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Mixing signals to maximize success : blending bardic and priestly voices in prescription drug advertising [electronic resource] /
501 Dietz, Cynthia L. THESIS
Danger in the gray zone democratization and U.S. national security /
502 (Esther Marie), 1975- Skelley THESIS
How learning experiences foster commitment to a career in teaching English as a foreign language
503 (Jarvis Lee), 1954- Crosby THESIS
The National Park Service and the use of geographic information systems (GIS) for cultural resource management
504 Gardner, Bennett R. THESIS
Regime switching market models and applications
505 (Moustapha Njiahouo), 1975- Pemy THESIS
The making of drug policy in the George H.W. Bush and William J. Clinton Administrations the pursuit of failure /
506 Moses, Catherine THESIS
Teaching aesthetics in high school art : a description, analysis, and evaluation of teachers' interpretations and methodologies
507 1944- Diaz, Delores M. THESIS
System integration in the forestry domain
508 1977- Kommineni, Rajesh K. THESIS
Superintendents' perspectives of their relationships with their principals as they implement the "A Plus Reform Act of 2000" in two mid-size school districts in Georgia
509 1957- Busbee, Ronald Jeffrey THESIS
The effects of the aggression and violence reduction training program on African American adolescent males
510 Billings, Fay Carlise THESIS
Low affinity, high-avidity lectin-carbohydrate interactions : structure-function studies on the cortical granule lectin from Xenopus laevis
511 1967- Tracy, Alexander Standish THESIS
"Where remote futures meet remote pasts" contemporary and prehistoric earth art /
512 (Joshua Frederick), 1978- Fisher THESIS
Transforms on time scales
513 (Alan Mark), 1979- Thomas THESIS
The KidsNet program an evaluation of the effectiveness of system of care services for youth with severe emotional disturbances /
514 Twill, Sarah Elizabeth THESIS
Constrained justice investigating the influence of the U.S. Courts of Appeals on district court sentencing behavior /
515 1964- Gillespie, William Lee THESIS
Grady Health System Community Outreach Services a study of program efficacy /
516 1958- Green, Denise Marcella THESIS
DO4WS Distributed Orchestration for Web Services /
517 1979- Gatamaneni, Gayathri THESIS
Identification of predictors of high school students' absenteeism
518 1950- Teague, Janet Moore THESIS
Heparan sulfate synthesis challenges and prospects /
519 1904- Kawatkar, Arati THESIS
The leadership roles of women in contemporary white supremacist organizations
520 Burch, Michele C. THESIS
The role of listserv participation in the professional development of a nursing community of practice
521 Corvey, Rebecca J. THESIS
A case study of students' knowledge of functions in an online college algebra course
522 1958- Rouhani, Behnaz THESIS
Cultural models of individualism and collectivism in a context of development self-efficacy versus interdependency in rural Senegal /
523 1964- Gleason, Mikell Ritchey THESIS
K9ER (Canine Emergency Room) a veterinary practice simulator based on the integration of an expert system and a physiological simulation /
524 1966- Xu, Yunxiu THESIS
The ability of institutional initiatives to promote the adaptation of African American college students
525 Ray, Darrell Curtis THESIS
The relationships among teacher absenteeism, principals' leadership styles, and teachers' frustration levels
526 Barge, John David THESIS
Quantifying the effects of water withdrawal on streams draining the Caribbean National Forest, Puerto Rico
527 (Kelly Elaine), 1978- Crook THESIS
The study of polygalacturonase and polygalacturonase inhibiting protein using surface plasmon resonance/biomolecular interaction analysis-mass spectrometry
528 Daughtry, Janette B. THESIS
Forgotten plantation architecture of Burke County, Georgia
529 1977- Herrington, Philip Mills THESIS
A match made in heaven? relationship enhancement and the Internet /
530 (Sammy Fawzy), 1976- Banawan THESIS
Analyst recommendations and Regulation Fair Disclosure : the impact on announcement day effects
531 1976- Cliett, Ryan Jackson THESIS
Four campus spaces
532 1963- Simpson, David Michael THESIS
Total quality management in public schools and attrition of certified personnel
533 1947- Meehan, Michael Francis THESIS
Thermally stimulated luminescence excitation spectroscopy as a technique to measure the photoionization energy of Sr(SCN)[subscript 2]:Eu[superscript 2][superscript +] [electronic resource] /
534 Wen, Bo THESIS
A progress of the desire [electronic resource] : the pursuit of happiness in Herman Melville's "The piazza" and "Bartleby, the scrivener" /
535 Arnold, Esther THESIS
Organizational citizenship behavior and performance appraisal [electronic resource] : the moderating influence of race /
536 Noble, Carrie L. THESIS
Lexical variation and change in farming words : 1970-2001 [electronic resource] /
537 Hoover, Sandra Elaine THESIS
John Milton and the consent theory tradition
538 1982- Wyant, Michelle THESIS
In through the side door a portrait of three second career science teachers /
539 1954- Williamson, Rachel Anne THESIS
Alone in a crowded room an exploration of family time expenditure and investment related to computer use /
540 (Jennifer Leanne J.), 1973- Gonyea THESIS
Manipulating activation level of examples affects conformity in a creative generation paradigm [electronic resource] /
541 Taylor, Randall Scott THESIS
Adenosine receptor mediated inhibition of tumor necrosis factor alpha in human monocytic cells [electronic resource] /
542 McNeill, Brian Wayne THESIS
Calculation, visualization, and manipulation of MASTs (Maximum Agreement Subtrees)
543 1976- Dong, Shiming THESIS
Water users associations in Armenia analysis of current situation and future trends /
544 1964- Alaverdyan, Arusyak THESIS
Redeemer's Carnival the urban drama of Reconstruction in New Orleans /
545 (Justin Andrew), 1970- Nystrom THESIS
Determining the actual hydraulic retention time of a constructed wetland cell for comparison with the theoretical hydraulic retention time
546 1975- Hunt, Brandy THESIS
The effects of the use of PEGS! on teacher classroom behavior management
547 Kelley, Kathy D. THESIS
Restructuring the multilateral export control regime system
548 (Daniel Holleman), 1973- Joyner THESIS
An experiment designer tool for evaluation of program visualization quality
549 1980- Thomas, Sujith THESIS
Aging effect on f2/f1 ratio function of distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs)
550 1959- Uno, Yuzuho THESIS

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