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The effects of root-pruning on productivity in an alley cropping system in the Georgia Piedmont, USA
451 Reichlen, Jonathan J. THESIS
Preservice secondary mathematics teachers' beliefs about teaching with technology
452 1967- Leatham, Keith Rigby THESIS
Chemoattraction between adult Schistosoma mansoni worms
453 1967- Ghaleb, Amr THESIS
Narrative and collective memory story at work in Israel /
454 1977- Mallini, Lia THESIS
The calibration, validation, and sensitivity analysis of DoSag an in-stream dissolved oxygen model /
455 Cathey, Anna M. THESIS
An econometric analysis of the relationship between new development and local government capital expenditures for use in establishing rational nexus for the implementation of impact fees
456 1969- Meek, Alfred Benjamin THESIS
Boom or bust analyzing the impact of economic climate on welfare reform in Georgia /
457 (Robert Douglas), 1966- Weaver THESIS
Case-marking errors in L2 Russian and production rules
458 1978- Sabia, Inna THESIS
An analysis of wood window restoration at the President Lincoln and Soldiers' Home National Monument, Washington D.C.
459 1978- Wojcik, Paige Michelle THESIS
National heritage areas in the United States partnerships, preservation, conservation, and economic development /
460 1965- Straehla, Laura Blake THESIS
Factors influencing the emergence of the metrosexual
461 1976- Conseur, Amanda Alison THESIS
Increasing environmental awareness by design
462 1974- Gardner, Leah Courtney THESIS
Literacy narratives toward identity and community in a first-grade classroom
463 (Andrea Mia), 1978- Pintaone-Hernandez THESIS
A comparison of the tenses expressing past time in spoken French : imparfait versus passe? compose?
464 1977- Jouravleva, Elena THESIS
An analysis of the participation of immigrant Mexican mothers in their child's early intervention program
465 1956- Alvarado, M. Irma THESIS
Femina a prescription for the feminist movement /
466 1979- Vijayan, Seema THESIS
Romania's quest for EU membership true love or seeking a marriage of convenience? /
467 1979- Ogrezeanu, Andrei THESIS
Genetic algorithms for stochastic context-free grammar parameter estimation
468 1979- Tariman, Kaan THESIS
Sa(l)vaging The woman's bible : reading interpretive communities across contexts [electronic resource] /
469 Maddux, Kristjana THESIS
Corporatism and consolidation in Central America democracy in El Salvador, Honduras & Costa Rica /
470 1974- Wilson, Dwight Edward THESIS
Efficacy of an Internet smoking cessation program for college students
471 1970- Escoffery, Ngoc-Cam Pham THESIS
Healthy fear bacteria and culture in America at the turn of the Twentieth century /
472 1980- Barlament, James Donnell THESIS
The acquisition of German vowels by L? speakers of English
473 Zinsmeister, Scott B. THESIS
Boundaries and the working woman in Zola's L'Assommoir, Nana and Au Bonheur des dames
474 1970- Masters, Karen Beth THESIS
Teachers' perceptions of the evaluation process
475 1953- Looft, Karen Gale THESIS
The impact of regionalism and investment on multilateral free trade a three-country model /
476 Phan, Dinh Hoai THESIS
Susan Petigru King and the culture of antebellum women in high life
477 1977- Mace, Nancy R. THESIS
Overcoming over-optimism in Time Warp via aggregation of fast processes
478 (Vinay Suresh), 1977- Sachdev THESIS
Remote sensing of Piedmont wetlands using rule based modeling techniques [electronic resource] /
479 Lee, Jason W. THESIS
"Buy now, pay later" appealing to consumers by product type : advertising message strategies in magazine advertisements for credit cards /
480 1974- Choi, Jongsuk THESIS
Corridor navigation of a mobile robot using a camera and sensors multi-agent approach /
481 1973- Ono, Yuki THESIS
Polymetamorphism and deformation within the brevard fault zone outside of Atlanta, Georgia [electronic resource] /
482 Bedell, Adam Lee THESIS
Specification and rapid deployment of communication protocols for peer-to-peer systems
483 1978- Kannan, Gopinathan THESIS
Administrator's stages of concern in the conversion of Georgia technical institutes to technical colleges
484 (Claude Ernest), 1947- Jr. THESIS
An investigation of the impact and meaning of the informal, non-academic campus judicial process for undergraduate students
485 1968- Howell, Martin Tate THESIS
Mini-Lab a tool to visualize normal modes of vibration using Java3D /
486 1973- Zhang, Qin THESIS
Remediation of lead-contaminated firing ranges : an ecological approach
487 1973- Diaz, Marcie Monaco THESIS
The accessibility hierarchy and the processing of English relative clauses by Chinese college students
488 Ma, Yanli THESIS
How foreign language teachers get taught methods of teaching the methods course /
489 (Marcia Lynn), 1958- Wilbur THESIS
Voices and empowerment in a democratically-constructed elementary school classroom a participatory action research study of our beliefs /
490 1967- Rogan, Robert Patrick THESIS
External correlates and relation to impairment for an empirically based typology of children's behavior in the classroom [electronic resource] /
491 Powell, Robin Michelle THESIS
Mermaids and their cultural significance in literature and folklore
492 1981- Knight, Lara THESIS
Globalizing genre, hybrid film discourse analysis of reviews of Chinese film Hero /
493 1981- Wang, Xueyan THESIS
Reputation the remnants of honor in a southern rural town/
494 1981- McCarthy, Jarrod THESIS
The impact of sense of humor and other psychosocial variables on caregiver depression
495 Katz, Carole G. THESIS
A feminist tale in three moments perceptions and experiences of adolescent females in a feminist mathematics classroom /
496 1968- Anderson, Dawn Leigh THESIS
Advertising and images of female interaction with early recorded music technology, 1905-1948
497 1981- Burchfield, Rebekah THESIS
An economic interpretation of the founding of the Colony of Georgia
498 1939- Wilkins, Thomas Hart THESIS
Expanding the Bildungsroman genre : variation in contemporary youth narratives
499 1974- Bonar, Carly M. THESIS
Illuminating the past artificial lighting in America (1610-1930) and a guide to lighting historic house museums /
500 1978- Ghosh, Deepannita THESIS

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