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Tuakiri : Shane Cotton in the pursuit of identity
2101 Bishop-Jahnke, Shelley 2003-01-01 THESIS
Adoption of mobile commerce by New Zealand SMEs : the providers perspective
2102 Loh, Jeun-Yet 2004-01-01 THESIS
Whaikoorero a study of formal Maori speech
2103 Mahuta, Robert Tekotahi 1974-01-01 THESIS
A microsporidian disease of codling moth in New Zealand
2104 Malone, Louise Anne 1979-01-01 THESIS
Colonialism, control and cultural exchange : sculptural works by Robert Jahnke
2105 Marjoram, Tessa L 1999-01-01 THESIS
Niuean soldiers in the First World War
2106 Masiutama, M. S. 2003-01-01 THESIS
Rewi Manga Maniapoto : a study in the changing strategies of nineteenth century Maori political leadership
2107 McDonald, Brian Morehu 1977-01-01 THESIS
New Zealand Computer Waste: Where it IT going?
2108 Murray, Suzanne 2006-01-01 THESIS
'Riria te riri, mahia te mahi’ : the politics and development of modern Ma?ori activism, 1968-78
2109 McDowell, Tiopira 2007-01-01 THESIS
Dicky Barrett : trader, whaler, interpreter
2110 McLean, Ronald William 1994-01-01 THESIS
Titiro whakamuri kia anga whakamua : the influence of whanaungatanga on student education
2111 McKinney, Rawiri N. 2007-01-01 THESIS
A history of Nga?ti Pu?kenga
2112 Mikaere, Martin 1993-01-01 THESIS
Student retention and completion factors of mature, Ma?ori students : a study of the postgraduate Diploma of Business (Ma?ori Development) = Te tohu huanga Ma?ori
2113 Minogue, Gillian Margaret 2007-01-01 THESIS
Ecology of Rattus Exulans on Tiritiri Matangi Island
2114 Moller, Henrik 1977-01-01 THESIS
Piki te ora : the location of nga poropiti in contemporary Maori art
2115 Morey, Kelly Ana 2000-01-01 THESIS
Space for Maori in tertiary institutions : exploring two sites at the University of Auckland
2116 Morrison, Andrea 1999-01-01 THESIS
Distant refuge : politics and immigration experiences of refugees of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution to Australia and New Zealand
2117 Mosonyi, Attila 1997-01-01 THESIS
"Pure" and "Karakia" as a window to Maori epistemology : Koi ro? pure me karakia e oke ana
2118 Raerino, Ngamaru 1999-01-01 THESIS
Spatial and temporal variation in Hawaiian residential architecture : a seriation study of selected coastal settlements in northern Hawai’i Island
2119 O’Connor, Blaze Valeska 1998-01-01 THESIS
Geology of the Matata Fault Block, Taupo Volcanic Zone
2120 O’Leary, Annette Kathleen 1997-01-01 THESIS
The "lazy Maori" : pakeha representations of a Maori work ethic 1890-1940
2121 Petrie, Hazel 1998-01-01 THESIS
Maori music, a historical survey.
2122 Phillips, Irene Margaret 1929-01-01 THESIS
Tungia te ururua, kia tupu whakaritorito te tupu o te harakeke : a critical analysis of parents as first teachers
2123 Pihama, Leonie 1993-01-01 THESIS
Koi patu koi mamae : disciplining Maori children
2124 Rickard, Sharon L 1997-01-01 THESIS
Chemosensory communication in the New Zealand rock lobster Jasus edwardsii (Hutton) (Decapoda, Palinuridae)
2125 Raethke, Natalie 2005-01-01 THESIS
'I cannot see what makes the difference except race’ : representations of Ma?ori health, 1880-1920
2126 Robson, Carey 2007-01-01 THESIS
Cultural context and bicultural readings in the work of Michael Parekowhai
2127 Roy, Christopher Scott 2007-01-01 THESIS
Illness representations of mental illness in New Zealand
2128 Sanders, Deanna Loraine 2006-01-01 THESIS
Development of an artificial diet for New Zealand spiny lobster Jasus edwardsii aquaculture
2129 Sheppard, James K 2001-01-01 THESIS
The analysis of the use of collaborative procurement systems in New Zealand construction : partnering, alliancing, joint ventures
2130 Shestakova, Yana 2005-01-01 THESIS
Tapu being with potentiality for power
2131 Shirres, Michael P 1979-01-01 THESIS
My land is my own : towards a theology of land as sacrament of God among the Kalam people
2132 Siep, James 2002-01-01 THESIS
Pubs’ architecture, Northland
2133 Stevens, Preston D 1982-01-01 THESIS
Missionary enterprise in New Zealand before 1870
2134 Spooner, Thomas George 1934-01-01 THESIS
Indoor air quality and health in office buildings
2135 Xiao, Su 2005-01-01 THESIS
Re-picturing paradise : myths of the dusky maiden
2136 Taouma, Lisa 1998-01-01 THESIS
Ko te wahine he whare tangata, he waka tangata = Within the female is the nurturing home of humankind and the channel from the spiritual to the physical : a study of Maori women’s experiences of violence as depicted through the definition of whakarite
2137 Herangi-Panapa, Te Pareaute 1998-01-01 THESIS
Formative assessment practices of school leaders
2138 Thorogood, Angela 2008-01-01 THESIS
Lie group methods in geometric integration
2139 Tse, Pui-Sze Priscilla 2003-01-01 THESIS
Make or break : adze manufacture at the Tahanga Quarry
2140 Turner, Marianne Teresa 1992-01-01 THESIS
Nga? roimata o Hine-nui-te-Po? : death in Ma?ori life
2141 Voykovic?, Anthony A 1981-01-01 THESIS
Dutch migrants in New Zealand agriculture
2142 Van Roon, Henri Theodore 1971-01-01 THESIS
Whakarewarewa, the growth of Maori village
2143 Waaka, Peter Kuru 1982-01-01 THESIS
Hybrid Maori/Pakeha : explorations of identity for people of mixed Maori/Pakeha descent
2144 Webber, Melinda 2007-01-01 THESIS
'...Asking the Ma?ori kids’ : Ma?ori participation and achievement in science
2145 Wellington, Erica 2006-01-01 THESIS
Indigenous environmental decision making : case study of Ngati Whatua o Orakei hapu and sewage contamination in Okahu Bay
2146 Wilson, Puti Joy 2008-01-01 THESIS
Te ara tapu o nga? tu?puna
2147 Witana, John Williamson 2007-01-01 THESIS
Humanizing the enemy : exploring the humanity of Japanese soldiers in the Solomon Islands during the Pacific war
2148 Yamauchi, Kazunari 2003-01-01 THESIS
Pacific art and society : an anthropological approach to place making in New Zealand
2149 Zeanah, Angelica Echo 2001-01-01 THESIS
Spatial resolution of dipole sources in EEG recordings
2150 Zhu, Zhi Zun 2005-01-01 THESIS

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