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Reactions of Group V metal oxide cluster ions insight into heterogeneous catalytic mechanisms /
401 Justes, Dina R. THESIS
Abnormal cerebellar signaling induces dystonia in mice
402 Pizoli, Carolyn E. THESIS
Regulation and physiological role of SsrA RNA
403 Hong, Sue-Jean. THESIS
Experimental observations and mathematical description of micellar fluid flow
404 Handzy, Nestor Zenon. THESIS
Dielectric properties of conductive ionomers
405 Klein, Robert James. THESIS
Skew embeddings and immersions of manifolds into Euclidean spaces in codimension two
406 Tyurina, Yulia. THESIS
The suspension of reason in Hegel and Schelling
407 Lauer, Christopher T. THESIS
Missing observations and restrictions on randomization in nanomanufacturing experimentation
408 1977- Acharya, Navin N. THESIS
A case study in clinical supervision moving from an evaluation to a supervision mode /
409 Williams, Robert L. THESIS
Ties and teams a social network approach to team leadership /
410 Balkundi, Prasad. THESIS
"On the edge of freedom the fugitive slave issue in south central Pennsylvania, 1820-1870" /
411 Smith, David G. THESIS
Three essays on resource allocation problems inventory management in assemble-to-order systems and online assignment of flexible resources /
412 Akc?ay, Yalc?in. THESIS
Rarefaction wave interaction of pressure-gradient system
413 Bang, Seunghoon. THESIS
Human activity recognition using motion trajectories
414 1972- Min, Junghye THESIS
The classic/postclassic transition the Maya of San Jero?nimo II, Pete?n, Guatemala /
415 Rockmore, Matthew D. THESIS
Reinforcement of natural rubber latex by nanosize montmorillonite clay
416 1972- Tantatherdtam, Rattana THESIS
War games citizenship and play in post-industrial militarism /
417 Stahl, Roger J. THESIS
Cyclic and radial variation of ultrasonic backscatter from flowing porcine blood
418 Paeng, Dong-Guk. THESIS
A concept-based approach to writing instruction from the abstract concept to the concrete performance /
419 Ferreira, Marilia Mendes. THESIS
Teacher roles and autonomous language learners case study of a cyber English writing course /
420 Chiu, Chi-Yen. THESIS
Numerical modeling of gas recovery from methane hydrate reservoirs
421 1974- Silpngarmlert, Suntichai THESIS
A process and competency-based approach to high performance building design
422 Magent, Christopher S. THESIS
Probing surfaces insight into atomic-scale chemistry and physics /
423 Han, Patrick. THESIS
General education 2000 a national survey : how general education changed between 1989 and 2000 /
424 (Damon Kent) Johnson, D. Kent THESIS
Situated augmentation, learning and science education a case study of prospective teachers' experiences in an innovative science course /
425 Munford, Danusa. THESIS
Soot abatement using fuel additives
426 Wu, Juntao. THESIS
A theoretical investigation of hydrostatic and geostrophic adjustment in a compressible atmosphere
427 1975- Chagnon, Jeffrey M. THESIS
Dynamic singularity excision in numerical relativity
428 1978- Smith, Kenneth L. THESIS
Dimensional tranformation [sic] a novel method for gain-scheduling and robust control /
429 Hailu, Haftay. THESIS
Regional estimates of net ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide over a heterogeneous ecosystem
430 Wang, Weiguo. THESIS
Sawing and drying of hardwood lumber from small diameter logs
431 Scholl, Matthew S. THESIS
Robust-adaptive active vibration control of alloy and flexible matrix composite rotorcraft drivelines via magnetic bearings theory and experiment /
432 1973- Desmidt, Hans A. THESIS
The compared costs and benefits of interagency cooperation and separate accreditation processes a case study /
433 Shibley, Lisa Renee. THESIS
Superflow in quantum solids
434 1979- Clark, Anthony C. THESIS
Dynamics of the local map for a discrete brusselator model
435 1974- Kang, Hunseok THESIS
Physical adsorption on flat and corrugated surfaces
436 1976- Trasca, Raluca Andreea THESIS
Towards inferring biologically informative protein-protein interactions
437 Zhang, Ya. THESIS
Aesthetics in an expanded field towards a performative model of art, experience and knowledge /
438 Linker, James A. THESIS
Essays in international trade
439 Mukhopadhyay, Abhiroop. THESIS
Managing service capacity under uncertainty
440 Robbins, Thomas R. THESIS
A case study of the change process of integrating technology into an elementary science methods course from 1997 to 2003
441 Hsu, Pi-Sui. THESIS
Regulation of donor preference during yeast mating-type switching
442 Ercan, Sevinc. THESIS
Undergraduate students' motivations to engage in sexual behaviors after consuming alcohol a mixed methodological action research approach /
443 1975- Green, Lauren Ashley THESIS
Flexible matrix composites dynamic characterization, modeling, and potential for driveshaft applications /
444 Shan, Ying. THESIS
Poly(ethylene oxide)/layered-inorganic nanocomposites a molecular modeling perspective /
445 1976- Kuppa, Vikram Krishna THESIS
Crystal lattice optimization and new forms of silicon
446 Stucke, David Patrick. THESIS
Africa stretches forth her hands unto you female colonizationization supporters in the antebellum United States /
447 Younger, Karen Virginia THESIS
Dynamic oligopoly models of investment behavior
448 1977- Erdem, Erkan THESIS
Design, fabrication, modeling and experimental testing of a piezoelectric flextensional microactuator
449 1971- Cheong, Jongpil THESIS
The journey toward understanding whiteness among student affairs professionals an action research study in anti-racist education /
450 Kirshman, Andrea Orwig. THESIS

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