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Radar deception through phantom track generation
401 Maithripala, Diyogu Hennadige 2005-12-01 THESIS
Evaluation of information bundles in engineering decisions
402 Bakir, Niyazi Onur 2004-08-01 THESIS
Functional inverse regression and reproducing kernel Hilbert space
403 Ren, Haobo 2005-08-01 THESIS
Astigmatism: poems exploring the misshapen I
404 Hall-Zieger, Anna 2006-08-01 THESIS
Differential density lipoprotein profiling for the characterization of Lipoprotein(a)
405 Espinosa Garcia, Irma Leticia 2006-08-01 THESIS
Kinematics measurements of regular, irregular, and rogue waves by PIV/LDV
406 Choi, Hae-Jin 2005-12-01 THESIS
A new approach for fast potential evaluation in N-body problems
407 Juttu, Sreekanth 2003-12-01 THESIS
Development of an automated methodology for calibration of simplified air-side HVAC system models and estimation of potential savings from retrofit/commissioning measures
408 Baltazar Cervantes, Juan Carlos 2006-12-01 THESIS
A continuing investigation into the stress field around two parallet-edge cracks in a finite body
409 Gilman, Justin Patrick 2004-12-01 THESIS
Dynamic simulation of polyester mooring lines
410 Kim, Min Suk 2003-05-01 THESIS
Development of an Automated Methodology for Calibration of Simplified Air-Side HVAC System Models and Estimation of Potential Savings from Retrofit/Commissioning Measures
411 Baltazar-Cervantes, Juan-Carlos 2006-12-01 THESIS
Flow control via synthetic jet actuation
412 Miller, Adam Cole 2004-12-01 THESIS
Fast amplitude and delay measurement for characterization of optical devices
413 Thompson, Michael Thomas 2006-08-01 THESIS
Retrieval of optical and microphysical properties of ice clouds using Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) data
414 Kinney, Jacqueline Anne 2005-08-01 THESIS
A geological and geophysical study of the Sergipe-Aagoas Basin
415 Melton, Bradley Douglas 2008-05-01 THESIS
The perceived power: government and taxation during the American Civil War
416 Flaherty, Jane 2005-12-01 THESIS
Machine augmented composite materials for damping purposes
417 McCutcheon, David Matthew 2004-12-01 THESIS
An experimental investigation of the countercurrent flow limitation
418 Solmos, Matthew Aaron 2008-05-01 THESIS
Design and construction of a precision tubular linear motor and controller
419 Murphy, Bryan Craig 2004-09-30 THESIS
Shelf circulation patterns off Nigeria
420 Rider, Kelly Elizabeth 2003-05-01 THESIS
The public interest in public administration: an investigation of the communicative foundations of the public interest standard
421 Jordan, Sara Rene 2003-05-01 THESIS
A novel isolation curtain to reduce turbine ingress heating and an advanced model for honeycomb labyrinth seals
422 Choi, Dong Chun 2005-05-01 THESIS
Modelling, simulation and analysis of low-cost direct torque control of PMSM using hall-effect sensors
423 Ozturk, Salih Baris 2005-12-01 THESIS
A conceptual model to estimate the nitrogen requirement of corn (Zea mays L.)
424 Lopez Collado, Catalino Jorge 2005-12-01 THESIS
Covariant Weyl quantization, symbolic calculus, and the product formula
425 Gunturk, Kamil Serkan 2003-05-01 THESIS
A PM10 emission factor for free stall dairies
426 Goodrich, Lee Barry 2002-05-01 THESIS
Fundamental study of evaporation model in micron pore
427 Oinuma, Ryoji 2004-08-01 THESIS
Design of regulated velocity flow assurance device for petroleum industry
428 Yardi, Chaitanya Narendra 2004-12-01 THESIS
Alleviation of effective permeability reduction of gas-condensate due to condensate buildup near wellbore
429 Carballo Salas, Jose Gilberto 2004-12-01 THESIS
A 3-d capacitance extraction algorithm based on kernel independent hierarchical method and geometric moments
430 Zhuang, Wei 2003-05-01 THESIS
An Analysis of Low Cost, Energy Efficient, Housing for Low-income Residents of How and Humid Climates
431 Kootin-Sanwu, Victor 2004-05-01 THESIS
An abstract expression of September 11, 2001
432 Shah, Diti 2006-08-01 THESIS
Early identification of Hispanic English language learners for gifted and talented programs
433 Esquierdo, Jennifer Joy 2003-05-01 THESIS
Measuring optical absorption coefficient of pure water in UV using the integrating cavity absorption meter.
434 Wang, Ling 2008-05-01 THESIS
Organic Matter Analysis of Sediments from Simpson Bay, Alaska using Elemental, Stable Isotopic, and Molecular Signatures
435 Pondell, Christina 2008-08-19 THESIS
Design of a variable gain amplifier for an ultrawideband receiver
436 Krishnanji, Sivasankari 2005-08-01 THESIS
Modeling the pneumatic subsystem of a S-cam air brake system
437 Coimbatore Subramanian, Shankar 2004-05-01 THESIS
Novel instrumentation for a scattering independent measurement of the absorption coefficient of natural waters, and a new diffuse reflector for spectroscopic instrumentation and close cavity coupling
438 Musser, Joseph Alan 2006-12-01 THESIS
Modeling wellbore pressure with application to multi-stage, acid-stimulation treatment
439 Ejofodomi, Efejera A. 0001-05-01 THESIS
Tunable erbium-doped fiber ring laser using an intra-cavity filter
440 Fadel, Hicham Joseph 2004-08-01 THESIS
A flexible control system for flexible manufacturing systems
441 Scott, Wesley Dane 2003-05-01 THESIS
Shape memory alloy for vibration isolation and damping
442 Machado, Luciano G 2007-12-01 THESIS
Bacteriophage P1: a new paradigm for control of phage lysis
443 Xu, Min 2004-08-01 THESIS
Design of high speed low voltage data converters for UWB communication systems
444 Lee, Choong Hoon 2005-05-01 THESIS
Sub-basalt imaging: modeling and demultiple
445 Singh, Shantanu Kumar 2005-12-01 THESIS
Design of frequency synthesizers for short range wireless transceivers
446 Valero Lopez, Ari Yakov 2003-05-01 THESIS
An assessment of least squares finite element models with applications to problems in heat transfer and solid mechanics
447 Pratt, Brittan Sheldon 2008-05-01 THESIS
Essays on monetary policy and banking regulation
448 Li, Jingyuan 2004-08-01 THESIS
The Soprants: conceptual and technical framework for a 3D interactive video game
449 Nakamura, Tatsuya 2006-08-01 THESIS
Agricultural biotechnology and Indian newspapers
450 Sivakumar, Gayathri 2004-08-01 THESIS

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