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Statistical process adjustment methods for quality control in short-run manufacturing
351 Pan, Rong. THESIS
Molecular beam epitaxy of semiconductor heterostructures for spintroics
352 Ku, Keh-Chiang. THESIS
High school band members criteria for evaluating performed music a collective case study /
353 Tutt, Kevin J. THESIS
Viscoelastic flywheel rotors modelling and measurement /
354 Emerson, Ryan Paul. THESIS
Using forecast updates and risk-sharing agreements in a three-echelon supply chain
355 1976- Zhang, Xueyi THESIS
Towards self-optimizing memory management
356 Kandiraju, Gokul B. THESIS
OPEC behavior
357 Yang, Bo. THESIS
Molecular dynamics simulation of supercritical fluids
358 Branam, Richard D. THESIS
Multi level optimization of burnable poison utilization for advanced PWR fuel management
359 1975- Yilmaz, Serkan THESIS
A taxometric analysis of the latent structure of the repressor personality construct
360 Molnar, Christine. THESIS
A method for product family redesign based on component commonality analysis
361 Thevenot, Henri J. THESIS
The construction of meritocracy within mass higher education Elena V. Galinova.
362 Galinova, Elena V. THESIS
Reynolds stress modeling of separated turbulent flows over helicopters y Emre Alpman.
363 1977- Alpman, Emre THESIS
Interacting composite fermions
364 Chang, Chia-Chen. THESIS
Controlling molecular assemblies
365 Dameron, Arrelaine A. THESIS
Mapping modernity
366 Olson, Kory Ernest. THESIS
Nanoscale self-assembly of starch phase relations, formation, and structure /
367 Creek, John A. THESIS
Novel multilayer structure for compact components
368 Guan, Wei Jung. THESIS
A logical framework for reasoning about logical specifications
369 1977- Tiu, Alwen THESIS
Public culture, private birth social patterns of Amish domestic space /
370 Jolly, Natalie. THESIS
Meprin A oligomerization contributions of N-linked glycosylation and the MAM domain /
371 Ishmael, Susan Senchak. THESIS
A deterministic-statistical model for tribo-contacts in boundary lubrication with lubricant/surface physicochemistry
372 1965- Zhang, Huan THESIS
Combined CT-video registration and tracking for endoscopic guidance
373 1980- Merritt, Scott A. THESIS
ER quality control of protein folding
374 Kim, Woong. THESIS
Tocks Island Dam, the Delaware River and the end of the big-dam era
375 Bloodworth, Gina. THESIS
Toward a system dynamics model of teaching computer programming via distance education
376 Shaffer, Steven C. THESIS
Purposeful mobility and capacity issues in sensor networks
377 Rao, Rajesh N. THESIS
Reflection to action a grounded case study of an intentionally designed racial justice curriculum /
378 Roosa Millar, Elizabeth A. THESIS
School leaders' perspectives on effective change in a Thai Catholic School through systems thinking case study /
379 1951- Prichavudhi, Anant THESIS
Surface micromachined peristaltic pumps using lead zirconate titanate film
380 1973- Hong, Eunki THESIS
Dietary fats a quantitative and qualitative approach to reducing risk of cardiovascular disease in the fasting and fed state /
381 Griel, Amy E. THESIS
Mapping temporally varying quantitative trait loci in time to failure experiments
382 Johannes, Frank. THESIS
Negotiating interdesciplinary teaming in a middle-level school context
383 Mecca, Cecelia L. THESIS
Close encounters of black holes, stars, and gas in galactic nucle a study of the observational signatures /
384 Bogdanovic, Tamara. THESIS
Design and analysis of rotor systems with multiple trailing edge flaps and resonant actuators
385 Kim, Jun-Sik. THESIS
Solid deposit formation from the pyrolytic and oxidative degradation of jet fuel and diesel fuel
386 Venkataraman, Ramya. THESIS
A formal model for analysis and control of human-involved computer integrated manufacuring systems
387 1971- Shin, Dongmin THESIS
Uniting somatic pedagogy with management education a feminist particpatory action research study /
388 Horst, Tara L. THESIS
Modeling novel isotopic proxies for the oxygenation of the earth's surface
389 Domagal-Goldman, Shawn D. THESIS
Computational design and experimental characterization of protein domains
390 Pecore, Christina M. THESIS
RF magnetic field, specific energy absorption rate, and signal to noise ratio in MRI experiments and numerical calculations with finite difference time domain method /
391 Liu, Wanzhan. THESIS
Seeking and avoiding I contact when subjective overlap appeals and when it repels /
392 Long, Anson E. THESIS
Using a cultural model to assess female condom use in Mpumalanga, South Africa
393 Webster, Jonas Dewitt. THESIS
A reciprocity approach for analyzing radiation from aperture and nicrostrip antennas.
394 1961- Arakaki, Dean Yasuo THESIS
Real-time visualization of aerospace simulations using computational steering and beowulf clusters
395 1975- Modi, Anirudh THESIS
Stability and variablity in a rhythmic task behavioral data and dynamic models /
396 Wei, Kunlin. THESIS
Richard Glendon, breakthrough kinesis, and the impact of the 1920 Olympic Naval Academy Crew on rowing
397 Saint Sing, Susan D. THESIS
Characterization of distributed performance of polymer electrolyte fuel cells under low humidity conditions
398 1976- Dong, Qunlong THESIS
Sexual selection in the spotted cucumber beetle, Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) male traits favored by cryptic female choice /
399 Darlington, Mark Burton. THESIS
A framework for product platform knowledge management using the semantic web paradigm
400 Nanda, Jyotirmaya. THESIS

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