifying the use of historic school buildings as schools /
642 1973- Lewis, Jennifer Martin THESIS
The discourse of war in a time of peace : representations of American military operations in the 1990s
643 Stables, Gordon Wilson THESIS
Main Street and the aluminum fac?ade a case for significance /
644 1979- James, Elizabeth Ann THESIS
The use of small mammals as indicators of heavy metal bioavailability in a contaminated riparian zone
645 Reinhart, Bradley David THESIS
Creating and sustaining charter schools in the state of Georgia policies, obstacles, and technical issues /
646 1977- Wearne, Eric Sean THESIS
New women on the tragic stage Sophoclean innovation on archaic themes /
647 (Amanda Gayle), 1980- Seamans-Mathis THESIS
Practices of manipulation by professional photojournalists
648 1980- Booraem, Melissa Marie THESIS
Effects of work experiences in the United States on work attitudes of Mexican immigrants
649 1968- Dewey, Garner Glenn THESIS
The effect of the flavonoid quercetin on phase 1 and phase 2 enzyme activities in the SW-480 human colon carcinoma cell line [electronic resource] /
650 Buck, Elizabeth Ann THESIS

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