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Numerical simulation of jet noise
301 1979- Paliath, Umesh THESIS
A longitudinal study of a developmental-centextual model of work values during adolescence
302 Porfeli, Erik J. THESIS
Electrophoretic deposition fundamentals, mechanisms and examples with an in depth examination of the ion depletion effect /
303 Van Tassel, Jonathan J. THESIS
A return to their social movement roots union organizing efforts in the late twentieth century /
304 Martin, Andrew William. THESIS
Governmentality, the grid, and the beginnings of a critical spatial history of the geo-coded world
305 1978- Rose-Redwood, Reuben S. THESIS
Conceptual development of prospective elementary teachers the case of division of fractions /
306 1975- Zembat, Ismail Ozgur THESIS
A candidate gene study and a full genome screen for male homosexuality [electronic resource] /
307 DuPree, Michael G. THESIS
The tunica miracle, sin and savior in America's Ethiopia a poverty and social impact analysis of casino gaming in Tunica, MS /
308 Farrigan, Tracey L. THESIS
309 O'Brien, James Anthony. THESIS
Success and transformation, collective marketing and common pool credit in a Belizean fishing cooperative an empircal example of a multi-tiered collective action problem /
310 1970- King, Thomas Dean THESIS
Settlement and population at Piedras Negras, Guatemala
311 Nelson, Zachary Nathan. THESIS
Differences of opinion among major stakeholders of the North Montco Technical Career Center toward the center's current educational delivery systems, operational facilities, and program offerings
312 Lacey, Kevin Robert. THESIS
Experiments and modeling in viscoelastic fluids dimpled drops and beaded filaments /
313 1975- Sostarecz, Michael C. THESIS
Piezoelectric networking for mode delocalization and vibration suppression of nearly periodic structures
314 1979- Yu, Hongbiaoyu THESIS
Modeling and simulation of combustion dynamics in lean-premixed swirl-stabilized gas-turbine engines
315 Huang, Ying. THESIS
An analytical framework for theoretical analyses in binary classifier ensembles and a study of issues in cluster validation for genomic data
316 Narasimhamurthy, Anand M. THESIS
A new multi-scale mixing model for turbulent reacting flows
317 1974- Thirunavukkarasu, Vaithianathan THESIS
Novel piezoelectric ceramics development of high temperature, high performance piezoelectrics on the basis of structure /
318 1976- Eitel, Richard E. THESIS
Geometrical magnetic frustration and demagnetization of artificial spin ice
319 Wang, Ruifang. THESIS
Theoretical studies of aluminum and aluminide alloys using calphad and first-principles approach
320 1977- Jiang, Chao THESIS
Generative versus cautious processing shared moods and group-level information processing /
321 Bramesfeld, Kosha Darlington-Sabin. THESIS
Self assembled tweezer-type metalloreceptors for the recognition of nucleotides
322 1977- Plante, Jeffrey P. THESIS
Modelling and simulations of non-Newtonian fluid flows
323 1971- Lee, Young-Ju THESIS
Translating Russia for the French imagination 1856-1894 /
324 Brookes, Nanci Christine. THESIS
Robust parameter design with imperfect experimental control of noise
325 Govind, Nirmal. THESIS
Design of high speed flywheel motor/generator for aerospace applications
326 Wang, Wensen. THESIS
Semi-nonparametric discrete-events-forecasting in economics and finance
327 1973- Guo, Guang THESIS
Acoustic propagation through bubble clouds
328 Weber, Thomas C. THESIS
Time-varying autoregressive modelling for nonstationary acoustic signal and its fregquency analysis
329 1971- Sodsri, Chukiet THESIS
Developing a formalism for Gibson?s affordances using colored petri nets
330 Thiruvengada Ramanujam, Hari. THESIS
Speed sensor-less control of induction machine based on carrier signal injection and smooth-air-gap induction machine model
331 Wang, Guanghui. THESIS
Chemical synthesis of base-modified ribonucleosides as novel antiviral agents
332 Harki, Daniel Allen. THESIS
A higher order vortex-lattice method with a force-free wake
333 Bramesfeld, Go?tz. THESIS
Determining the role of equity in recreation free acceptance and fair price on federally managed public lands
334 Nyaupane, Gyan Prasad. THESIS
Alkynyliodonium salts in organic synthesis. Application toward the synthesis of the core of (+-)-halichlorine. And attempts towards the synthesis of kinamycin F.
335 Perkins, Angela Lyn. THESIS
Effects of contextual color on recall border color as a lesson and postest cue for factual and conceptual information presented in computer-based instruction /
336 Prestera, Gustavo E. THESIS
Isolated horizons in numerical relativity
337 1974- Krishnan, Badri THESIS
Nonlinear control of multi-actuator electrohydraulic systems based on feedback linearization with application to road simulators
338 1975- Ayalew, Beshahwired THESIS
The fabrication of core-shell nanostructures by dusty plasma chemical vapor deposition
339 1972- Cao, Jin THESIS
From whom do farmers learn? an analysis of technical efficiency determinants for the Indian Green Revolution /
340 1967- Ueda, Takeshi THESIS
Mandatory 10-K amendments and strategic disclosure\h[electronic resource] : an examination of firms under review by the securities and exchange commission /
341 Curling, Michelle Lisa. THESIS
Design, synthesis, and characterization of polymeric materials for uses in energy storage applications
342 1978- Welna, Daniel Thomas THESIS
Heuristic rules embedded genetic algorithm for in-core fuel management optimization
343 1975- Alim, Fatih THESIS
Supersolid transiion of ?He
344 1971- Kim, Eunseong THESIS
Decision making on routing and queue management with node independent multipath routing in mobile ad-hoc networks
345 Oz Pasaogullari, Melike. THESIS
Heiner Mu?ller and the Geschichtsdrama searching for a new German identity in the post-World War II (Germania Tod in Berlin) and post-reunification eras (Germania 3 Gespenster am Toten Mann) /
346 Ganter, Theresa Marie. THESIS
Prevention of respiratory diseases in agricultural and related industries
347 Doamekpor, Prosper Kwesi THESIS
Factors influencing decisions to adopt web-based training by community college staff
348 Peters, Karen Marie. THESIS
An examination of the career development of predominantly African-American male inner-city high school student-athletes
349 Cammack, Amy Sherell. THESIS
A TIQ based CMOS flash A/D converter for system-on-chip applications
350 1967- Yoo, Jincheol THESIS

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