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Jewish identity development in college [electronic resource] /
51 Atkinson, Nancy Ruth THESIS
Reliability and accuracy of electronic shade matching devices [electronic resource] /
52 Kim, Seungyee. THESIS
Digital video composition as a tool for learning [electronic resource] : Exploring multiple text documents in an urban social studies classroom /
53 Lauricella, Ann Marie. THESIS
Two-component model of security inspection [electronic resource] : Application and findings /
54 Ghylin, Kimberly Michelle THESIS
Experiences with professional mental health services [electronic resource] : Indian and Pakistani Americans and Canadians /
55 Holmes, Elizabeth A. THESIS
Between the tones [electronic resource] : A study of the theory and microtonal works of Alois Haba /
56 Tam, Christina Yik THESIS
Equilibrium swelling and drying kinetics of surfactant lyotropic liquid crystals [electronic resource] /
57 Munshi, Shushan Z. THESIS
New generation chemical sensors and sensor systems [electronic resource] /
58 Tehan, Elizabeth Christine. THESIS
Characterization of the LEB-3 gene expressed during erythroid terminal differentiation [electronic resource] /
59 Moskalik, Karen L. THESIS
Engineering design at the edge of rationality [electronic resource] /
60 Gurnani, Ashwin Prabhu. THESIS
Queer breeds [electronic resource] : Hybridity and futurity in Lillian Hellman, James Baldwin, and Gloria Anzaldua /
61 Tuhkanen, Mikko THESIS
Technological Privacy of Ubiquitous RFID Systems
62 Baumgaertner, Hans, MA 2012-05-11 THESIS
Embracing lives through the video lens [electronic resource] : An exploration of literacy teaching and learning with digital video technology in an urban secondary English classroom /
63 Borowicz, Suzanne. THESIS
Cis- and trans-acting factors in Trypanosoma brucei mitochondrial RNA metabolism [electronic resource] /
64 Kao, Chia-Ying. THESIS
Connecting the bits [electronic resource] : Inquiry-based learning, the World Wide Web and literacy acquisition in an urban fifth grade classroom /
65 Ikpeze, Chinwe. THESIS
Hanns Eisler's Palmstrom, Op. 5 No. 1 [electronic resource] /
66 Marfil, Marie Jocelyn THESIS
Andrew J. Smitherman [electronic resource] : A pioneer of the African American press, 1909--1961 /
67 Magliulo, Myrna Colette. THESIS
Devolution of student financial assistance in Latvia [electronic resource] /
68 Kasa, Rita. THESIS
'Racing the screen [electronic resource] : Race and hegemony in African American television /
69 Idland, Michael Erik. THESIS
Probing effects on protein charge state distributions by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry [electronic resource] /
70 Xu, Ping. THESIS
Enhancing neighborhoods for children [electronic resource] : Foster homes and block clubs in Buffalo, New York /
71 Henderson, L. Daisy. THESIS
New strategies to accelerate pathogenic antibody elimination for the treatment of humoral autoimmune conditions [electronic resource] /
72 Jin, Feng. THESIS
A comparative study of adjustment to college of first-generation and second-generation college students [electronic resource] /
73 Reynolds-Shaw, Kathleen A. THESIS
Examination of copper- vs. polyphenolic-based mechanisms for areca nut extract crosslinking of submucosa in-vitro [electronic resource] /
74 Karunagaran, Saravana Kumar. THESIS
Health outcomes in multiple sclerosis [electronic resource] : The role of beliefs and personality in cognitive function, depression, fatigue, and quality of life /
75 Wahlig, Elizabeth Louise. THESIS
Sociological orbit based mobility profiling and routing for wireless networks [electronic resource] /
76 Ghosh, Joy. THESIS
Semantic face retrieval [electronic resource] /
77 Sridharan, Karthik. THESIS
Measurement of calcium ion concentration using ratiometry and a technique for stereoscopic imaging [electronic resource] /
78 Anjaneya Purushothaman, Vikram. THESIS
Tryptophan-induced activation of TRAP in Bacillus subtilis [electronic resource] /
79 Payal, Vandana. THESIS
The effect of platelet-rich plasma on primary human alveolar bone cells [electronic resource] /
80 Al-Shammari, Badar. THESIS
College place [electronic resource] : Retiring to alma mater /
81 Maurer, James Robert. THESIS
Academic dental administrators [electronic resource] : A descriptive analysis of leadership among women deans, department chairs, and program directors /
82 Kowalewski, Susan J. THESIS
Symmetric Boolean functions and their extension to finite fields [electronic resource] /
83 Li, Yuan. THESIS
Metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors [electronic resource] /
84 Li, Meiya. THESIS
Written on water [electronic resource] : The poetics of Anglo-American exchange /
85 Minton, Jonathan. THESIS
Smoking clinic cessation outcomes [electronic resource] : Have smokers become more recalcitrant? /
86 Klein, Sarah Margaret. THESIS
Bullying behavior and victimization among adolescents in a residential placement [electronic resource] /
87 Berry-Krazmien, Christine A. THESIS
Two types of text-based situational interest evoking strategies [electronic resource] : Seductive details and concrete elaboration and their effects on the 1st year EFL high school students' written text comprehension and interest /
88 Choi, Sung-Mook. THESIS
Online community and social capital [electronic resource] : does the network insure community? /
89 Lee, Jung Hee. THESIS
A longitudinal investigation of neuropsychological sequelae in blood or marrow transplantation [electronic resource] /
90 Duquin, Jennifer Aubrey. THESIS
Sound design in film [electronic resource] : Identities of real and unreal /
91 Hsieh, Chao Kuang. THESIS

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