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Fractional-N PLL with 90° phase shift lock and active switched-capacitor loop filter [electronic resource] /
101 Park, Joohwan THESIS
Limitations for detecting small-scale faults using the coherency analysis of seismic data [electronic resource] /
102 Barnett, David Benjamin THESIS
The relationship between reading comprehension skill assessment methods and academic success for first semester students in a selected Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Texas [electronic resource] /
103 Cook, Jennifer D. THESIS
Recognition and representation of user interest [electronic resource] /
104 Badi, Rajiv Ravindranath THESIS
Toward a multilevel theory of career development [electronic resource] : advancing human resource development theory building /
105 Upton, Matthew Glen THESIS
Pressure transient testing and productivity analysis for horizontal wells [electronic resource] /
106 Cheng, Yueming THESIS
The imbibition process of waterflooding in naturally fractured reservoirs [electronic resource] /
107 Huapaya Lo?pez, Christian A THESIS
The development and testing of a nonconsequentialist decision-making model [electronic resource] /
108 Elaydi, Raed Saber THESIS
Obstacles in pursuing teacher certification of paraprofessional employees in a Texas urban school district [electronic resource] /
109 Marz, Carrie Oden THESIS
Foundations for a sociological business performance paradigm based upon the fundamental reliance on and awareness of cultural imperatives [electronic resource] /
110 Marshall, Henry Samuel THESIS
Impact of AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications on the design of Type C and AASHTO Type IV girder bridges [electronic resource] /
111 Mohammed, Safiuddin Adil THESIS
Optical modeling and resist metrology for deep-UV photolithography [electronic resource] /
112 Liu, Chao THESIS
Analysis and identification of vortices within a turbulent channel boundary layer flow [electronic resource] /
113 Maroni Veiga, Adrian Gaston THESIS
Envelope [electronic resource] : estimation of bottleneck and available bandwidth over multiple congested links /
114 Bhati, Amit THESIS
The existence of metrics of nonpositive curvature on the Brady-Krammer complexes for finite-type Artin groups [electronic resource] /
115 Choi, Woonjung THESIS
Cost of being a Mexican immigrant and being a Mexican non-citizen in California and Texas [electronic resource] /
116 Takei, Isao THESIS
Bahamian ship graffiti [electronic resource] /
117 Turner, Grace S. THESIS
Examination of supervisor assessments of employee work-life conflict, supervisor support, and subsequent outcomes [electronic resource] by Satoris Sabrina Youngcourt.
118 Youngcourt, Satoris Sabrina THESIS
Either side of a line [electronic resource] /
119 White, Lowell Mick THESIS
A DSP embedded optical naviagtion system [electronic resource] /
120 Gunnam, Kiran Kumar THESIS
Backward time behavior of dissipative PDE [electronic resource] /
121 Dascaliuc, Radu THESIS
Attachment theory as a predictor of female aggression [electronic resource] /
122 Beckner, Helen Minette THESIS
The correlational and causal investigation into the land use-transportation relationships electronic resource] : evidence from the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area /
123 Lee, Sangkug THESIS
Device for automating in vitro characterization of lymphatic vessel function [electronic resource] /
124 Rajagopalan, Shruti THESIS
Steganalysis of video sequences using collusion sensitivity [electronic resource] /
125 Budhia, Udit THESIS
Suggestions for dealership development to suit needs of a new kind of John Deere customer: a study of [electronic resource] by Maria Alexandrovna Pospeshnova.
126 Pospeshnova, Maria Alexandrovna THESIS
Morphological themes of informal housing in Colonias [electronic resource] : impacts of sociocultural identity on Webb County housing form /
127 Mohamed Kamal El Sayed Ibrahim, Azza THESIS
A model for the development of a lobate alpine rock glacier in southwest Colorado, USA [electronic resource] : implications for water on Mars /
128 Degenhardt, John Jerome. THESIS
Heat transfer enhancement in a channel with porous baffles [electronic resource] /
129 Ko, Kang-Hoon THESIS
Model reduction of systems exhibiting two-time scale behavior or parametric uncertainty [electronic resource] /
130 Sun, Chuili THESIS
Assessment of suspended dust from pipe rattling operations [electronic resource] /
131 Park, Ju-Myon THESIS
Application of motor capacitors to improve facility power usage in the industrial setting [electronic resource] /
132 Hillhouse, William Jeffrey THESIS
Macro-modeling and energy efficiency studies of file management in embedded systems with flash memory [electronic resource] /
133 Goyal, Nitesh THESIS
Studies on gene expression profiling in JB6 cells susceptible and resistant to tumor promoter induced neoplastic transformation and regulation of gene expression at the AP-1 DNA binding site [electronic resource] /
134 Samuel, Shaija THESIS
A rigorous compressible streamline formulation for black oil and compositional simulation [electronic resource] /
135 Osako, Ichiro THESIS
On two-sample data analysis by exponential model [electronic resource] /
136 Choi, Sujung THESIS
Bear Creek [electronic resource] : a case study in locating historic site remains in southeast Texas /
137 Stahman, Andrea Renee THESIS
Investigation of techniques for improvement of seasonal streamflow forecasts in the Upper Rio Grande Basin [electronic resource] /
138 Lee, Song-Weon THESIS
On simple modules for certain pointed Hopf algebras [electronic resource] /
139 Pereira Lopez, Mariana THESIS
Nonlinearly consistent schemes for coupled problems in reactor analysis [electronic resource] /
140 Mahadevan, Vijay Subramaniam THESIS
Low-power current-mode ADC for CMOS sensor IC [electronic resource] /
141 Agarwal, Anuj THESIS
AC system stability analysis and assessment for Shipboard Power Systems [electronic resource] /
142 Qi, Li THESIS
Organizational, financial and demographic characteristics of charter schools in Texas and their relationship to school performance [electronic resource] /
143 D'Lorm, Raul THESIS
Economic impact of country-of-origin labeling in the U.S. beef industry [electronic resource] /
144 Hanselka, Daniel David THESIS
Faculty perceptions about attributes and barriers impacting the adoption and diffusion of Web-Based Educational Technologies (WBETs) at the University of Cape Coast and the University of Ghana, Legon [electronic resource] /
145 Yakah, Jemima Abena THESIS
The effects of a computerized-algebra program on mathematics achievement of college and university freshmen enrolled in a developmental mathematics course / [electronic resource]
146 Taylor, Judy M. THESIS
Analyses of power system vulnerability and total transfer capability [electronic resource] /
147 Yu, Xingbin THESIS
Energy efficiency in wireless networks [electronic resource] /
148 Jung, Eun-Sun THESIS
Cost of being a Mexican immigrant and being a Mexican non-citizen in California and Texas
149 1976- Takei, Isao THESIS
Self-esteem and life satisfaction of aged individuals with and without access to computer training [electronic resource] /
150 Brown, Cindy Ann THESIS

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