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Modeling of inverted annular film boiling using an integral method [electronic resource] /
201 Sridharan, Arunkumar THESIS
Combustion characeristics and flame structure of nitromethane liquid monopropellant [electronic resource] /
202 Boyer, J. Eric THESIS
Moisture migration through chocolate-flavored coatings [electronic resource] /
203 Ghosh, Vikramaditya. THESIS
Neoproterozoic sulfur isotopes, snowball Earth events and the evolution of microbial sulfur species [electronic resource] /
204 Hurtgen, Matthew T. THESIS
A directed continuum model of a columnar thin film
205 Randow, Charles L. THESIS
Design and modeling of a motion amplifier using an axially-driven buckling beam
206 Jiang, Jie. THESIS
Quantization of multiply connected manifolds
207 1973- Hawkins, Eli THESIS
Morphing aircraft structures using tendon actuated compliant cellular truss
208 Ramrakhyani, Deepak Shyamlal. THESIS
Thrust chamber dynamics and propulsive performance of airbreathing pulse detonation engines
209 Ma, Fuhua. THESIS
Computation of interactions of blast with responding solids using an "embedded solid" approach
210 1974- Liew, Yih-Pin THESIS
Structural characterization of the d-A1-Ni-Co quasicrystal surface and xenon adsorption
211 Ferralis, Nicola. THESIS
Active control of structural intensity and acoustic radiation of an infinite mindlin plate in an acoustic medium
212 1967- Won, Jungyun THESIS
An energetic variational approach to mathematical modeling of charged fluids charge phases, simulation and well posedness /
213 1980- Ryham, Rolf Josef THESIS
Guided elastic waves in structures with an arbitrary cross-section
214 Lee, Chong Myoung. THESIS
Enhanced damage tracking via state variable normalization
215 Liu, Yuging. THESIS
Aerodynamic tip desensitization in axial flow turbines
216 Dey, Debashis. THESIS
The prediction of tonal and broadband slat noise
217 1976- Agarwal, Anurag THESIS
The creation of faculty senates in American research universities
218 (Christian Kent) Anderson, Christian K. THESIS
Hydrophobic and hydrophilic control in polyphosphazene materials
219 1979- Steely, Lee Brent THESIS
Effects of gas interactions on the transport properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes
220 Romero, Hugo E. THESIS
Studies toward the synthesis of EFGH ring system diazonamide A Pummerer chemistry applied toward the synthesis of 3,3-spirocyclic oxindoles
221 Vidulova, Daniela Boneva. THESIS
Back to school university-linked retirement communities and institutional integration /
222 Snyder, Bonnie K. THESIS
Bayesian methods for robustness in process optimization
223 1976- Rajagopal, Ramkumar THESIS
The development and validation of an instrument to measure preservice teachers' self-efficacy in regard to the teaching of science as inquiry
224 Dira-Smolleck, Lori. THESIS
Mortality salience and consumer risk taking striving for personal control and self-esteem /
225 Atalay, Ayse Selin. THESIS
An acoustic superposition method for computing structural radiation in spatially digitized domains
226 Zellers, Brian C. THESIS
Optimal control problems on stratified domains application to single-station multiclass queueing systems with finite buffers and overflow costs /
227 Hong, Yunho. THESIS
Study of a pacing neuroblastoma cell line via a novel macroelectrode technique
228 1971- Silva, Ricardo Jose THESIS
Exploiting multi-threaded application characteristics to optimize performance and power of chip-multiprocessors
229 Liu, Chun. THESIS
A legal analysis of the legitimate pedagogical interest of teaching alternatives to evolution in public schools
230 Potter, Robert Lance. THESIS
A computational study of tip desensitization in axial flow turbines
231 1974- Tallman, James A. THESIS
A kinematic and kinetic analysis of postural perturbation
232 Henley, John D. THESIS
Exploring the mechanisms of passivity on iron experimental methods for characterizing and developing models to describe nano-oxide growth /
233 1972- Marx, Brian M. THESIS
Analytical and numerical optimization of an electronically scanned circular array
234 1962- Stamm, James Matthew THESIS
Acoustic control in enclosures using optimally designed Helmholtz resonators
235 Driesch, Patricia L. THESIS
Helicopter rotor lag damping augmentation based on a radial absorber and Coriolis coupling
236 Byers, Lynn Karen. THESIS
Simulation and control of a helicopter operating in a ship airwake
237 1971- Lee, Dooyong THESIS
Development of master design curves for particle impact dampers
238 Yang, Michael Yichung. THESIS
Algorithms to identify Pareto points in multi-dimensional data sets
239 Yukish, Michael A. THESIS
Optimal actuator placement and active structure design for control of helicopter airframe vibrations
240 Heverly, David E. THESIS
A three-dimensional linear accoustic analysis of gas-turbine combustion instability
241 1975- You, Danning THESIS
A biomechanical analysis of maximum vertical jumps and sit to stand
242 Domire, Zachary J. THESIS
Universal service provision in western China
243 Wu, Feng. THESIS
Electrical detection of bio-molecular interactions using nanometer-scale gap electrode structures
244 Cuffi, Joseph Dennis. THESIS
Development and characterization of a robotic dynamic activity simulator
245 1976- Hoskins, Andrew H. THESIS
Fundamental characterization of multi-phase transport in thin-film fuel cell diffusion media
246 Kumbur, Emin Caglan. THESIS
Development of macrosegregation during solidification of binary metal alloys
247 1970- Kim, Byungsoo THESIS
MAP source-controlled channel decoding for image transmission system using CPFSK and ring convolutional codes
248 1969- Mahapakulchai, Srijidtra THESIS
A numerical study of combustion in meso-scale vortex chambers
249 Wang, Yanxing. THESIS
Progressive collapse analyses of steel framed moment resisting structures
250 Lim, Joonhong. THESIS

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