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An intact chest from the 1686 French shipwreck La Belle, Matagorda Bay, Texas [electronic resource] : artifacts from the La Salle colonization expedition to the Spanish Sea /
1 West, Michael Carl THESIS
Blank optimization in sheet metal forming using finite element simulation [electronic resource] /
2 Goel, Amit THESIS
Development of a chemical dosimeter for electron beam food irradiation [electronic resource] /
3 Rivadeneira, Ramiro THESIS
Cholesterol lowering effects of bovine serum immunoglobulin in human participants with mild hypercholesterolemia [electronic resource] /
4 Black, Melinda Lori THESIS
Benchmarking value in the pork supply chain [electronic resource] : quantitative strategies and opportunities to improve quality in ham and belly processing /
5 Person, Ryan Christopher THESIS
Enantioselective total synthesis of the potent antitumor agent dibromophakellstatin en route to dibromophakellin and palau'amine [electronic resource] /
6 Poullennec, Karine THESIS
Toward the standardization of use-wear studies : constructing an analogue to prehistoric hide work /
7 Wiederhold, James Edward 2004-01-01 THESIS
Quantitative analyses of plant remains from the NAN Ranch Ruin, Grant County, New Mexico [electronic resource] /
8 Rose, Carolyn June THESIS
Investigations of amino acid-based surfactants at liquid interfaces [electronic resource] /
9 Yang, Dengliang. THESIS
Investigation of a xenia effect for yield caused by the waxy gene in grain sorghum [electronic resource] /
10 Kuhlman, Leslie Charles THESIS
Species composition and seasonal abundance of stink bugs in cotton in the Lower Texas Gulf Coast and the virulence of Euschistus species to cotton [electronic resource] /
11 Hopkins, Bradley Wayne THESIS
Evaluation of PGR properties of TRIMAX in cotton [electronic resource] /
12 McGuire, Cy Christopher THESIS
Determination of diffusion coefficient for unsaturated soils [electronic resource] /
13 Sood, Eeshani THESIS
Structure and kinematics of the Suzume fault, Okitsu melange, Shimanto accretionary complex, Japan [electronic resource] /
14 Kanaya, Takamasa THESIS
Genetic diversity and combining ability among sorghum conversion lines [electronic resource] /
15 Mateo Moncada, Rafael Arturo THESIS
The role of iron oxyhydroxides in phosphorus chemistry of some East Texas forest soils [electronic resource] /
16 Hass, Amir THESIS
Global oceanic rainfall estimation from AMSR-E data based on a radiative transfer model [electronic resource] /
17 Jin, Kyoung-Wook THESIS
Enrichment of canine gestation and lactation diets with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids to support neurologic development [electronic resource] /
18 Heinemann, Kimberly Michele THESIS
Cap de Creus canyon [electronic resource] : a link between shelf and slope sediment dispersal systems in the western Gulf of Lions, France /
19 DeGeest, Amy Louise THESIS
Observations and modeling of mixing processes in a fresh water reservoir [electronic resource] : Valle de Bravo (Mexico) /
20 Singhal, Gaurav THESIS
Person-environment congruence and the identity development of young adults: converging two theories of career development [electronic resource] /
21 Lancaster, Brian Paul THESIS
Extraction of the second-order nonlinear response from model test data in random seas and comparison of the Gaussian and non-Gaussian models [electronic resource] /
22 Kim, Nungsoo THESIS
Optimal shape design for a layered periodic structure [electronic resource] /
23 Flanagan, Michael Brady. THESIS
The effects between two slotted plate flow meter under single, two, three components flow condition [electronic resource] /
24 Park, Sang Hyan THESIS
Nonlinear surface approximation using photogammetry [electronic resource] /
25 Osgood, Elizabeth THESIS
Common messenger molecules and cell types demonstrating neuroendocrine-immune interactions in the chicken [electronic resource] /
26 Oubre, Cherie Morgan THESIS
Reduced order modeling for transport phenomena based on proper orthogonal decomposition [electronic resource] /
27 Yuan, Tao THESIS
Bulk-Flow analysis for force and moment coefficients of a shrouded centrifugal compressor impeller [electronic resource] /
28 Gupta, Manoj Kumar THESIS
3D engine for immersive virtual environments [electronic resource] /
29 Anderson, Christopher Dean THESIS
Cross-cultural assessment of eating disorders: psychometric properties of Spanish version of Bulimia Test-Revised [electronic resource] /
30 Berri?os-Herna?ndez, Mayra N. THESIS
Performance and application of the Modular Acoustic Velocity Sensor (M.A.V.S.) current meter for laboratory measurements [electronic resource] /
31 Besnard, Ste?phane THESIS
Machine augmented composite materials for damping purposes [electronic resource] /
32 McCutcheon, David Matthew THESIS
A conceptual model to estimate the nitrogen requirement of corn (Zea mays L.) [electronic resource] /
33 Lopez Collado, Catalino Jorge THESIS
Design of regulated velocity flow assurance device for petroleum industry [electronic resource] /
34 Yardi, Chaitanya THESIS
The Soprants [electronic resource] : conceptual and technical framework for a 3D interactive video game /
35 Nakamura, Tatsuya THESIS
Motion planning under uncertainty [electronic resource] : application to an unmanned helicopter /
36 Davis, Joshua Daniel THESIS
Design of fuel optimal maneuvers for multi-spacecraft interferometric imaging systems [electronic resource] /
37 Ramirez Riberos, Jaime Luis THESIS
Sensitivity of mesoscale gravity waves to the baroclinicity of jet-front systems [electronic resource] /
38 Wang, Shuguang THESIS
The structure and mechanism of bacterial dihydroorotase [electronic resource] /
39 Porter, Tamiko Neal THESIS
Distributed motion planning algorithms for a collection of vehicles [electronic resource] /
40 Pargaonkar, Sudhir Sharadrao THESIS
Intervention in gene regulatory networks [electronic resource] /
41 Choudhary, Ashish THESIS
An assessment of subsea production systems /
42 Devegowda, Deepak THESIS
Taxes, user charges and the public finance of college education [electronic resource] /
43 Kim, Dokoan THESIS
The role of the superintendent as perceived by school administrators and school board presidents in Texas public schools in Region 20 ESC [electronic resource] /
44 Running, Peter John THESIS
Physically based simulation of explosions [electronic resource] /
45 Roach, Matthew Douglas THESIS
Functional data analysis [electronic resource] : classification and regression /
46 Lee, Ho-Jin THESIS
Study of methods for greenways acquisition in city planning [electronic resource] /
47 Griffin, Sven Troy THESIS
Real-time metaphorical visualization of multi-dimensional environmental data [electronic resource] /
48 Aley, Eric Brian THESIS
The impact of modern headlamps on the design of sag vertical curves [electronic resource] /
49 Gogula, Madhuri THESIS
Forced two layer beta-plane quasi-geostrophic flow [electronic resource] /
50 Onica, Constantin THESIS

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