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Rewriting Trujillo, reconstructing a nation dominican history in novels by Marcio Veloz Maggiolo, Andre?s l. Mateo, Viriato Sencio?n, and Mario Vargas Llosa /
1 Wolff, Andrew B. THESIS
Ranks of partitions and Durfee symbols
2 Keith, William J. THESIS
El espejismo del exilio en la era posnacional : Mario Benedetti, Zoe? Valde?s y Leopoldo Mari?a Panero /
3 Navarro Albaladejo, Natalia. THESIS
Die compaction simulation simplifying the application of a complex constitutive model using numerical and physical experiments /
4 Wagle, Gautam Subhash. THESIS
Role of cysteine protease cathepsin L in maintenance of epigenetic histone modifications and constitutive heterochromatin
5 Bulynko, Yaroslava A. THESIS
The literary treatment of Catalan nationalism in six novels by Eduardo Mendoza, Juan Marse?, Nuria Amat, Enrique Vila-Matas and Manuel Va?zquez Montalba?n
6 Tapia Fernandez, Maria Rosa. THESIS
On using mixtures and modes of mixtures in data analysis
7 1979- Yao, Weixin THESIS
Electro-optical properties in relaxor ferroelectric materials and the device applications
8 Jeong, DaeYong. THESIS
The villages du livre local identity, cultural politics, and print culture in contemporary France /
9 Merfeld-Langston, Audra Lynn. THESIS
A novel machine to produce fuel nuggets from non-recyclable plastics
10 Lawrence, Matthew J. THESIS
Solid-state structure and dynamics of lactide copolymers and blends
11 1972- Kanchanasopa, Mantana THESIS
Factors that influence barotolerance of Listeria monocytogenes and the mechanism of inactivation by high pressure processing
12 Hayman, Melinda. THESIS
Optimization of biohydrogen production from food processing wastewater
13 Van Ginkel, Steven W. THESIS
Temperature-aware computing
14 1979- Link, Gregory M. THESIS
In search of El Dorado? the experience of migration to France in contemporary African novels /
15 Njoya, Wandia Mwende. THESIS
Analysis of microbial communities and design of bioreactors used for perchlorate remediation and biohydrogen production
16 Zhang, Husen. THESIS
Effects of hemodynamic forces on endothelial cell hydraulic conductivity
17 Pang, Zhengyu. THESIS
Orchestrating the compiler and microarchitecture for reducing cache energy
18 1975- Hu, Jie THESIS
The ecology of seep communities in the Gulf of Mexico biodiversity and role of Lamellibrachia luymesi /
19 Cordes, Erik. THESIS
Novel carbon-hydrogen nanostructures
20 Stojkovic, Dragan. THESIS
Optical properties of carbon nanotubes
21 Chen, Gugang. THESIS
The effect of zinc on the biological reduction of hematite
22 Stone, James J. THESIS
Protein engineering of structurally homologous proteins
23 1974- Li, Hui THESIS
Population synthesis and its connection to astronomical observables
24 Sipior, Michael S. THESIS
Continuous steam sterilization segmented flow aseptic processing of particle foods
25 Anderson, Nathan M. THESIS
Clock network and phase-locked loop power estimation and experimentation
26 Duarte, David Enrique. THESIS
Energy-efficient high performance cache architectures
27 1970- Kim, Soontae THESIS
Numerical simulation of multi-dimensional acoustic propagation in air including the effects of molecular relaxation
28 1979- Wochner, Mark THESIS
Essays on cooperation, coordination, and conformity
29 Xue, Jun. THESIS
Perchlorate remediation using packed-bed bioreactors and electricity generation in microbial fuel cells (MFCs)
30 Min, Booki. THESIS
Money creation in a random-matching model of money
31 Deviatov, Alexei. THESIS
Effects of peer-challenge support on learning during on-line small group discussion
32 Choi, Ikseon. THESIS
Using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry to investigate behavior of vapor-deposited metal on alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers
33 1974- Zhu, Zihua THESIS
Regenerating oak dominated stands descriptions, predictive models, and guidelines /
34 1974- Gould, Peter Jay THESIS
Quantifying subsurface nitrate transport and remediation using gene expression and finite element models
35 Bachmann, Matthew. THESIS
Protein separation using affinity ultrafiltration with small charged ligands
36 Rao, Suma. THESIS
Phylogeography of deep sea vestimentiferans and a population genetics study of two species Lamellibrachia luymesi Seepiophila jones
37 McMullin, Erin R. THESIS
An assessment of morphological and molecular conservation of floral development between Arabidopsis thaliana and Theobroma cacao
38 Swanson, John-David. THESIS
Structural characterization of the truncated hemoglobin from synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
39 1976- Vu, Boa-Han Christie THESIS
A new approach to bivariant K-theory
40 1968- Dumitras?cu, Constantin Dorin THESIS
The origins of hot subdwarf stars as illuminated by composite-spectrum binaries
41 Stark, Michele A. THESIS
A comprehensive approach to design Network-on-Chip architectures for SoC/multicore systems
42 Kim, Jongman. THESIS
Genetic mapping of resistance gene analogs in an interspecific population of tomato segregating for early blight resistance
43 Nino-Liu, David Orlando. THESIS
On the reverse mathematics of general topology
44 1978- Mummert, Carl THESIS
Case study of mentor and intern relationships in a professional development school context at the secondary level
45 Freeman, Harry. THESIS
Respiratory pathways used by perchorate-respiring bacteria
46 Song, Yanguang. THESIS
The use of microelectrodes in the study of localized corrosion of aluminum 6111-like alloys
47 1972- Abdullah, Aboubakr M. THESIS
Examining initial bacterial adhesion oriented adhesion and surface nanodomains /
48 Jones, Joseph F. THESIS
The comparison of the predictive ability of different cost-of-equity capital models for the lodging industry
49 Lee, Seoki. THESIS
Effects of root architecture, plasticity, and tradeoffs on water and phosphorus acquisition in heterogeneous environments
50 Ho, Melissa Deanne. THESIS

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