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Ion energy/momentum effects during ion assisted growth of Nbx[subscript]Ny[subscript] films
101 1969- Klingenberg, Melissa L. THESIS
A generalized 2-D hyperbolic solver with application to orifice metering
102 1979- Leon, Daniel Eduardo THESIS
The Atiyah-Singer index formula for subelliptic operators on contact manifolds /
103 1962- Van Erp, Johannes THESIS
The effect of the state children?s health insurance program on health insurance transitions among low-income U.S. children [electronic resource] : a multilevel approach /
104 Oluwole, Adetokunbo Babatunde. THESIS
Effective web-service composition in diverse and large-scale service networks [electronic resource] /
105 Oh, Seog-Chan THESIS
Prediction of performance measures for buses [electronic resource] : a system-based approach /
106 Muthiah, Saravanan THESIS
Teachers' experiences with design conversation in the context of school change [electronic resource] /
107 Stokes, Helga. THESIS
Genetic, physiological, and agronomic evaluation of adventitious rooting as a trait for phosphorus acquisition efficiency in common bean (phaseolus vulgaris L.) /
108 Ochoa, Ivan Erick. THESIS
Diagnosing uncertainty and improving predictions of terrestrial CO? fluxes at multiple scales through data assimlation [sic] [electronic resource] /
109 Ricciuto, Daniel Michael THESIS
Vector symbol decoding with lists of alternative vector sybol choices and outer convolutional codes [electronic resource] /
110 Tuntoolavest, Usana. THESIS
Enhanced nisin production in a biofilm reactor and separation of nisin [electronic resource] /
111 Pongtharangkul, Thunyarat. THESIS
A case study [electronic resource] : social studies preservice teachers' perceptons and attitudes toward computer technologies
112 Kesten, Alper THESIS
The myth of a dense civil society [electronic resource] : barranquilla as a case study /
113 Garcia, Alexandra. THESIS
Queering ourselves [electronic resource] : performance as a site for learning /cGarnell E. Washington.
114 Washington, Garnell E. THESIS
Molecular composition of needle coke feedstocks and mesophase development during carbonization [electronic resource] /
115 Wang, Guohua THESIS
Evaluation of momentum effects on material properties of ti-si-n nanocrystalline composites prepared by pulsed dc reactive sputtering [electronic resource] /
116 Sunal, Paul. THESIS
Preparation and characterization of nanoporous Au thin films [electronic resource] /
117 Dixon, Matthew C. THESIS
Quality of service (QoS) provisioning in the internet using flow estimation [electronic resource] /
118 Yi, Sungwon THESIS
A framework for metamodel -based design [electronic resource] : subsystem metamodel assessment and implementation issues /
119 Meckesheimer, Martin THESIS
Performance and limitations of distributed inference and information fusion in wireless sensor network applications [electronic resource] /
120 Sherry, Richard R. THESIS
Active and passive techniques for tiltrotor aeroelastic stability augmentation [electronic resource] /
121 Hathaway, Eric L. THESIS
Mississippian construction, labor, and social organization in western Kentucky [electronic resource] /
122 Hammerstedt, Scott William. THESIS
Image enhancement using SGW superresolution and iterative blind deconvolution [electronic resource] /
123 Chappalli, Mahesh B. THESIS
Social, economic, and environmental justice [electronic resource] : a network analysis of sustainable agricutlure [sic] in Pennsylvania /
124 Trauger, Amy K. THESIS
Floer homology for almost Hamiltonian isotopies [electronic resource] /
125 Saunders, Christopher L. THESIS
Assessing the importance of unresolved cloud-radiation interactions in atmospheric global climate models using the multiscale modelling framework [electronic resource] /
126 Cole, Jason N. THESIS
Rayleigh streaming simulation using the vorticity transport equation [electronic resource] /
127 Sastrapradja, Debbie. THESIS
Essays on Russian economic geography [electronic resource] : measuring spatial inefficiency /
128 Mikhailova, Tatiana N. THESIS
Elasto-plastic analysis of corrugated sandwich steel panels [electronic resource] /
129 Chang, Wan-Shu THESIS
High order unstructured grid methods for computational aeroacoustics [electronic resource] /
130 Rao, Preetham P. THESIS
A longitudinal test and a qualitative field study of the glass ceiling effect for Asian Americans [electronic resource] /
131 Chen, Tina T. THESIS
The late Archean biosphere [electronic resource] :bimplications of organic and inorganic geochemistry of marine shales and terrestrial paleosols /
132 Watanabe, Yumiko THESIS
Familial paternalism in the federal system [electronic resource] : do the types of family arrangements matter /
133 Logue, Melissa A. THESIS
Chain conformation and phase behavior in polymer blend thin films [electronic resource] /
134 Jones, Ronald L. THESIS
Mother-adolescent sexuality communication in a developmental context [electronic resource] /
135 Boone, Tanya Lyn. THESIS
Breaking away [electronic resource] : an empirical examination of how organizational identity changes during a spin-off /
136 Corley, Kevin G. THESIS
Material property identification of polymer thin films under the indentation test [electronic resource] /
137 Wang, Jianjun. THESIS
Program allocation and implementation of cache in a dataflow environment [electronic resource] /
138 Lim, Joford T. THESIS
A neutron scattering investigation of the microscopic dynamics of H? adsorbed on single walled carbon nanotubes [electronic resource] /
139 Narehood, David G. THESIS
Some chemical and electrochemical aspects of the chemical mechanical polishing of copper [electronic resource] /
140 Al-Hinai, Ashraf Talib THESIS
Effects of disorder and geometrical constraint on superconductivity in systems of reduced dimensions [electronic resource] /
141 Rosario, Mari-Anne M. THESIS
Augumented simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation (ASPSA) for discrete supply chain inventory optimization problems [electronic resource] /
142 Wang, Liya. THESIS
Comparing the effects of learning the structure strategy via web-based training or classroom training on the recall of near and far transfer texts [electronic resource] /
143 Theodorou, Eleni S. THESIS
Dynamical electron proton correlation in the nuclear-electronic orbital framework [electronic resource] /by Chester W. Swalina.
144 Swalina, Chet. THESIS
Socio-spatial implications of American university students' cell-phone consumption [electronic resource] : multiple connections, personal management, and social negotiations /
145 Nomura, Kaori. THESIS
From common to uncommon knowledge [electronic resource] : an investigation into the socio-cognitive foundations of inter-firm heterogeneity in the use of knowledge as a resource /
146 Nag, Rajiv. THESIS
Determination of a procedure for monitoring sacrificial cathodic protection systems for aboveground steel storage tanks [electronic resource] /
147 Meley, January Linn. THESIS
Evaluation of instructional use of the ANGEL course management system at the Pennsylvania State University [electronic resource] /
148 Lin, Hung-Chang. THESIS
Towards a different classification of mood and anxiety [electronic resource] : a critical review of the history of psychopathology classification and a psychometric investigation of a new self-report measure of negative affectivity /
149 Sharpless, Brian A. THESIS
Continental rifting in central Ethiopia [electronic resource] : geochemical and isotopic constraints from lavas and xenoliths /
150 Rooney, Tyrone O. THESIS

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