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Leadership development in China [electronic resource] : how the companies develop their leaders and what critical factors contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of leadership development practices /
151 Qiao, Xuejun. THESIS
Markets and firms [electronic resource] : a search approach to spot-trading and vertical integration /
152 Kim, Byoung-Ki. THESIS
Sampling properties of optimal operating conditions of single and multiple response surface systems [electronic resource] /
153 Cahya, Suntara THESIS
Soil quality characterization and remediation in relation to soil management [electronic resource] /
154 Bucher, Ana Elisa. THESIS
Probabilistic robust control system design by stochastic optimization [electronic resource] /
155 Li, Xiang THESIS
Hysteresis model based prediction of integral abutment bridge behavior [electronic resource] /
156 Pugasap, Kongsak THESIS
Learning preferences of a diverse group of community college students [electronic resource] : a qualitative study /
157 Kern, Sandra B. THESIS
Three essays on agricultural contracting [electronic resource] : Incorporating market equilibrium and dynamics into principal-agent models /
158 Wang, Yanguo. THESIS
Pronominal and spatio-temporal deixis in contemporary Spanish political discourse [electronic resource]: a corpus-based pragmatic analysis /
159 Gelabert, Jaime J. THESIS
Time of day and creativity [electronic resource] : a comparative study of arts and management [of] college students /
160 Wang, Sy-Chyi THESIS
Human factors considerations in quality of service metrics for healthcare delivery [electronic resource] /
161 Strawderman, Lesley. THESIS
Characterization of porous material used for thermoacoustic devices [electronic resource] /
162 Liu, Jin. THESIS
Brain iron deficiency in humans and animal models [electronic resource] /
163 Clardy, Stacey Lynn. THESIS
Markets as an information aggregation mechanism for decision support /
164 Chen, Yiling. THESIS
An opportunity model of juvenile delinquency [electronic resource] /
165 Anderson, Amy L. THESIS
Do media portrayals of affluence foster feelings of relative deprivation? [electronic resource] exploring a path model of social comparison and materialism on television viewers' life dissatisfaction /
166 Yang, Hyeseung. THESIS
Glimpses of the global coral gardens [electronic resource] : insights of international adult learners on the interactions of cultures in online distance education /
167 Shattuck, Kay. THESIS
The person-place relationship in the context of Isle Royale National Park [electronic resource] : a study of place attachment and place-based affect /
168 Harmon, Laurlyn K. THESIS
Moving beyond the toy vs. tool hypothesis [electronic resource] : an examination of gender differences in adolescents' computer activities, attitudes, and technology-related career plans /
169 Bleeker, Martha M. THESIS
Educational leadership [electronic resource] : a case study of Zimbabwean high school principals /
170 Tsemunhu, Rudo E. THESIS
Descriptive and molecular epidemiology of antibiotic-resistant gram-negative enteric bacteria from diary cattle [electronic resource] /
171 Sawant, Ashish Anant. THESIS
Spatio-temporal dynamics of a multiple predator-single prey system [electronic resource] /cDanielle Elaine Garneau.
172 Garneau, Danielle Elaine. THESIS
Mechanical properties of particle systems using a molecular dynamics approach inspired by continuum homogenization [electronic resource] /
173 Andia, Pedro C. THESIS
Individual psychology in the teaching of foreign language and literature [electronic resource] : a new approach in foreign language pedagogy and an Adlerian interpretation of selected works by Thedor Storm /
174 Sachau, Birger. THESIS
The effects of aided AAC modeling on the expression of multi-symbol messages by children who use augmentative and alternative communication [electronic resource] /
175 Binger, Cathy. THESIS
Supply-side regulation of phenolic production in plants [electronic resource] : a comparison of two model systems /
176 Schaeffer, Toni M. THESIS
The role of the wingless signaling pathway in cell fate specification /
177 Rizkalla, Hany W. THESIS
A journey across time scales [electronic resource] : accelerated atomistic simulation of surface growth /
178 Miron, Radu Alexandru THESIS
Inferring the specific absorption and concentration of black carbon from aeronet aerosol retrievals [electronic resource] /
179 Schuster, Gregory L. THESIS
Synthesis and Raman scattering studies of novel semiconductor nanostructures [electronic resource] : Si, Ge and GaAs twinning superlattice nanowires /
180 Adu, Kofi Wi. THESIS
Ethylene & phosphorus responses in plants [electronic resource] /
181 Zhang, Yuan Ji. THESIS
An improved steady-state model of loop heat pipes based on experimental and theoretical analyses [electronic resource] /
182 Chuang, Po-Ya Abel THESIS
Chromatin and DNA function [electronic resource] : recurring questions and evolving answers /
183 Wang, Xi. THESIS
Dissectig the mechanism underlying epigenetic activation of the maize Spm transposon by the element-encoded TnpA protein [electronic resource] /
184 Cui, Hongchang. THESIS
The nature of cross-language lexical activation in sentience context [electronic resource] : a psycholinguistic investigation /
185 Schwartz, Ana Isabel. THESIS
"Evolutionary love" in theory and practice [electronic resource] /
186 Ventimiglia, Michael J. THESIS
A framework for metamodel-based design [electronic resource] : subsystem metamodel assessment and implementation issues /
187 Meckesheimer, Martin THESIS
Essays on repeated games [electronic resource] /
188 Maenner, Eliot THESIS
Critical issues of complex, epitaxial oxide growth and integration with silicon by molecular beam epitaxy [electronic resource] /
189 Lettieri, James. THESIS
Effects of local and landscape features on avian use and productivity on Pennsylvania Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program fields [electronic resource] /
190 Wentworth, Kevin Loyd. THESIS
Nanoscale probing and photonic applications of ferroelectric domain walls [electronic resource] /
191 Tian, Lili. THESIS
Overlapping aesthetic perspectives as international, revolutionary space in presentations from the German Revolution to the Spanish Civil War [electronic resource] /
192 Nissler, Paul J. THESIS
Part I. Studies toward the synthesis of diazonamide A. : Part II. A proposal for the mechanism-of-action of diazoparaquinone natural products and studies toward the synthesis of kinmycin F /
193 Eastman, Kyle Joseph. THESIS
Technology use in agriculture and occupational mobility of farm households in Nepal [electronic resource] : demographic and socioeconomic correlates /
194 Bhandari, Prem Bahadur. THESIS
Incremental validity of kindergarten cognitive ability, phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, and rapid serial naming on later reading achievement [electronic resource] /\CHeidi H. MacDonald.
195 MacDonald, Heidi H. THESIS
Anomaly detection in electromechanical systems using symbolic dynamics [electronic resource] /
196 Khatkhate, Amol M. THESIS
Statistically modified farming [electronic resource] : the spatial politics in Scottish farming statistics /
197 Geddes, Alistair. THESIS
The effects of diet on modulating the susceptibility of low density [electronic resource] /
198 Binkoski, Amy E. THESIS
Computational studies of protein and particle transport in membrane system [electronic resource] /
199 Kim, Myung-man. THESIS
School effects and civic knowledge [electronic resource] : a cross-national study of youth political socialization /
200 Fa?brega-Lacoa, Rodrigo Alejandro THESIS

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