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Multiple Xylanases from the Extreme Thermophile Caldicellulosiruptor Saccharolyticus
251 Te’o, Valentino Setoa 1996-01-01 THESIS
Mosaic: a study of juxtaposition in literature, as an approach to Pound's Cantos and similar modern poems
252 Horrocks, Roger 1976-01-01 THESIS
Hydrothermal alteration and thermal evolution of the Wairakei-Tauhara geothermal area
253 Youngman, Kelvyn James 1988-01-01 THESIS
The role of the inducible transcription factors in status epilepticus-induced delayed neuronal death
254 Preston, Kerin Maree 1995-01-01 THESIS
Panbiogeography: a cladistic approach
255 Page, Roderic D.M. 1990-01-01 THESIS
Population structure of Southern Hemisphere humpback whales
256 Olavarria, Carlos 2008-01-01 THESIS
The influence of individualist and collectivist attributes on responses to Likert-type scales
257 Shulruf, Boaz 2005-01-01 THESIS
An Investigation of Linear and Nonlinear Atom Optics
258 Olsen, Murray 1997-01-01 THESIS
A Framework for Informal Assessment Questions Used by Secondary School Mathematics Teachers
259 Liyanage, Sanka Bambarawana 2003-01-01 THESIS
The Ecology of Globodera pallida (Stone) Mulvey & Stone (Nematoda, Heteroderidae) at Pukekohe, New Zealand
260 Foot, Marion A. 1978-01-01 THESIS
Economy, ritual and history in a Balinese tourist town
261 MacRae, Graeme S. 1997-01-01 THESIS
Structure function studies on lectin nucleotide phosphohydrolases (LNPs)
262 Chen, Chunhong 2008-01-01 THESIS
Personal practical theories : exploring the role of language teacher experiences and beliefs in the integration of theory and practice
263 Feryok, Anne 2005-01-01 THESIS
The Biochemistry of GIGANTEA: A Circadian Clock-Controlled Regulator of Photoperiodic Flowering in Plants
264 Black, Moyra Maria 2007-01-01 THESIS
The mechanism of anti-tumour activity of the DNA binding agent SN 28049
265 Drummond, Catherine 2008-01-01 THESIS
Competition and Predation in Shore Zonation at Leigh
266 Luckens, Penelope Ann 1966-01-01 THESIS
The Crystal Structures of Two Binuclear Copper Complexes and Some Organic Molecules of Biological and Stereochemical Interest
267 Bear, Cedric Allen 1971-01-01 THESIS
A proteomics-based approach to investigate proteins associated with adipogenesis
268 Choi, Kai-Luk 2004-01-01 THESIS
Aspects of the Reign of Ramesses IV
269 Sullivan, Peter 2000-02-17 THESIS
Young people's reactions to nuclear issues : a constructivist analysis
270 Oliver, Pam 1992-01-01 THESIS
Numerical simulation of arterial blood flow.
271 Hunter, Peter 1972-01-01 THESIS
The Constitution of Fiji
272 Sahu Khan, Muhammad Shamsud-Dean 1975-01-01 THESIS
Furthering the role of corporate finance in economic growth
273 Kamiryo, Hideyuki 2004-01-01 THESIS
Coherent transient phenomena in the mode-locked argon laser
274 Dudley, John Michael 1992-01-01 THESIS
The use of pistis and cognate words in the Apostolic Fathers
275 Gilmour, Thomas Calum 1982-01-01 THESIS
A Cross cultural study of scholastic achievement and selected determiners
276 Lovegrove, Malcolm N. 1964-01-01 THESIS
A Mathematical Model of Spontaneous Combustion in Wet Lignite
277 Gong, Rose Ying 1999-01-01 THESIS
The Gas Chromatography of the Essential Oils of Some Trees
278 Kingsford, Michael 1963-01-01 THESIS
Sensory Encoding of Surface Waves by the Banded Kokopu Galaxias Fasciatus
279 Halstead, Matthew D. 1998-01-01 THESIS
Proteins and transcripts involved in mini-F maintenance
280 Phua, Sin Hen 1984-01-01 THESIS
Marine Jurassic stratigraphy and bivalve paleontology of Thailand
281 Meesook, Assanee 1994-01-01 THESIS
Ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka: obstacles to the peace process
282 Edirippulige, Sisira 2000-01-01 THESIS
Application of the double torsion specimen to the study of fracture in fibre reinforced plastics
283 Brown, Niven Rhys 1993-01-01 THESIS
The antagonistic city: a design for urban imagery in seven American poets
284 Locke, Terry 1976-01-01 THESIS
Beyond responsiveness to community: Democratic voice and the creation of an>education alternative (New Zealand)
285 Carpenter, Vicki Marie 2000-01-01 THESIS
Imitative Learning of the Mentally Retarded Child
286 Howie, Dorothy R. 1969-01-01 THESIS
The hydrolysis of amides and ureas in acid solutions
287 Giffney, Carolyn Janet 1974-01-01 THESIS
A Study of Triton X Series Nonionic Surfactant Solutions
288 Qiao, Lijun 1996-01-01 THESIS
Petrological variation in the Banks Islands, New Hebrides
289 Barsdell, Mark 1980-01-01 THESIS
Oxidation of Ring-A Aromatic Steroids
290 Carlisle, Valerie F. 1969-01-01 THESIS
Stereospecific Syntheses from Podocarpic Acid
291 Fullerton, T. J. 1971-01-01 THESIS
Transient effects in geothermal convective systems.
292 Horne, Roland Nicholas 1975-01-01 THESIS
Studies for anthracyclinone synthesis
293 Dong, Huang Zhen 1981-01-01 THESIS
Fluvial processes in the upper Waitomo catchment: a study in applied karst hydrology and geomorphology
294 Hawke, David Vivian 1982-01-01 THESIS
Plankton of the Hauraki Gulf
295 Jillett, John B. 1966-01-01 THESIS
Local scour at bridge sites
296 Melville, B. W. 1975-01-01 THESIS
Independens long Vanuatu: the churches and politics in a Melanesian nation
297 Myers, Michael David 1984-01-01 THESIS
Gee's territory: Pakeha society in the fiction of Maurice Gee
298 Dugdale, Sarah 2002-01-01 THESIS
The Matrix Schrödinger Operator and Schrödinger Operator on Graphs
299 Harmer, Mark Stuart 2000-11-07 THESIS
Hydrogeological Evaluation of Proposed Landfill Sites in the Greater Auckland Area (N.Z.): Mt Wellington and Peach Hill Valley
300 Namjou, Parviz 1996-01-01 THESIS

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