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An examination of high-performance work skills among manufacturing workers in one Pennsylvania metropolitan statistical area
251 Shafer, Ronald J. THESIS
Nonparametric identification and semi-nonparametric estimation of first-price auctions
252 1972- Song, Hosin THESIS
Econometrics analysis of a cash-in-advance model
253 Lai, Hung-Pin. THESIS
Upper Mantle seismic velocity structure beneath the Kenya Rift and the Arabian Shield
254 Park, Yongcheol. THESIS
Three essays on game theory
255 Na, Sunghyun. THESIS
Grating lobe reduction in transducer arrays through structural filtering of supercritical plates
256 Anderson, Brian Eric. THESIS
The Baum-Connes conjecture and group actions on affine buildings
257 1977- Matsnev, Dmitry Anatolievich THESIS
Experiments on a one-dimensional Bose gas Thomas Fermi to Tonks-Girardeau /
258 Wenger, Trevor. THESIS
An investigation of the photoexcitation dynamics and stability of clusters
259 Davis, Kevin Matthew. THESIS
Measurement of acoustic streaming in a standing wave using laser Doppler anemometry
260 Thompson, Michael W. THESIS
Learning and constructing meaning adults volunteering in the Boy Scouts /
261 Pearlman, David P. THESIS
The influence of the supervisory working alliance on work satisfaction and work-related stress for counselors in professional settings
262 Sterner, William R. THESIS
Essays on optimal feasible taxation
263 1970- Rhee, Byungchae THESIS
Learning to change identifying elements of transformation in formerly abusive men /
264 Edmiston, Marian D'Angelo. THESIS
Impacts of watershed hydrology on long-term landscape evolution
265 Huang, Xiangjiang. THESIS
Knowledge management, social learning, and options to learn
266 1975- Wen, Fang-I THESIS
Toward a learning model of information technology implementation
267 Perry, John T. THESIS
Cultural dimensions of foreign language learning a sociocultural perspective /
268 Andrawiss, He?le?ne. THESIS
Essays in microeconomic theory
269 1979- Hafalir, Isa E. THESIS
Numerical simulation of solid-state sintering of metal powder compact dominated by grain boundary diffusion
270 1976- Zhang, Rui THESIS
An analytical and numerical study of cavitation scale effects in high-Reynolds number circular jet flows
271 Edge, Brian A. THESIS
Development of versatile methodology for hetero- and carbocycle construction application in complex natural product synthesis /
272 1976- Greshock, Thomas J. THESIS
On the low-energy ramifications and a mathematical extension of loop quatum gravity
273 Willis, Joshua Lee. THESIS
The lived experince of becoming a professional nurse for associate degree nursing graduates a phenomenological study /
274 Hershey, Jean L. THESIS
Analytic structures for the index theory of SL(3,C)
275 Yuncken, Robert?UNAUTHORIZED. THESIS
Enhancing social perspective taking in delinquent adolescents through cognitive flexibility in a hypermedia program
276 Rubisch, John C. THESIS
Investigation and characterization of the nature of the electrical contacts in molecular electronic device constructions
277 Daniel, Thomas Addison. THESIS
A methodology for evaluating system-level uncertainty in the conceptual design of complex multidisciplinary systems
278 Martin, Jay D. THESIS
Study of bonding and doping properties of SPĀ² carbon nanostructures numerical simulations and development of empirical interaction potentials.
279 Kolmogorov, Aleksey N. THESIS
A case study examining an academic advising system at a large institution using systems theory constructs /
280 Musser, Theresa K. THESIS
Growth and properties of anodic oxide films on platinum
281 1974- Sun, Adan THESIS
Multilevel and adaptive methods for some nonlinear optimization problems
282 Emelianenko, Maria. THESIS
Optimizing yield data collection efforts for forest management planning
283 1965- Gilabert, Horacio THESIS
Segmental production in bilingual speech a psycholinguistic approach /
284 Jacobs, April Lynn. THESIS
Cultural models and cultural self-awareness a discourse analytical approach to the language of students' online journal entries /
285 Schuetz, Dorothee. THESIS
A mathematical translation of Apollonius of Perga's Conics IV
286 1952- Rhodes, Diana L. THESIS
Investigations in quantum Monte Carlo
287 Wilson, Matthew Clifford. THESIS
Application of inverse gas chromatography to multicomponent polymer-solvent-solvent systems /
288 1979- Galdamez Pen?a, Jose? Roma?n THESIS
Unchained airwaves a cultural analysis of free radio in France, 1977-1981 /
289 Dalle, Matthieu. THESIS
State, social movement and producer perspectives on multifunctional agriculture in the global food regime
290 Lenihan, Martin H. THESIS
Manifold learning in computer vision
291 1969- Park, JinHyeong THESIS
From the Ribosome to the membrane subcellular trafficking of the Rous sacrcoma virus Gag polyprotein /
292 Scheifele, Lisa Z. THESIS
X-ray and neutron scattering studies of methyl iodide and hydrogen confined in porous media
293 1976- Glanville, Yvonne THESIS
Entropy compensation in human motor adaptation
294 Hong, Siang Lee. THESIS
Asymptotic analysis of effective properties of highly concentrated composites
295 1974- Gorb, Yuliya THESIS
Dependable sensor networks
296 Wang, Guiling. THESIS
Modeling, mechanics and physiology of the esophagus and lower sphincter
297 Ghosh, Sudip Kumar. THESIS
The spatiality of the corporate landscape railroads and patterns of power /
298 Rademacher, Henry J. THESIS
Optimizing strength and fracture toughness of a cast titanium alloy through heat treatment and microstructure control
299 Robinson, Amy C. THESIS
The development of an emergency crisis management simulation to assess the impact a fuzzy cognitive map decision-aid has on team cognition and team decision-making
300 Jones, Rashaad Ennis THESIS

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