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Non-iterative joint decoding and signal processing: universal coding approach for channels with memory
51 Nangare, Nitin Ashok 2003-05-01 THESIS
On the information flow required for the scalability of the stability of motion of approximately rigid formation
52 Yadlapalli, Sai Krishna 2005-08-29 THESIS
Molecular systematics and phylogeography of the dusky dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) derived from nuclear and mitochondrial loci
53 Harlin, April Dawn 2004-12-01 THESIS
Degree of mixing downstream of rectangular bends and design of an inlet for ambient aerosol
54 Seo, Youngjin 2004-12-01 THESIS
Genetic variation in somatic embryogenesis of Rosa Hybrida L.
55 Burrell, Anna Mildred 2003-12-01 THESIS
La Belle: Rigging in the days of the spritsail topmast, a reconstruction of a seventeenth-century ship's rig
56 Corder, Catharine Leigh 2007-12-01 THESIS
Ancestral Polynesian Pottery Production and Exchange Analysis Using LA-ICP-MS
57 Bartek, Christopher 2009-06-09 THESIS
Spectroscopic investigations of the vibrational potential energy surfaces in electronic ground and excited states
58 Yang, Juan 2003-05-01 THESIS
An improved wetted-wall bioaerosol sampling cyclone
59 Phull, Manpreet Singh 2005-08-01 THESIS
A physiological and morphological analysis of the effects of nitrogen supply on the relative growth rates of nine loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) clones
60 Stover, Corey Michael 2003-05-01 THESIS
Design of bioaerosol sampling inlets
61 Nene, Rohit Ravindra 2003-05-01 THESIS
Assessment of arsenate bioavailability in iron-rich environments: development of a high-pressure liquid chromatography method of quanitification for arsenate sorbed by Fe3+-substituted chelating resins in arsenic-bearing ferrihydrite suspensions
62 Roberts, Melissa Delane 2005-08-29 THESIS
Changes in soil carbon and nitrogen associated with switchgrass production
63 Lobo Alonzo, Porfirio Jose 2004-08-01 THESIS
Multi-stage linear slot virtual impactor for concentration of bioaerosols
64 Conerly, Shawn Charles 2003-05-01 THESIS
Front-end circuits for chemical and molecular sensing
65 Kim, Youngbok 2005-08-01 THESIS
Application of an all-solid-state diode-laser-based sensor for carbon monoxide detection by optical absorption in the 4.4 ? 4.8 ┬Ám spectral region
66 Rodolfo, Barron Jimenez 2004-12-01 THESIS
Evaluation of frankfurters formulated with potassium lactate and sodium diacetate and innocualted with Listeria monocytogenes before and after irradiation treatment
67 Knight, Timothy David 2003-05-01 THESIS
Phylogenetics of the genus Scotophilus (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae): perspectives from paternally and maternally inherited genomes with emphasis on African species
68 Trujillo, Robert Greg 2005-08-01 THESIS
Evaluation and heritability of ergot resistance derived from sorghum germplasm IS8525.
69 Mateo Moncada, Rafael Arturo 2003-12-01 THESIS
Reconstruction in tomography with diffracting sources
70 Xu, Yuan 2003-12-01 THESIS
New measures and effects of stochastic resonance
71 Sethuraman, Swaminathan 2004-08-01 THESIS
Implicit runge-kutta methods to simulate unsteady incompressible flows
72 Ijaz, Muhammad 2007-12-01 THESIS
Business-to-business electronic marketplaces: membership and use drivers
73 Koch, Hope Arlene 2003-12-01 THESIS
Evaluation of the application uniformity of subsurface drip distribution systems
74 Weynand, Vance Leo 2003-05-01 THESIS
BOD5 removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands
75 Melton, Rebecca Hobbs 2003-05-01 THESIS
A tale of two cacti: studies in Astrophytum asterias and Lophophora williamsii
76 Terry, Martin Kilman 2005-12-01 THESIS
Predicting boll weevil eradication induced pest outbreaks in Texas cotton
77 Butler, James Joseph 2004-08-01 THESIS
Benchmarking value in the pork supply chain: quantitative strategies and opportunities to improve quality in ham and belly processing
78 Person, Ryan Christopher 2003-08-01 THESIS
Belly-Up in the Bayou, Who's the Culprit? Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters of Offatts Bayou Galveston, TX
79 Skinner, Allison C. 2007-09-17 THESIS
Insights into relationships among rodent lineages based on mitochondrial genome sequence data
80 Frabotta, Laurence John 2005-12-01 THESIS
Shape memory response and microstructural evolution of a severe plastically deformed high temperature shape memory alloy (NiTiHf)
81 Simon, Anish Abraham 2004-12-01 THESIS
The Drug Evaluation and Classification Program in the state of Texas: a validation study
82 Walden, Troy Duane 2005-05-01 THESIS
Design of high efficiency blowers for future aerosol applications
83 Chadha, Raman 2005-12-01 THESIS
Second law analysis of premixed compression ignition combustion in a diesel engine using a thermodynamic engine cycle simulation
84 Oak, Sushil Shreekant 2008-08-01 THESIS
Remodelling the cavity of a transmembrane pore by genetic engineering
85 Jung, Yunhee 2003-05-01 THESIS
Grain refinement of cast niobium via equal channel angular extrusion/annealing
86 Bryant, Don O. 2005-12-01 THESIS
A system for continuous sampling of bioaerosols generated by a postal sorting machine
87 Richardson, Mathews Sears 2003-08-01 THESIS
Enantioselective total synthesis of the potent antitumor agent dibromophakellstatin en route to dibromophakellin and palau'amine
88 Poullennec, Karine 2003-08-01 THESIS
A numerical study of heat and momentum transfer over a bank of flat tubes
89 Bahaidarah, Haitham M. 2004-08-01 THESIS
The role of docosahexaenoic acid in mediating mitochondrial membrane lipid peroxidation and apoptosis in colonocytes.
90 Ng, Yee Voon 2004-08-01 THESIS
Regulation of cloned cardiac channels
91 Balasubramanian, Bharathi 2005-08-01 THESIS
Diurnal variations in methane emission from rice plants
92 Laskowski, Nicholas Aaron 2004-08-01 THESIS
Quantitative analyses of plant remains from the NAN Ranch Ruin, Grant County, New Mexico
93 Rose, Carolyn June 2004-08-01 THESIS
Studies of the chemical mechanisms of flavoenzymes
94 Sobrado, Pablo 2003-08-01 THESIS
Molecular tools for marker-assisted breeding of buffelgrass
95 Jessup, Russell William 2005-08-01 THESIS
Two essays on monetary policy under the Taylor rule
96 Suh, Jeong Eui 2004-08-01 THESIS
Severe plastic deformation of difficult-to-work alloys
97 Yapici, Guney Guven 2004-09-30 THESIS
A new computational approach to the synthesis of fixed order controllers
98 Malik, Waqar Ahmad 2007-12-01 THESIS
Refined understanding of sulfur amino acid nutrition in hybrid striped bass, Morone chrysops (male symbol) x M. saxatilis (female symbol)
99 Kelly, Mark Christopher 2005-08-29 THESIS
Systematics of cross sections for target K-vacancy production in heavy ion collisions
100 Peng, Yong 2006-12-01 THESIS

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