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Interactions in colloidal systems [electronic resource] /
1 Huang, Haohao. THESIS
Role of proinflammatory cytokines in controlling lymphocyte trafficking during fever-range thermal stress [electronic resource] /
2 Chen, Qing. THESIS
The role of psychological ownership and social identity in e-business [electronic resource] : Strategies for building e-loyalty towards blog services /
3 Moon, Junghoon. THESIS
Working form [electronic resource] : The poetics of writing work (William Carlos Williams) /
4 Shaner, Timothy W. 2005-01-01 THESIS
Studies of anti-TRAP (AT) protein and its interactions with TRAP [electronic resource] /
5 Chen, Yanling. THESIS
Design of a multi electrode capacitance based liquid level sensor [electronic resource] /
6 Polasa, Deepthi. THESIS
Major disasters, stress, and GI symptoms [electronic resource] : The September 11th tragedy and its effect on persons with irritable bowel syndrome /
7 Gudleski, Gregory Daniel. THESIS
United States modernism and its quest for national literature [electronic resource] : A case of William Carlos Williams /
8 Lee, Samchool. THESIS
Digital holographic imaging [electronic resource] /
9 Huang, Suxian. THESIS
The facilated design and synthesis of chalcogen containing xanthenones and xanthylium dyes [electronic resource] /
10 Del Valle, David John. THESIS
A micromechanical study of the damage mechanics of acrylic particulate composites under thermomechanical loading [electronic resource] /
11 Nie, Shihua. 2005-01-01 THESIS
Analysis of TGF-mediated dynamics in a system of many coupled nephrons [electronic resource] /
12 Bayram, Saziye. THESIS
Borges' "Labyrinths" [electronic resource] : The limits of knowledge and the scope of universals /
13 Miranda, Matthew E. THESIS
Development of nanoelectrospray and application to protein research and drug discovery [electronic resource] /
14 Zhao, Cheng THESIS
Forms of temporal experience in the music of Toru Takemitsu [electronic resource] /
15 Deguchi, Tomoko. THESIS
A prototype of IEEE 1451.4 network capable application processor and transducer interface module with transducer electronic data sheet conversion software [electronic resource] /
16 Lee, Chiouyi. THESIS
Remote access of digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) [electronic resource] /
17 Manoharan, Prakash THESIS
ICAR [electronic resource] : an integrated cellular and ad hoc relaying system /
18 Wu, Hongyi. THESIS
Study of effects of facility damage on hospital capacity estimates and location-allocation planning for management of natural disasters [electronic resource] /
19 Paul, Jomon Aliyas. THESIS
The lateral hop test as a predictor of days lost to injury after lateral ankle sprains [electronic resource] /
20 Sandler, Eric Mathew. THESIS
Evaluating the effectiveness of an educational program on assistive technology for formal caregivers [electronic resource] /
21 Sewall, Kimberly M. THESIS
Tensile fabric structures [electronic resource] : The influence of technology on temporary traditions /
22 Markofski, Lynette. THESIS
In vitro measurement of tool-artery interaction forces during endovascular neuro-surgery using silicone phantoms [electronic resource] /
23 Sengupta, Anindita. THESIS
The relationship between perceived coaching behaviors and win-loss success in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I men and women's basketball coaches [electronic resource] /
24 Jacob, Richard L. THESIS
Are low-demand IPOs underpriced? [electronic resource] : Evidence from biotech IPOs /
25 Kang, Sangkyoo. THESIS
The Fluidic Obstacle Technique: An Approach for Enhancing Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in Pulsed Detonation Engines
26 Knox, Benjamin, MS 2011-09-01 THESIS
Temperature predictions in Lake Ontario [electronic resource] /
27 Singh, Tarun. THESIS
Charge-sharing and leakage reduction in domino CMOS circuits [electronic resource] /
28 Agarwal, Manjari. THESIS
Time-delay control of an undamped two mode system [electronic resource] /
29 Fattey, Michael G. THESIS
A computational study of substitution reactions between the fluorobenzene cation and methanol in ion clusters [electronic resource] /
30 Hudson, Matthew. THESIS
An exploration of perceived usefulness of admissions advisors, guidance counselors, family, friends, websites, campus tours, and print publications during the search and choice phases of the college selection process [electronic resource] /
31 Smith, Steven Patrick. THESIS
Essays on international trade and economic growth [electronic resource] /
32 Kim, Suyi. THESIS
Simulation and control of thyristor controlled series capacitors [electronic resource] /
33 Pandit, Nakul. THESIS
Investigation of lighting systems characteristics for operation with DC power [electronic resource] /
34 Shaikh, Faheem Zakria. THESIS
Spin injection studies from ferromagnetic contacts into indium arsenide quantum dots [electronic resource] /
35 Yasar, Mesut. THESIS
A job-centric approach to user-level intrusion detection [electronic resource] /
36 Chinchani, Ramkumar 2005-01-01 THESIS
Transperformance [electronic resource] : Transgendered reading strategies, contemporary American literature /
37 Iovannone, Jeffry J. THESIS
Optical properties of wide bandgap III-nitrides, zinc oxide and III-N/zinc oxide heterostructures [electronic resource] /
38 Cheung, Maurice C-K. THESIS
Fictions of intelligence [electronic resource] : Eighteenth-century English novels and the commerce of information, 1700--1760 /
39 Kahan, Lee Fredrick. THESIS
The mentoring of student-athletes [electronic resource] : An exploratory study of Division I AAU institutional programs /
40 Cagwin, Gabriel S. THESIS
Polymer surface chemistry [electronic resource] : Structure and reactivity of surface segments and oligomeric chain distributions from model systems to novel polymer materials /
41 Rey-Santos, Rosamil. THESIS
The French wine industry in crisis [electronic resource] : Is it a case of intellectual property rights gone too far? /
42 Brown, Vanessa L. THESIS
Rewriting a blank line in an urban poem [electronic resource] /
43 Shah, Hiren P. THESIS
Steel plate shear walls for seismic design and retrofit of building structures [electronic resource] /
44 Vian, Darren. THESIS
Freedom from want [electronic resource] : Blacks and the struggle against inequality in Buffalo, New York, 1930--1960 /
45 Esworthy, Barrett David. THESIS
Establishing perspective in Comanche narrative [electronic resource] /
46 McDaniels, Todd Alan. THESIS
A study of the relationship of study abroad and students' attitudes toward diversity and culture [electronic resource] /
47 Forgues, David M. THESIS
A reverse engineering approach to modeling reach envelopes [electronic resource] /
48 D'Souza, Clive R. THESIS
Education and community development [electronic resource] : The case of a primary school in Havana, Cuba /
49 Green, Evan T. THESIS
Emerging public spaces in marginalized urban places [electronic resource] : The political economy of community gardens in Buffalo, NY /
50 Knigge, LaDona G. THESIS

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