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Molecular analysis of secretion genes located on the syr-syp genomic island of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae strain B301D
251 Kang, Hyojeung 2004-12-01 THESIS
Drivers of demand, interrelationships, and nutritional impacts within the nonalcoholic beverage complex
252 Pittman, Grant Falwell 2004-08-01 THESIS
Studies on taxadiene synthase
253 Chow, Siew Yin 2003-05-01 THESIS
Metmyoglobin reducing ability and visual characteristics of nine selected bovine muscles
254 Behrends, Jason Monroe 2004-12-01 THESIS
Image resolution analysis: a new, robust approach to seismic survey design
255 Tzimeas, Constantinos 2005-05-01 THESIS
Reduced gravity rankine cycle design and optimization with passive vortex phase separation
256 Supak, Kevin Robert 2007-12-01 THESIS
Human skeletal remains of the ancient Maya in the caves of Dos Pilas, Guatemala
257 Minjares, Amador 2003-08-01 THESIS
Layered Wyner-Ziv video coding for noisy channels
258 Xu, Qian 2004-08-01 THESIS
Imazethapyr: red rice control and resistance, and environmental fate
259 Avila, Luis Antonio 2005-08-01 THESIS
Data mining of market information to assess at-home pork demand
260 Asatryan, Armen A. 2003-12-01 THESIS
Biochemical and physical factors affecting color characteristics of selected bovine muscles
261 McKenna, David Richard 2003-12-01 THESIS
Characterization of the 3-D Properties of the Fine-Grained Turbidite 8 Sand Reservoir, Green Canyon 18, Gulf of Mexico
262 Plantevin, Matthieu Francois 2003-05-01 THESIS
Damage initiation, progression and failure of polymer matrix composites due to manufacturing induced defects
263 Chowdhury, Khairul Alam 2003-05-01 THESIS
Pool boiling on nano-finned surfaces
264 Sriraman, Sharan Ram 2007-12-01 THESIS
Connection of modular steel beam precast slab units with cast-in-place closure pour slabs
265 Brush, Natalie Camille 2004-12-01 THESIS
Environmentally related water trading, transfers and environmental flows: Welfare, water demand and flows
266 Han, Man Seung 2008-05-01 THESIS
Code design based on metric-spectrum and applications
267 Papadimitriou, Panayiotis D. 2004-12-01 THESIS
Design techniques for graph-based error-correcting codes and their applications
268 Lan, Ching Fu 2004-12-01 THESIS
Effect of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid and related nutrients on plasma lipids, and skin and hair coat condition in canines
269 Hester, Shaleah Lynnae 2004-08-01 THESIS
When pixels speak: why video games deserve free speech protection; why video games will not receive free speech protection
270 Bailey, Joseph Harold 2003-05-01 THESIS
Teachers', parents', and students' perceptions of effective school characteristics of two Texas urban exemplary open-enrollment charter schools
271 Albert - Green, DeEadra Florence 2005-08-01 THESIS
Cryptosporidium parvum: enhancing our understanding of its unique fatty acid metabolism and the elucidation of putative new inhibitors
272 Fritzler, Jason Michael 2008-05-01 THESIS
New inflow performance relationships for gas condensate reservoirs
273 Del Castillo Maravi, Yanil 2003-08-01 THESIS
274 Han, Shuo 2006-08-16 THESIS
Simulation study of the effect of well spacing, effect of permeability anisotropy, and effect of Palmer and Mansoori model on coalbed methane production
275 Zulkarnain, Ismail 2005-12-01 THESIS
Needs assessment for career development programs in the Taiwan Power Company (TPC)
276 Lee, Yi-Hsuan 2005-08-29 THESIS
The existence of metrics of nonpositive curvature on the Brady-Krammer complexes for finite-type Artin groups
277 Choi, Woonjung 2003-05-01 THESIS
Observations and modeling of mixing processes in a fresh water reservoir - Valle de Bravo (Mexico)
278 Singhal, Gaurav 2005-12-01 THESIS
AI-2-like acttivity mediated E. coli O157:H7 survival and virulence gene expression in the presence of ground beef extracts
279 Soni, Kamleshkumar Arvindkumar 2003-05-01 THESIS
Nonlinear classification of Banach spaces
280 Randrianarivony, Nirina Lovasoa 2005-08-01 THESIS
Binational collaboration in recovery of endangered species: the Mexican wolf as a case study
281 Bernal Stoopen, Jose Francisco 2003-05-01 THESIS
Teachers' perceptions of their experiences with including students with special needs in the general education classroom setting throughout public and private schools in Texas
282 Finegan, Jane Elizabeth 2004-12-01 THESIS
Impact of AASHTO LRFD specifications on the design of precast, pretensioned u-beam bridges
283 Adnan, Mohsin 2005-12-01 THESIS
Aspect ratio effect on heat transfer in rotating two-pass rectangular channels with smooth walls and ribbed walls
284 Fu, Wen-Lung 2005-05-01 THESIS
Pseudokarst topography in a humid environment caused by contaminant-induced colloidal dispersion
285 Sassen, Douglas Spencer 2003-12-01 THESIS
Use of a web-based delphi for identifying critical components of a professional science master's program in biotechnology
286 Kantz, Jeannine Wells 2004-12-01 THESIS
Bounds on the map threshold of iterative decoding systems with erasure noise
287 Wang, Chia-Wen 2008-08-01 THESIS
Effects of composted dairy manure on soil chemical properties and forage yield and nutritive value of coastal Bermudagrass [Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.]
288 Helton, Thomas J. 2004-12-01 THESIS
289 Wilson, Mary J 2006-08-16 THESIS
The bathymetric zonation and community structure of deep-sea macrobenthos in the northern Gulf of Mexico
290 Wei, Chih-Lin 2006-12-01 THESIS
Person-environment congruence and the identity development of young adults: converging two theories of career development
291 Lancaster, Brian Paul 2005-05-01 THESIS
A comparison of management and leadership skills critical to the principalship as perceived by superintendents in selected independent school districts in Texas
292 White, Katherine Alia 2005-12-01 THESIS
Investigation of trace amounts of gas on microvave water-cut measurement
293 Liu, Jin 2003-05-01 THESIS
Assessing the potential and limitations of heavy oil upgrading by electron beam irradiation
294 Zhussupov, Daniyar 2006-12-01 THESIS
Application of new genomic methods to the characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana photomorphogenesis
295 Corbett, Robert Wayne 2005-08-01 THESIS
Solubilization and functional analysis of the lambda holin
296 Deaton, John Franklin 2004-08-01 THESIS
Pyrimidine nucleotide de novo biosynthesis as a model of metabolic control
297 Rodriguez Rodriguez, Mauricio 2005-08-01 THESIS
Wideband two-dimensional and multiple beam phased arrays and microwave applications using piezoelectric transducers
298 Kim, Sang Gyu 2005-05-01 THESIS
Informal and formal channels of communication preferred and used in the adoption of ranching practices by livestock producers in the state of Nuevo Leon of northeastern Mexico
299 Lazenby, William Lee 2005-08-01 THESIS
Control of cell division by nutrients, and ER stress signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
300 Guo, Jinbai 2003-05-01 THESIS

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