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Pounding and impact of base isolated buildings due to earthquakes [electronic resource] /
151 Agarwal, Vivek Kumar THESIS
Ambient pH signaling influences phosphate transport in Neurospora crassa [electronic resource] /
152 Kennedy, Patrick Wade THESIS
Challenging hegemony in education [electronic resource] : specific parrhesiastic scholars, care of the self, and relations of power
153 Huckaby, M. Francyne THESIS
Empowering elementary teachers in Texas to prepare their students for the science section of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) 2003 [electronic resource] /
154 Blackmon, Scott Alexander THESIS
Comparative analysis of remaining oil saturation in waterflood patterns based on analytical modeling and simulation [electronic resource] /
155 Azimov, Anar Etibar THESIS
SUCCES, Satisfying Unions through Couples Communication and Enhancement Skills [electronic resource] : a secondary prevention and enhancement program for married couples /
156 Oxford, Mary Cunningham THESIS
Photoacoustic and thermoacoustic tomography [electronic resource] : system development for biomedical applications /
157 Ku, Geng THESIS
Rediscovering the philosophical importance of Jose Ingenieros [electronic resource] /
158 Gomez, Manuela Alejandra THESIS
High-performance signal acquisition algorithms for wireless communications receivers [electronic resource] /
159 Shi, Kai THESIS
Is physical practice necessary for parallel development of implicit and explicit sequence knowledge? Evidence from observational learning [electronic resource] by Kirk A. Zihlman.
160 Zihlman, Kirk A. THESIS
Intrusion detection in mobile ad hoc networks [electronic resource] /
161 Sun, Bo THESIS
Effects of family routines and family stress on child competencies [electronic resource] /
162 Hill, Crystal Renee THESIS
Divine simplicity as actus purus [electronic resource] /
163 Gehring, Allen Stanley THESIS
Influences on learner-learner interaction in online classes [electronic resource] /
164 Fite, Shannon Diane THESIS
Relationship of organizational communication methods and leaders' perceptions of the 2002 Farm Bill [electronic resource] : a study of selected commodity-specific, general agricultural, and natural resources organizations /
165 Catchings, Christa L. THESIS
Children's achievement goals, attitudes, and disruptive behaviors in an after-school physical activity program [electronic resource] /
166 Agbuga, Bulent THESIS
Fast history matching of finite-difference model, compressible and three-phase flow using streamline-derived sensitivities [electronic resource] /
167 Cheng, Hao THESIS
Overcoming the barriers [electronic resource] : school success of Mexican American graduates from Pan American University in South Texas from 1955 to 1975 /
168 Garcia, Juanita Celia THESIS
Reducing stress in sheep by feeding the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum [electronic resource] /
169 Archer, Gregory Scott THESIS
Analytical models to evaluate system performance measures for vehicle based material-handling systems under various dispatching policies [electronic resource] /
170 Lee, Moonsu THESIS
The significance of organic carbon and sediment surface area to the benthic biogeochemistry of the slope and deep water environments of the northern Gulf of Mexico [electronic resource] /
171 Beazley, Melanie J THESIS
A reliability assessment methodology for distribution systems with distributed generation [electronic resource] /
172 Duttagupta, Suchismita Sujaya THESIS
Deep-tow study of magnetic anomalies in the Pacific Jurassic Quiet Zone [electronic resource] /
173 Tominaga, Masako THESIS
Continuous multi-phase feeding of broiler chickens [electronic resource] /
174 Nasril, 1964- THESIS
Energy landscape and electric field mediated interfacial colloidal assembly [electronic resource] /
175 Bahukudumbi, Pradipkumar THESIS
Laboratory investigation of chemical and physical properties of soot-containing aerosols [electronic resource] /
176 Zhang, Dan THESIS
The effect of pet ownership/attachment on the stress level of multiple sclerosis patients [electronic resource] /
177 Loven, Ashley Marie THESIS
Citrus tristeza virus [electronic resource] : characterization of Texas isolates, studies on aphid transmission and pathogen-derived control strategies /
178 Herron, Caroline Mary THESIS
Resource conservation and optimization via process integration [electronic resource] /
179 Gabriel, Frederico Burjack THESIS
Near infrared fluorescent optical lymphography for cancer diagnostics [electronic resource] /
180 Houston, Jessica Perea THESIS
Causal equivalence of frames [electronic resource] /
181 Henderson, Troy Lee THESIS
A comparison of clovis caches [electronic resource] /
182 Lassen, Robert Detlef THESIS
Effects of SpayVac[subscript TM] on urban white-tailed deer at Johnson Space Center [electronic resource] /
183 Hernandez, Saul THESIS
Phenotypic characterization of rhizobia that nodulate ball clover [electronic resource] /
184 Cepeda Hernandez, Martha Lucia THESIS
Functional photoacoustic tomography of animal brains [electronic resource] /
185 Wang, Xueding THESIS
Thermal runaway reaction hazard and decomposition mechanism of the hydroxylamine system [electronic resource] /
186 Wei, Chunyang THESIS
A component-based collaboration infrastructure [electronic resource] by Yi Yang.
187 Yang, Yi THESIS
Board independence and corporate governance [electronic resource] : evidence from director resignations /
188 Gupta, Manu THESIS
Beta dose distribution for randomly packed microspheres [electronic resource] /
189 Urashkin, Alexander THESIS
Evaluation of the effects of a highway improvement project on Key deer [electronic resource] /
190 Braden, Anthony Wayne THESIS
Population modeling in conservation planning of the Lower Keys marsh rabbit [electronic resource]
191 LaFever, David Howard THESIS
Environmental impacts of the digital economy [electronic resource] : The case of Austin, Texas, 1990-2008 /
192 Tu, Wei THESIS
Constructing a GIS-based 3D urban model using LiDAR and aerial photographs [electronic resource] /
193 Lin, Wei-Ming THESIS
Analysis and correlation of volcanic ash in marine sediments from the Peru Margin, Ocean Drilling Program Leg 201 [electronic resource] : explosive volcanic cycles of the north-central Andes /
194 Hart, Shirley Dawn THESIS
Groundwater remediation at a former oil service site [electronic resource] /
195 Han, Liping THESIS
Ecology of Owens Valley vole [electronic resource] /
196 Nelson, Fletcher Chris THESIS
Use of incident databases for cause and consequence analysis and national estimates [electronic resource] /
197 Obidullah, A.S.M. THESIS
Variance reduction and outlier identification for I [subscript DDQ] testing of integrated chips using principal component analysis [electronic resource] /
198 Balasubramanian, Vijay THESIS
Porosity characterization utilizing petrographic image analysis [electronic resource] : implications for identifying and ranking reservoir flow units, Happy Spraberry Field, Garza County, Texas /
199 Layman, John Morgan THESIS
Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis CmtRMtb, a Pb(II)/Cd(II)-sensing SmtB/ArsR metalloregulatory repressor, and a homolog from S. coelicolor A3(2) [electronic resource] /
200 Wang, Yun THESIS

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