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The Eisenhower Leadership Development Program: a study on student leadership skill development
3701 Blackwell, Cindy Southard 2003-12-01 THESIS
The epidemiology and etiology of visitor injuries in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
3702 Heggie, Travis Wade 2005-12-01 THESIS
Assessing the relationships among PSAT and TAKS scores in selected Texas high schools
3703 Wilson, Eric Daryl 2004-08-01 THESIS
Sorghum gene expression modulated by water deficit and cold stress
3704 Lim, Sanghyun 2006-12-01 THESIS
Effects of Dioxin on Clock, Melatonin Biosynthetic, and Redox Sensitive Genes on Chick Pinealocytes In Vitro
3705 Hunt, Jayme 2006-07-11 THESIS
An Examination of the Relationships Among Childhood Trauma, Emotional Invalidation, and Adult Dissociation
3706 Talbert, Christy Aleene 2008-08-19 THESIS
Evaluation of collared peccary translocations in the Texas Hill Country
3707 Porter, Brad Alan 2003-05-01 THESIS
Synthesis of novel polyimides for the testing of structure-processing and property relations when used to form high temperature polymer matrices
3708 Tschen Molina, Francisco 2005-12-01 THESIS
Applications of TAP-NDE technique to non-contact ultrasonic inspection in tubulars
3709 Baltazar-Lopez, Martin Eduardo 2003-12-01 THESIS
The long-term development of a watershed: spatial patterns, streamflow, and sustainability
3710 DeFee, Buren Brooks 2003-12-01 THESIS
The effect of the currency movements on stock markets
3711 Zohrabyan, Tatevik 2005-12-01 THESIS
Rock art boundaries: considering geographically limited elements within the Pecos River Style
3712 Harrison, James Burr 2004-09-30 THESIS
Exploiting parallelism within multidimensional multirate digital signal processing systems
3713 Peng, Dongming 2003-05-01 THESIS
The Effect of Gender on Student Writers' Evaluations of Peer Tutors
3714 Whitaker, Jodi 2006-08-16 THESIS
Abnormal reproductive function in female homozygous leaner mice
3715 Serpedin, Nesrin 2003-12-01 THESIS
Progesterone and interferon tau regulated genes in the endometrium of the ovine uterus and expression of interferon stimulated genes in the corpus luteum during early pregnancy in sheep
3716 Ahn, Hyo Won 2008-05-01 THESIS
Characterization of aggregate resistance to degradation in stone matrix asphalt mixtures
3717 Gatchalian, Dennis 2005-12-01 THESIS
The frequency of tropopause-level thick and thin cirrus clouds as observed by calipso and the relationship to relative humidity and outgoing longwave radiation
3718 Cardona, Allison Leanne 2008-08-01 THESIS
Pesticides and amphibian declines in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
3719 Cowman, Deborah Fay 2005-12-01 THESIS
Calcium balance and bone density in immature horses fed a high protein diet
3720 Spooner, Holly Sue 2005-08-01 THESIS
Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder: teacher knowledge and referral for assessment
3721 Macey, Katherine DeGeorge 2005-08-01 THESIS
The impact of the removal of the Multi-Fiber Arrangement on textile and cotton trade of the United States and China
3722 Xia, Yan 2004-12-01 THESIS
Relationships among landowner and land ownership characteristics and participation in conservation programs in central Texas
3723 Sanders, Jennifer Cearley 2005-08-29 THESIS
Synopsis of the morphology and taxonomy of Carex section Glaucescentes in North America
3724 McLaughlin, Diane Coston 2004-08-01 THESIS
Thus mangle ye still the human race: a study in structural navigation
3725 Harden, B. Garrick 2002-05-01 THESIS
Postharvest irradiation treatment effect on grapefruit functional components and their role in prevention of colon cancer
3726 Vanamala, Jairam Krishna 2004-08-01 THESIS
Food web architecture in natural and impounded rivers of the Upper Parana drainage basin, Brazil
3727 Hoeinghaus, David Joseph 2006-12-01 THESIS
The effects of self-construal and religious fundamentalism on terror management effects
3728 Friedman, Michael David 2004-09-30 THESIS
Characterization of design parameters for fiber reinforced polymer composite reinforced concrete systems
3729 Aguiniga Gaona, Francisco 2003-12-01 THESIS
Neurotoxic mechanisms of methylmercury: cellular and behavior changes
3730 Bellum, Sairam 2005-12-01 THESIS
Inhibitory actions of Ah receptor agonists and indole-containing compounds in breast cancer cell lines and mouse models
3731 Walker, Kelcey Manae 2002-05-01 THESIS
Bacterial and fungal organisms in the vagina of normal cows and cows with vaginitis
3732 Husted, James Ross 2003-12-01 THESIS
Behavioral mechanisms underlying the extinction of cocaine self-administration
3733 Valles, Rodrigo 2005-12-01 THESIS
Design and analysis of multiphase DC-DC converters with coupled inductors
3734 Shi, Meng 2003-05-01 THESIS
Physiochemical characteristics of controlled low strength materials influencing the electrochemical performance and service life of metallic materials
3735 Halmen, Ceki 2005-12-01 THESIS
Goal pursuit is more than planning: the moderating role of regulatory fit
3736 Tam, Wing Yin 2005-08-01 THESIS
Effect of cottonseed meal consumption on performance of female fallow deer
3737 Mapel, Steven Lee 2004-09-30 THESIS
In vivo blood oxygenation level measurements using photoacoustic microscopy
3738 Sivaramakrishnan, Mathangi 2003-05-01 THESIS
The impact of identity and power on marital social support behavior
3739 Hunter-Holmes, Pam 2004-08-01 THESIS
Optical control of nuclear resonant absorption: theory and experiment
3740 Kolesov, Roman L. 2004-09-30 THESIS
Exploring the Place of Creative Writing Programs in American Universities
3741 Belk, John 2007-07-14 THESIS
A comparison of diagnostic techniques for detecting salmonella spp in equine fecal samples using culture methods, gel-based pcr, and real-time pcr assays
3742 Smith, Shelle Ann 2003-05-01 THESIS
Soil stabilization using optimum quantity of calcium chloride with Class F fly ash
3743 Choi, Hyung Jun 2005-08-01 THESIS
Evaluation of the relationship between animal temperament and stress responsiveness to M. longissimus lumborum tenderness in feedlot cattle
3744 King, David Andrew 2005-12-01 THESIS
Time lapse HDR: time lapse photography with high dynamic range images
3745 Clark, Brian Sean 2005-08-29 THESIS
Woodland development and soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics and storage in a subtropical savanna ecosystem
3746 Liao, Julia Den-Yue 2004-12-01 THESIS
Adaptive excitation control in power systems
3747 Chiu, Pei-Chen 2003-05-01 THESIS
The effect of enzymes and starch damage on wheat flour tortilla quality
3748 Arora, Sapna 2003-12-01 THESIS
Evaluation of Disposition Scores in Bos Indicus/Bos Taurus Cross Calves at Cifferent Stages of Production
3749 Funkhouser, Rena Rebecca 2008-08-01 THESIS
Amino acids, polyamines, and nitric oxide synthesis in the ovine conceptus
3750 Kwon, Hyuk Jung 2003-05-01 THESIS

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