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North Pacific - North American circulation and precipitation anomalies associated with the Madden-Julian oscillation [electronic resource] /
1 Stepanek, Adam J.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Demonstration of a near and mid-infrared detector using multiple step quantum wells /
2 Touse, Michael P. THESIS
The Casamance separatism : from independence claim to resource logic /
3 Faye, Wagane.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
The impacts of climate variations on military operations in the Horn of Africa [electronic resource] /
4 LaJoie, Mark R.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Analysis of operational manning requirements and deployment procedures for unmanned surface vehicles aboard US Navy ships [electronic resource] /
5 Gayle, Wayne H.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Anatomy of a hostage rescue : what makes hostage rescue operations successful /
6 Perez, Carlos M. THESIS
United States strategy toward China after a peaceful Taiwan Strait resolution /
7 Hickey, Stephen J.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Optimizing formation movement over heteregeneous terrain /
8 Cesur, Fatih.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
An analysis of Common Missile and TOW 2B using the Janus combat simulation /
9 Kruse, Rachel A. THESIS
Design and validation of improved dynamic cylinder pressure measurement for a diesel engine /
10 Luebkert, Michael R.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
The impact of declining defense budgets on Japan maritime self defense force [electronic resource] /
11 Ikeda, Ryo.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
What is the academic review process and how is it working at the Naval Hospital Corps School /
12 Adams, Sonia I.; Worley, Timothy B. THESIS
The law enforcement approach to combating terrorism : an analysis of US policy /
13 Nagel, William C. THESIS
Numerical study of the effect of the fuel film on heat transfer in a rocket engine combustion chamber /
14 Goh, Sing Huat. THESIS
Ground-based high energy power beaming in support of spacecraft power requirements [electronic resource] /
15 Guoan, Christopher M.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
The causes and prospect of the Southern Philippines secessionist movement /
16 David, Ricardo A.; Liberation Front., Moro Islamic; Liberation Front., Moro National; (Organization), Abu Sayyaf THESIS
Vibration analysis using a mems accelerometer [electronic resource] /
17 Young, Jonathan C.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Enhancing national security in Hungary through the development and employment of Special Forces /
18 Porkolab, Imre.; Bari, Gabor.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Analysis of operational pace versus logistical support rate in the ground combat element of a Marine Expeditionary Brigade [electronic resource] /
19 Miner, Roy.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
An analysis of political and economic factors that impact sustainment of the Japanese defense industry /
20 Ishida, Ryota. THESIS
Turkey and European Union. problems and prospects for membership /
21 Zilidis, Paschalis. THESIS
Experimental and computational investigation of flow in a transonic compressor inlet /
22 Brunner, Matthew D.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
The Sunset Supply Base : long term COTS supportability, implementing affordable methods and processes /
23 Barkenhagen, Michael E.; Murphy, Michael W. THESIS
Using rapid environmental assessment to improve the hazard prediction and assessment capability for weapons of mass destruction /
24 Ross, Victor B. THESIS
Civil military operations in Ecuador /
25 Camacho, Carlos Eduardo THESIS
Tracking control of autonomous underwater vehicles /
26 Keller, Joseph J. THESIS
Correlation of identity and interest in foreign policy : implications for Mongolia /
27 Dorjjugder, Munkh-Ochir. THESIS
The shadow of Muhammed : developing a charismatic leadership model for the Islamic world /
28 Kostrzebski, Edward W. THESIS
Systems approach to terrorism [electronic resource] : countering the terrorist training subsystem /
29 Celebi, Erdogan.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Partnerships [electronic resource] : the path to improving crisis communication /
30 Fitzpatrick, Helen M.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
XML based adaptive IPsec policy management in a trust management context /
31 Mohan, Raj. THESIS
Determine network survivability using heuristic models /
32 Chua, Eng Hong. THESIS
Optical and radio frequency refractivity fluctuations from high resolution point sensors [electronic resource] : sea breezes and other observations /
33 MacPherson, Douglass A.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
System-of-systems test planning in a complex joint environment [electronic resource] /
34 Wegner, Christopher M.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Improved Network Security and Disguising TCP/IP Fingerprint Through Dynamic Stack Modification /
35 Judd, Aaron C.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Benchmarking and analysis of the SRC-6E reconfigurable computing system /
36 Macklin, Kendrick R. THESIS
The performance of LOGCAP in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom /
37 Neeb, Michael S. THESIS
Development of a three dimensional perfectly matched layer for transient elasto-dynamic analyses
38 Johnson, Anthony N. THESIS
Mexican migration [electronic resource] : assessing the root causes /
39 Scott, Petrocelli D.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Pro patria [electronic resource] : limits to military obedience and soldierly honor in modern continental Europe; case studies from Polish and German military history /
40 Tkaczyk, Robert A.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
The military and domestic disaster response: [electronic resource] : lead role revealed through the eye of Hurricane Katrina? /
41 Walker, Juliana M.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
The enhancement of composite scarf joint interface strength through carbon nanotube reinforcement [electronic resource] /
42 Slaff, Randolph E.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
What lies beneath : Saddam's legacy and the roots of resistance in Iraq. /
43 Munson, Peter J.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Democracy in a Post-Castro Cuba /
44 Henry, Drew A. THESIS
Active vibration control for free electron lasers /
45 Stetler, Aaron M. THESIS
Recommendations for secure initialization routines in operating systems /
46 Dodge, Catherine A.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Reactive shear layer mixing and growth rate effects on afterburning properties for axisymetric rocket engine plumes [electronic resource] /
47 Hartsfield, Carl Rex.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
International crisis information network [electronic resource] /
48 Catanzaro, Basil J.; Horine, Brian S.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
Downstream impacts due to the extratropical transition of tropical cyclones over the western North Pacific [electronic resource] /
49 Dea, Jonathan M.; School (U.S.), Naval Postgraduate THESIS
The PRC decision-making process /
50 Miller, Casey J. THESIS

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