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Design of compact frequency synthesizer for self-calibration in RF circuits [electronic resource] /
51 Park, Sanghoon THESIS
The suprachiasmatic nucleus of the domestic chicken, Gallus domesticus [electronic resource] /
52 Cantwell, Elizabeth Layne THESIS
Austin Fracture mapping using frequency data derived from seismic data [electronic resource] /
53 Najmuddin, Ilyas Juzer. THESIS
Role of the opioid system in the behavioral deficit observed after uncontrollable shock [electronic resource] /
54 Washburn, Stephanie Nicole THESIS
Resource conservation through a hierarchical approach of mass and energy integration [electronic resource] /
55 Mahmud, Rubayat THESIS
A principal in transition [electronic resource] : an autoethnography /
56 Dethloff, Carl Henry THESIS
Development of a control algorithm for a dynamic gas mixing system [electronic resource] /
57 Lovelady, April THESIS
Analyzing the connectivity potential of landscape geomorphic systems: a radar remote sensing and GIS approach, Estufa Canyon, Texas, USA [electronic resource] /
58 Ibrahim, ElSayed Ali THESIS
A multiscale model for predicting damage evolution in heterogeneous viscoelastic media [electronic resource] /
59 Searcy, Chad Randall THESIS
The role of andragogy and self-directed learning in the draft horse industry [electronic resource] /
60 Hynes, James William THESIS
Computational upscaled modeling of heterogeneous porous media flow utilizing finite volume method [electronic resource] /
61 Ginting, Victor Eralingga THESIS
Making of The Color of Oil [electronic resource] : a contemporary pattern for unleashing the potential of science and technology journalism /
62 Oligney, Ronald E. THESIS
Science and religion [electronic resource] : a search for synergism /
63 Jones, J. Michael THESIS
An experimental setup to evaluate the daylighting performance of an advanced optical light pipe for deep-plan office buildings [electronic resource] /
64 Martins Mogo de Nadal, Betina Gisela THESIS
A semiotic analysis of biotechnology and food safety photographs [electronic resource] /
65 Norwood, Jennifer Lynn THESIS
Situational correlates of disclosure of child sexual abuse [electronic resource] /
66 Wiley, Elizabeth Stirling THESIS
Modification of turbulent structure in channel flows by microbubble injection close to the wall [electronic resource] /
67 Gutierrez Torres, Claudia del THESIS
The d-bar-Neumann operator and the Kobayashi metric [electronic resource] /
68 Kim, Mijoung THESIS
Buffer insertion in large circuits using look-ahead and back-off techniques [electronic resource] /
69 Waghmode, Mandar THESIS
Risk assessment of surface vs subsea blowout preventers (bops) on mobile offshore drilling units focusing on riser failure and the use of subsea shear rams [electronic resource] /
70 Melendez, Jorge Luis THESIS
Advanced neutron irradiation system using Texas A&M University Nuclear Science Center Reactor [electronic resource] /
71 Jang, Si Young THESIS
Consequence analysis of aqueous ammonia spills using an improved liquid pool evaporation model [electronic resource] /
72 Raghunathan, Vijay THESIS
General Electric PETtrace cyclotron as a neutron source for boron neutron capture therapy [electronic resource] /
73 Bosko, Andrey THESIS
Character of the diatom assemblage spanning a depositional transition in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean at 6.6 Ma [electronic resource] /
74 Brookshire, Brian Neville THESIS
The Question concerning Heidegger technology and being, a deeper understanding : a thesis /
A power model of management team restructuring and executive exit in IPO-stage firms [electronic resource] : antecedents and performance effects /
76 Li, Jun THESIS
Investigation of glacial dynamics in lambert glacial basin using satellite remote sensing techniques [electronic resource] /
77 Yu, Jaehyung THESIS
Endogenous trade protection under regional trade agreements [electronic resource] : the Andean case /
78 Sanchez Bizot, Gustavo THESIS
Improved steamflood analytical model [electronic resource] /
79 Chandra, Suandy THESIS
Determining transit impact on Seoul office rent and land value: an application of spatial econometrics [electronic resource] /
80 Kim, Jin THESIS
United States navy fleet problems and the development of carrier aviation, 1929-1933 [electronic resource] /
81 Wadle, Ryan David THESIS
Streamline-based simulation of water injection in naturally fractured reservoirs [electronic resource] /
82 Al Huthali, Ahmed THESIS
Summarizing FLARE assay images in colon carcinogenesis [electronic resource] /
83 Leyk Williams, Malgorzata THESIS
Streamline-based production data integration in naturally fractured reservoirs [electronic resource] /
84 Al Harbi, Mishal Habis THESIS
Analysis of the factors and the roles of HRD in organizational learning styles as identified by key informants at selected corporations in the Republic of Korea [electronic resource] /
85 Jeong, Jinchul THESIS
Applications of artificial neural networks in the identification of flow units, Happy Spraberry Field, Garza County, Texas [electronic resource] /
86 Gentry, Matthew David THESIS
Simulation of anisotropic wave propagation in Vertical Seismic Profiles [electronic resource] /
87 Durussel, Vincent Bernard. THESIS
Mitochondrial-DNA variation and the evolutionary affinities of the Peromyscus maniculatus complex from western North America [electronic resource] /
88 Walker, Mindy Lynn THESIS
Deviance as an antecedent and consequence of early transitions to adulthood: mediating effects and moderating conditions [electronic resource] /
89 Halim, Shaheen THESIS
Online assessment [electronic resource] : a study of the validation and implementation of a formative online diagnostic tool in developmental mathematics for college students /
90 Kadhi, TauGamba THESIS
Measurements of moisture suction in hot mix asphalt mixes [electronic resource] /
91 Kassem, Emad Abdel-Rahman THESIS
Role of aggregation conditions and presence of small heat shock proteins on a [Beta] structure, stability and toxicity [electronic resource] /
92 Lee, Sung Mun THESIS
An evaluation of the small farmer outreach training and technical assistance program for farmers of color in Texas [electronic resource] /
93 Daniels, Nelson T THESIS
Automated crack control analysis for concrete pavement construction [electronic resource] /
94 Jang, Se Hoon THESIS
Reconstruction and attributes of jets observed in [square root of s] = 200 GeV proton-proton and deuteron-gold collisions at STAR [electronic resource] /
95 Henry, Thomas William THESIS
Learning under fire [electronic resource] : a combat unit in the Southwest Pacific /
96 Powell, James Scott THESIS
Utilizing body temperature to evaluate ovulation in mature mares [electronic resource] /
97 Bowman, Marissa Coral THESIS
Studies of the chemical and regulatory mechanisms of tyrosine hydroxylase [electronic resource] /
98 Frantom, Patrick Allen THESIS
The use of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) for biomedical applications [electronic resource] /
99 Chowdhury, Mustafa Habib THESIS
Transient finite element analysis of electric double layer using Nernst-Planck-Poisson equations with a modified stern layer [electronic resource] /
100 Lim, Jong IL THESIS

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