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Hobbes and Plato on the motivtion [sic] to be just [electronic resource] /
551 McBrayer, Gregory A. THESIS
Liberal democracy and state participation in the international nonproliferation regime in the post-Cold War era [electronic resource] : a cross-country analysis, 1992-2000 /
552 Young, Richard Glen THESIS
Human judgment in diagnosing problem behavior in horses using knowledge-based system application
553 1974- Abd Ghani, Kartini THESIS
The effect of earnings management constraints on financial reporting decisions an empirical examination of accounting write-offs /
554 Lanier, Danny THESIS
Historic campus gardens defining appropriate change in Founders Memorial Garden /
555 1952- Adams, Paul Dexter THESIS
Degenerations of Prym Varieties and cubic threefolds
556 1973- Gwena, Tawanda THESIS
Maintaining the Gullah history, heritage, and culture is ecotourism a viable solution? /
557 1979- Tyler, Sara Mae THESIS
An examination of the relationship between career development and organizational commitment from a human capital perspective
558 1969- Sarabia, Christina Louise THESIS
Using traveling salesman problem algorithms to determine multiple sequence alignment orders
559 1975- Zhong, Weiwei THESIS
Shutter to think issues in the treatment of historic window shutters /
560 1971- Ross, Aimee Danielle THESIS
Semantic structure and the consequences of complexity the evolutionary emergence of grammar /
561 (Joe Douglas), 1975- McFall THESIS
Martin Heidegger's notion of the work of art as Weltero?ffnung and his critique of the form/matter and knowing/experiencing schemata in the aesthetic thinking of Plato and Arthur Schopenhauer
562 1969- Vanderford, Robert Ranson THESIS
Japanese design motifs and their symbolism as used on itajime-dyed juban
563 1976- Gunter, Susan THESIS
An analysis of the duty to negotiate in good faith precontractual liability & preliminary agreement /
564 1976- Arunachalam, Aarti THESIS
From carcer to meta [electronic resource] : Vergilian and Homeric funeral games in the intertextual agon /
565 Miller, Kaori THESIS
Animal abuse and callousness predicting frequency and severity of partner-directed agression in men /
566 1978- Gupta, Maya Erika THESIS
Building program theory for evaluation the process through a political lens /
567 1976- Robertson, Mary Kathryn THESIS
Juxtapose, layer, and discard Hindu nationalism and local maps in Indian religio-political culture /
568 1983- Anglin, Raechel Keay THESIS
Memory as a social process : source monitoring and response conformity
569 1977- Durley, Jaime Rae THESIS
Secret an original composition for orchestra and an accompanying analysis /
570 1963- Oh, Myeoung Hee THESIS
60 miles of meaning : understanding the Avon 3-Day Walk
571 1966- Edwards, Heidi Hatfield THESIS
The impact of a science professional development program on student achievement in high school
572 Flynt, Steven William THESIS
Negotiating the mentor prote?ge? relationship what can be learned from the experience? /
573 1971- Upson, Leslie Kaye THESIS
Diversity, representation, & performance evidence about ethnicity in public organizations /
574 (David Wayne), 1976- Pitts THESIS
Family businesses, choices of legal entity a comparative study between Argentina and the United States of America /
575 1971- Rojo, Martina Lourdes THESIS
Temporal autocorrelation in modeling soil potentially mineralizable nitrogen
576 1971- Sartori, Fabio THESIS
Content development decision-making of elementary physical education teachers
577 1959- Hall, Tina Joyce THESIS
Towards an understanding of luteinizing hormone receptor binding [electronic resource] /
578 Fralish, Gregory B. THESIS
An in vitro batch release dissolution test for the evaluation of controlled release drugs [electronic resource] /
579 Collier, Jarrod Wrenfro THESIS
Maternal age effects on offspring longevity in Drosophila melanogaster : I. resolving the "Lansing effect" controversy : II. indirect costs and benefits of mating [electronic resource] /
580 Priest, Nicholas Kiefer THESIS
Cycling and the city an analysis of the urban design - urban cycling relationship /
581 (William Boutwell), 1976- Hart THESIS
The professional beliefs and practices of secondary science teachers within the context of a site-based secondary science methods and curriculum course [electronic resource] /
582 Spellman, James Edward THESIS
Crossing boundaries [electronic resource] : transatlantic readings of sentimental strategies in selected antislavery texts /
583 Hutchinson, N. THESIS
Middle grades students' mathematical play using technology tools
584 (Jacob Thomas), 1972- Klerlein THESIS
Analysis of revenue and expenditure strategies in Georgia's technical colleges
585 1958- Denero, Sandra Jean THESIS
Debriefing in simulation games [electronic resource] : an examination of reflection on cognitive and affective learning outcomes /
586 Feinberg, Joseph R. THESIS
The utility and application of the concept of empowerment in social work journals a computer-assisted content analysis /
587 Kraus, Mary Joanne THESIS
Orientalism in the media a case study of European news coverage of Turkish accession to the European Union /
588 1976- Harris, Ramsey Ann THESIS
An analysis of farm diversity in the U.S. using the 2002 agricultural resource management survey
589 1979- Banks, Laci Jene' THESIS
The influence of early internalized experiences on adult learning groups
590 Saturday, Janice Morgan THESIS
Parenting daily hassles and parents of children with disabilities relationships to maternal efficacy, maternal satisfaction, and social support /
591 1980- Almand, Caroline Suzanne THESIS
Cloning and characterization of subtelomeric regions of Kluyveromyces lactis
592 1977- Nickles, Kristy Ann THESIS
Rater personality and judgments of sexual harassment [electronic resource] /
593 Finch, David Matthew THESIS
Individual and developmental differences in attention regulation during the still-face procedure [electronic resource] /
594 Whitehead, Melissa Mahurin THESIS
How do preservice teachers learn from early field experiences? [electronic resource] : narratives from a cohort in an elementary teacher education program /
595 Olson, Jennifer Wray THESIS
Using learning styles to affect the training of recreational sports paraprofessionals
596 1970- Chrystal-Green, Nancy THESIS
And justice for all? an analysis of procedural equity in the implementation of Superfund in the South /
597 1974- Petrie, Michelle THESIS
An examination of laws governing criminal background checks of school personnel in states belonging to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
598 (Gloria Janice), 1951- Gabriel THESIS
The innovative journey mapping Internet evaluation tool staff and client perspectives on implementation in a drug court program /
599 Crunkilton, Dhira Dianne THESIS
A measurement of acoustics, density, academic achievement and teachers' perceptions in portable classrooms and in-building classrooms
600 1973- Smith, Amy Melissa THESIS

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