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Interactions in colloidal systems [electronic resource] /
1 Huang, Haohao. THESIS
Role of proinflammatory cytokines in controlling lymphocyte trafficking during fever-range thermal stress [electronic resource] /
2 Chen, Qing. THESIS
The role of psychological ownership and social identity in e-business [electronic resource] : Strategies for building e-loyalty towards blog services /
3 Moon, Junghoon. THESIS
Working form [electronic resource] : The poetics of writing work (William Carlos Williams) /
4 Shaner, Timothy W. 2005-01-01 THESIS
Studies of anti-TRAP (AT) protein and its interactions with TRAP [electronic resource] /
5 Chen, Yanling. THESIS
Design of a multi electrode capacitance based liquid level sensor [electronic resource] /
6 Polasa, Deepthi. THESIS
Major disasters, stress, and GI symptoms [electronic resource] : The September 11th tragedy and its effect on persons with irritable bowel syndrome /
7 Gudleski, Gregory Daniel. THESIS
United States modernism and its quest for national literature [electronic resource] : A case of William Carlos Williams /
8 Lee, Samchool. THESIS
Digital holographic imaging [electronic resource] /
9 Huang, Suxian. THESIS
The facilated design and synthesis of chalcogen containing xanthenones and xanthylium dyes [electronic resource] /
10 Del Valle, David John. THESIS
A micromechanical study of the damage mechanics of acrylic particulate composites under thermomechanical loading [electronic resource] /
11 Nie, Shihua. 2005-01-01 THESIS
Analysis of TGF-mediated dynamics in a system of many coupled nephrons [electronic resource] /
12 Bayram, Saziye. THESIS
Borges' "Labyrinths" [electronic resource] : The limits of knowledge and the scope of universals /
13 Miranda, Matthew E. THESIS
Development of nanoelectrospray and application to protein research and drug discovery [electronic resource] /
14 Zhao, Cheng THESIS
Forms of temporal experience in the music of Toru Takemitsu [electronic resource] /
15 Deguchi, Tomoko. THESIS
A prototype of IEEE 1451.4 network capable application processor and transducer interface module with transducer electronic data sheet conversion software [electronic resource] /
16 Lee, Chiouyi. THESIS
Remote access of digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) [electronic resource] /
17 Manoharan, Prakash THESIS
ICAR [electronic resource] : an integrated cellular and ad hoc relaying system /
18 Wu, Hongyi. THESIS
Study of effects of facility damage on hospital capacity estimates and location-allocation planning for management of natural disasters [electronic resource] /
19 Paul, Jomon Aliyas. THESIS
The lateral hop test as a predictor of days lost to injury after lateral ankle sprains [electronic resource] /
20 Sandler, Eric Mathew. THESIS
Evaluating the effectiveness of an educational program on assistive technology for formal caregivers [electronic resource] /
21 Sewall, Kimberly M. THESIS
Tensile fabric structures [electronic resource] : The influence of technology on temporary traditions /
22 Markofski, Lynette. THESIS
In vitro measurement of tool-artery interaction forces during endovascular neuro-surgery using silicone phantoms [electronic resource] /
23 Sengupta, Anindita. THESIS
The relationship between perceived coaching behaviors and win-loss success in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I men and women's basketball coaches [electronic resource] /
24 Jacob, Richard L. THESIS
Are low-demand IPOs underpriced? [electronic resource] : Evidence from biotech IPOs /
25 Kang, Sangkyoo. THESIS
The Fluidic Obstacle Technique: An Approach for Enhancing Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in Pulsed Detonation Engines
26 Knox, Benjamin, MS 2011-09-01 THESIS
Temperature predictions in Lake Ontario [electronic resource] /
27 Singh, Tarun. THESIS
Charge-sharing and leakage reduction in domino CMOS circuits [electronic resource] /
28 Agarwal, Manjari. THESIS
A computational study of substitution reactions between the fluorobenzene cation and methanol in ion clusters [electronic resource] /
29 Hudson, Matthew. THESIS
Time-delay control of an undamped two mode system [electronic resource] /
30 Fattey, Michael G. THESIS
An exploration of perceived usefulness of admissions advisors, guidance counselors, family, friends, websites, campus tours, and print publications during the search and choice phases of the college selection process [electronic resource] /
31 Smith, Steven Patrick. THESIS
Essays on international trade and economic growth [electronic resource] /
32 Kim, Suyi. THESIS
Simulation and control of thyristor controlled series capacitors [electronic resource] /
33 Pandit, Nakul. THESIS
Investigation of lighting systems characteristics for operation with DC power [electronic resource] /
34 Shaikh, Faheem Zakria. THESIS
Spin injection studies from ferromagnetic contacts into indium arsenide quantum dots [electronic resource] /
35 Yasar, Mesut. THESIS
A job-centric approach to user-level intrusion detection [electronic resource] /
36 Chinchani, Ramkumar 2005-01-01 THESIS
Transperformance [electronic resource] : Transgendered reading strategies, contemporary American literature /
37 Iovannone, Jeffry J. THESIS
Fictions of intelligence [electronic resource] : Eighteenth-century English novels and the commerce of information, 1700--1760 /
38 Kahan, Lee Fredrick. THESIS
Optical properties of wide bandgap III-nitrides, zinc oxide and III-N/zinc oxide heterostructures [electronic resource] /
39 Cheung, Maurice C-K. THESIS
The mentoring of student-athletes [electronic resource] : An exploratory study of Division I AAU institutional programs /
40 Cagwin, Gabriel S. THESIS
Polymer surface chemistry [electronic resource] : Structure and reactivity of surface segments and oligomeric chain distributions from model systems to novel polymer materials /
41 Rey-Santos, Rosamil. THESIS
The French wine industry in crisis [electronic resource] : Is it a case of intellectual property rights gone too far? /
42 Brown, Vanessa L. THESIS
Rewriting a blank line in an urban poem [electronic resource] /
43 Shah, Hiren P. THESIS
Steel plate shear walls for seismic design and retrofit of building structures [electronic resource] /
44 Vian, Darren. THESIS
Freedom from want [electronic resource] : Blacks and the struggle against inequality in Buffalo, New York, 1930--1960 /
45 Esworthy, Barrett David. THESIS
Establishing perspective in Comanche narrative [electronic resource] /
46 McDaniels, Todd Alan. THESIS
Education and community development [electronic resource] : The case of a primary school in Havana, Cuba /
47 Green, Evan T. THESIS
A study of the relationship of study abroad and students' attitudes toward diversity and culture [electronic resource] /
48 Forgues, David M. THESIS
A reverse engineering approach to modeling reach envelopes [electronic resource] /
49 D'Souza, Clive R. THESIS
Emerging public spaces in marginalized urban places [electronic resource] : The political economy of community gardens in Buffalo, NY /
50 Knigge, LaDona G. THESIS

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